Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sister Sabrina Nielson's mission call arrived on Friday, January 9, 2015. When she opened the call, she gasped and put her hand to her mouth when a thrill of seeing where she was assigned: The Florida Tallahassee Mission! She had been hoping and praying for a mission that was in the deep Southeast U.S. Then she looked at it again before she read it aloud and another gasp and hand to the mouth while everyone in the room hooted for her to read it! That second wave of emotion was a sensation of love for the people she would be serving. Then she read the call to her anxious family and friends. Cheers rang through the room, then she gasped again when she saw she would report to the Provo MTC on April 15, a week after her 19th birthday and the language was English!!! She had wanted to speak English as learning a language is not her gift. At the end she breathes out a sigh and exclaims quietly, "It's not Russia!" which was her great fear.
The following weeks were filled with purchasing clothing, luggage and supplies and continuing to work at Craig's Cuts to earn the rest of her mission money. Mom and Dad purchased the items needed to get ready for her mission, and she earned the money for the mission. We emailed the mission office and learned that we could be given a bicycle from sisters who donated theirs upon leaving the mission, which was a gift for Sabrina of about $500.00. Cost monthly for a missionary is $400.00. On Friday, February 27 Sabrina was endowed in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in American Fork, Utah. Her mom, Karla Nielson, was her escort, and Dad, Asa Nielson and other family and friends were there with her. She was well prepared to attend the temple. She had been going regularly with her friends, Birlyn Wildon and Rhett Engel to do baptisms and confirmations, and she studied about the temple and understood the significance. She said everything seemed normal to her, but that there was so much to learn that she could not remember everything the first time. She was thrilled and so happy to enter the Celestial room, and then to embrace everyone who came to be with her.
Sabrina felt prompted to help a woman with a huge amount of groceries at Target yesterday, and it turned out her best friend had just died and she was helping the family. Sabrina bore her testimony to her that she knew her friend was watching over her and loved her and was alright. The woman gave Sabrina the longest hug and said how much she needed to hear that. Then she asked Sabrina to stay with her cart and car while she went back in the store for one more thing. She came out with a hot chocolate for Sabrina, and said, "This is the least I can do." Sabrina has a passion for hot chocolate, so it was a very inspired interchange. It also was something I needed because I have felt she has been very self-centered recently, and this is an answer to my prayers that she is ready to serve her mission. It shows that the Lord is always aware of everyone's needs.