Friday, November 27, 2015

I'll miss you, Gulf Breeze

Something Spiritual: Well after 7 months of wonderful experiences of learning, trials, amazing people, and a beautiful place in Gulf Breeze/Navarre my time is up! I am getting transferred!!
Wednesday I will be somewhere new! And look, Sister Kinghorn and I got a new car - just kidding!!!, but it sort of represents what a great time we have had together. She is going to stay and be Training! Woot! Go Sister Kinghorn! I don't know yet where I am going - I am hoping for Tallahassee or Panama City, but wherever it is, the Lord is in charge and it will be great!!! Kinda crazy right before the holiday, but it will work out...I have some mixed emotions about it, but I am so thankful for the chance I had to serve in this area. I have loved it so, so, so much. It has been a perfect place to start and serve the first third of my mission.
We went to brunch with Sister Schlaffer to "Sail in." Sure going to miss her, and this place! I am so grateful for all the wonderful times I have had and all the wonderful people I have met. I definitely have had many spiritual moments of happiness here. So thankful for a loving Savior for letting me be here at this time. My heart will always remember and love Gulf Breeze/Navarre. So thankful for the miracles I have seen here, Heavenly Father is good, he has let me see others come unto him. To everyone in Gulf Breeze/ Navarre: Thank you, thank you. I love y'all big!
Some Fun moments: Last Monday we spent a day with Sister Crowell, I got my hair fixed..yay!! Always a good time in the Salon! :) This photo is also my "last week in Gulf Breeze" goodbye photo.
We had the chance to go to Paul and Paula's and do some service for them, so that was great! Funny thing that happened in the car...Well, we get in the car and look at the degrees outside and it says 54 degrees! We both start freaking out because it is FREEZING!! Ha! So for y'all who thought Florida is all nice and warm all the time, you are wrong! Ha! It does get chilly! I had to wear a jacket! But I am liking the no snow or freezing Utah feel. ;) Something funny and something I am going to miss is biking with Sister Kinghorn...oh man. Our bike adventures have been pretty rad. I sure won't miss carrying my bike up and down the stairs that's for sure! Anyways! I have had SO much fun in this area, so many laughs and so many good times!
Something Good: So even though we were so sad to see our other "companion" leave, we are also happy to report that she made it safe and sound into the MTC! :) I sure do love Hermana Alvarez lots! She's going to be an awesome missionary!! So many good things have happened this week. We have had good lessons! Vicki Bond committed to come to church and guess what! She came to church!! So happy she came. Miss Joyce came to church again and the whole sacrament meeting was just for her, every talk, songs and just everything. She has really felt the spirit. It is funny because she says sacrament meeting goes by too fast and she just doesn't want it to end! Ah, I am just so happy I have been able to see her change especially. She is someone that I love a lot. :) Many good things to come in the Gulf Breeze ward! Something Learned: My mind has been racing, thinking about all the good things I have learned here in this area - there are so many! But something that has really, really hit me this week was a little experience we had. To make it short, the place we do our volunteer service at told us that some issues have come up with us and that if we want to continue to do service and volunteer we will have to remove our tags while we work there....or cover up where our tag says "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints." And at first I was like, man! What do people have against Mormons or missionaries!?! I don't understand, all we are doing is helping Jesus! We love the people so much who work there, but we are struggling with what to do about the situation we are in. Well that night I was thinking about it, and just angry that we would have to not wear our tags or cover Christ's name, and there is NO way that I would ever cover up who I am as a person or as a missionary. So something learned: Yes there are going to be people who do not like Mormons or missionaries, but I am not ashamed to be representing Jesus Christ. I am thankful to be His helper. So for now and all my mission ever I will wear my tag proudly. :)
I was able to say goodbye (for now) to a very special family who will always be in my heart: Jeb and Salinda Woolstenhulme and these darling kids: Harley, 13, Niyah, 11, Genevieve (Gena), 6 and Mark, 4. Sister Woolstenhulme has been like a sister to me, and the children like by nieces and nephew. Saying goodbye was so hard! I was shaking like a leaf, but they kept reminding me that growth is good and I would do wonderful. This family is an Air Force family, so in a year they may be at another base, and I am so thankful that I could learn to know and love them while they were stationed here. I feel very blessed, and know that the Lord has a plan for everyone - even me.
Another family I have loved is the Taylor's - Here is a goodbye photo with our Stake President's 2nd Counselor, President Taylor. Sister Angeleah (Angie) Taylor has been another mom to me. I love her so much. Well, I probably should go pack now...but again, I am so thankful for all the wonderful amazing times I have had. Gulf Breeze has treated me well, such an amazing, good place to have been. I love it with all my heart. I love everyone I have met. Even more, I have loved sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those I have met! :) #IloveGB #Timefornewadventures! Sister Nielson! (Where will Sister Nielson go next!?!)

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Lovin' Gulf Breeze

Something Spiritual: This week has been FULL of spiritual things, which I am so thankful for. And this sign, which you would only see in the South, sums up how I feel = Welcomed and Happy in the Mission Field!
On Tuesday we had Zone Training, I used to get so scared when we would have them, honestly don't know why, but now I LOVE THEM. We learned so many things about planning, and why we are all on missions and how to teach and love. Something one of the Zone Leaders, Elder Otu said as he was talking about our life...he had a string across the room on the ceiling and he got a ladder and stuck a little tab in the middle and that represented our looked SO small compared to the whole line of string...and he told us that a mission, 18 or 24 months, is so little to give to the Lord, so we need to give it our ALL. Wow. Boom! It just hit home to me. Time is short, even earth life is short in the long run. The Spirit really taught me that I, Sister Nielson, need to give it my ALL to the Lord, not just 99%, but 100% and more. I can do it and I will. So thankful for inspired leaders to teach and guide us. We have had some amazing lessons with our investigators this week, Paul and Paula are doing awesome! Every time we teach them, they just get it. I love it. It has been SO cool to see this family change together. Seven months ago when I first met them I would NOT ever have thought that they would be where they are now. God is really working with and helping them. We have gotten them to pray and now read the Book of Mormon. They have committed to come to church which is great! :) I am just SO thankful for the Gospel. Oh it is amazing. The Savior has really taught me to love it more and more. I am so thankful for spiritual times. :)
Here I am with my bestie from the MTC, Sister Stradinger at Zone Training. She is really awesome. Something Funny: Always something funny to we go over to a member's house, Brother Dolson's every week, and he has been sick and in the hospital and all, but now he is home and doing better. Well a few days ago we go over there and have a lesson, share him a quote about gratitude, lesson went awesome! Well, we ask him to say the he is praying..and honestly his prayer was just All over the place, I was trying so hard not to laugh, but I was chuckling a little..anyways...then he just stops in the middle of his Sister Kinghorn and I look up at each other and start just laughing so hard because he had fallen asleep while he was praying! Hahaha! Well he wakes up and starts laughing too, because he knew he had fallen asleep...haha well he asked one of us to pray...haha good times! Another funny moment was also the same day at Brother Dolson's house...back up, last week we did service and raked some leaves and all. Well the ELDERS put all the leaves in bags..but kept them in his yard!?! Don't know what they were thinking...ha. So we were picking up the bags...and they are super trying to pick up heavy bags!? Haha. No. Well we have one bag left...and it is the HEAVIEST one, so both of us are trying to pick it up together...but we just cannot! We are laughing so hard that we bonk heads and just can't do it. Hahah, let's just say that bag is waiting for the ELDERS to come get it. Hahah. Missions are fun. Sometimes all we do is just laugh, even on bad days, because we find something to laugh about. Haha. Love it.
Something Fun:We went to Navarre Park for a bit and it was raining a little - but it felt so good!!! And Sister Kinghorn and I decided to show "companion unity" on the swings - how great are these Florida swings! The coldest it has been has been 60, and actually it is really cold..might sound silly but I forgot what cold feels like (I heard it is getting cold in Utah?...) But here, 60 degrees, plus the humidity, that cold sinks into your skin and it makes you even colder. Brrrr. I think I need some boots. Something Good: Sunday was a GOOD day!! We had 3 investigators come to church and guess who else came to church.....!!! The Cooper's!!! YES!!! Ah it was just WONDERFUL! They came as a family and I was just SOOOO happy and so thankful. Something good!? Yes. Also! Joyce came to church for the first time!!! YES!!! Another good thing!? :) Yes!! She very much enjoyed it and would want to come back...if we pick her up :) Super thankful she came! :)
Also!! Our other 3rd is leaving this week...we had a good last few days with Sister Vanessa!! (Yes we are wearing the same skirt - it was only $4.00 so it was a must!) She did such an amazing job with her farewell talk, so thankful I have gotten to know Vanessa! California will love her. <3 Sometimes after crazy trials, Heavenly Father will give us a few good days and He has given us some of those this week...I am so amazed. Sometimes weeks go by so fast, and others go by so slow, but I love it all. I love missionary work. My heart just loves it. I love all these people here. I feel like my time is coming for new adventures, but it will be okay, because I know that I have done my best, and that all the people I have come to know will be okay. :)
Something Learned: I like to think about the things I have learned so far...well something funny I have learned!? Recently I have learned what "Domestic" means..and what a "Domestic Wife" means too...haha so yes! Sister Kinghorn and I together are learning how to be Domestic future Wives - thanks to Sister Angie Taylor! Well this week, I learned how to sew a little, and cook a little, and clean a little more...yes cooking!!! Who knew. Ha! We got the chance to make dinner for the Lee family...yep! 10 points for me! Haha. Anyways...thought y'all should know...Sister Nielson is learning how to COOK! Shocked!? Me too. Thanks, Sister Taylor!
And speaking of the Taylor family - who I LOVE!! Here are the Sister Missionaries with the Second Counselor in the Stake Presidency, President Taylor, with a spiffy new haircut (I was privileged to give him a trim!) They have been so good to us. I am thankful for the Taylor family! Something Spiritual Learned: I was reading a quote and this is what it said..."The very moment you begin to see your Heavenly Father, in that moment, the hope, or his light will begin to awaken, enlarge, enlighten, and enable your soul." - Pres Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Well I was pondering about this...and really wanting to know how I could use this quote in missionary life...well the Spirit works! I realized that missionary work, all it is, is showing, and inviting others to feel of Christ like love and light. I want to be able to help others feel what this quote has helped me feel. So thankful for everything I am learning each day. So thankful for a Savior who is patient with love and understanding. Overall this week has been one to remember and one for the books. I love this work. My testimony is simple. God is good. He loves everyone. I know this Gospel is true. I love it and I know it is so true, I have come to know it is real truth. So happy to be serving the people in FL....well more like LA...(Lower Alabama) Haha. Thank you to everyone for all the love and support! I love y'all! <3 Sister Nielson

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Attitude Lesson Learned!

Yay for service! Sisters and Elders working together to clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share! Yes!
Something Spiritual: Well this week has been great, I have really seen the hand of the Lord in my life. A few days ago..I lost my name tag, I have two original ones and my goal was to keep both of them together and not lose them, so I could bring home the ones I received from the MTC. We had dinner with the Woolstenhulme's and when we got home I realized my name tag was gone...So of course I was freaking out because I did NOT want to lose I texted Sister Woolstenhulme about it and she told me she would look to see if I had left it there. While I was a little bummed I had lost it, I said a prayer to Heavenly Father asking him to help me find this little name tag, because He knows how much they mean to me. Sister Woolstenhulme told me she couldn't find I keep praying...(please Heavenly Father just help me out) and a little bit later she finds it!! I know it might seem silly, but to me Heavenly Father heard me. He really helped me out. I am thankful for the knowledge of prayer. We pray a lot here, but I have come to love praying, because Prayer. It works. :) I know you are all thinking - she probably lost it recklessly riding that rocking horse!
And in case you are wondering why we have party cups on our heads and party costumes and riding the rocking horse, here's why! Happy 4th birthday, Mark Woolstenhulme! This boy is a great kid and he belongs to a great family. And yes, he does look like a little surfer boy - but we ARE living next to the beach! So thanks and love to Sister Woolstenhulme! She is my Sister! This week we have been sharing a quote of Gratitude to our investigators, less actives and members, "True Gratitude is an expression of hope and testimony. It comes from acknowledging that we do not always understand the trials of life, but trusting that one day we will." - President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I love this quote, I ask myself a lot, am I really grateful? Do I really thank Heavenly Father for my trials..? Mmmm not so much, but I need to! I am thankful for this month of Thanksgiving, so thankful to my Savior for letting me learn lessons He wants me to learn, so thankful for the chance to be serving a mission, oh how grateful I am. So grateful for my family and all the love they share, so grateful for the people in the GB area, how much I care and love them. So thankful for the Gospel, the amazing truth it provides. A few moments of good this week: Paul and Paula want to learn more and more about the church! They have opened their hearts and awesome!
The Cooper family committed to come to church next week!! Yes!! We had an awesome lesson with Joyce about how the Book of Mormon can answer "Questions of the Soul" (Thank you PMG!) So many tender mercies that have turned into something Spiritual. :) This is me with this very special lady, Joyce Cooper.
And here I am with handsome Camden Cooper. What a good, sweet, smart boy he is. He really get's it! It is so awesome for Sister Kinghorn and I to be teaching him.
And here is our sweet Abby Cooper - we helped her celebrate her birthday! Love this girl! She is progressing so beautifully in learning the gospel! And look - she is glowing with happiness! That's what love from the Sister Missionaries and the Gospel of Jesus Christ does for ya! Something Funny/Good: Funny story...So because of the mold issue, we have had to throw pretty much EVERYTHING away...including our area book...which we kinda do before we threw it away, we decided to copy it. So sweet Sister Wight came and got us and we headed to the church to make copies! Well, being forgetful went over our heads that we needed a key to get into the media center..ha. Thank goodness Bishop was there! So we knock on his door, he comes out...and guess what...he shuts his office door...and boom. Bishop's office is locked...So we are all standing outside his office trying to call people who might have a key to get back into his office...haha so great! All his keys are in his office, so we couldn't really do anything! But we are never left stranded! There is a key box outside the church with a spare key...and we are all hoping that the key will work for his office...if so it would be called a "skeleton key." So Bishop gets the key and guess what!! The key WORKS..even to his office. Hahaha! I was trying not to laugh while this was going on, but it really was funny. Lesson learned: Do not knock on the Bishop's door. :)
Here is our new STL, Sister Trainer Leader, Sister Willis! This is her apartment with our area map on the wall behind us.
Something Good: We are moved into our new apartment!! MOLD FREE! Yay!!! We think we have the nicest apartment in the mission because everything we have is brand new!! Super happy to be able to breathe normal and having more energy! The work can go on!! :)
Something Learned: Well everyone..I learned how to put a table together...with a rachet. I think that is what it is called...the L shaped tool...I am so not a guy. Ha. Anyways Saturday we moved into our new apartment and we got a new table...Brother Woolstenhulme gave me the job to learn how to put this table together...if y'all know me, this is NOT something Sister Nielson would normally do. (This is what my brothers would do.) ;) But hey! I did it! We put the table up and guess did NOT fall or that is good!:)
Something Spiritual learned. Attitude. If you're going to have a crap attitude, you are going to have a crap mission." - Some Wise Elder...Well I have learned attitude a lot lately, I see it two ways, I could have a bad attitude, or I could have a good one...Well these past two weeks with moving and mold and everything, my attitude has not been the best...and I really wanted to change it so I could feel better and so that the Spirit could be with us. I was praying a lot about attitude..."Heavenly Father please change my attitude. I know I am being super annoying, and I want to change, so please help me..." Well did he help me with this? Uh, no. Why? Well, I wasn't making the effort to change my why would Heavenly Father help me if I wasn't doing my part!? So yes. I have learned that I need to do my part first, then He will help me. Every day since this realization hit me, I strive to be better, to look to change first to do my part. I am thankful for all these lessons I am learning. Some are hard to learn, others not too bad. But really, I have come to realize that Heavenly Father needs me to learn. :) Overall this week has been great! We are been SO blessed and so cared for. I am so thankful to my Savior, Christ who helps me become better, who knows me, who cares for me, and who helps me change. I love this work with all my heart, ever since being on a mission, my heart is happy. I love this Gospel. It is the Good News to the world. I am so thankful to have to opportunity to share it in the Lord's Vineyard in Gulf Breeze, Florida. :) #FTMFORLIFE Sister Nielson :)

Friday, November 6, 2015


Well everyone, I want to try something new about my weekly email! Hope it works! #GBAdventures #FTMlife
Something Fun We had a fun Trunk or Treat! Vanessa (who has her mission call), Sister Kinghorn and I all dressed up as the "three blind mice" isn't that funny!? ;)
Here we are are outside with one of our favorites - Sister Woolstenhulme! She has been so, so great to us - she is like another mom to us - even if she is a cute little devil for this dress up event! See the minivan backed up to participate in Trunk or Treat? We could have been in Utah...except it is warmer here. Love those Mormon minivans! They mean Families!!
Something Spiritual: Oh was this week full of spiritual moments...yes!! On Tuesday Vanessa came to our place around 6:30 a.m. She spent the whole day as a missionary with us!! She is going to do awesome!! We had a amazing lesson with Joyce, and guess what!! She commited to go to church...FINALLY!!! We had such a powerful lesson with her; it was just great!! Another spiritual moment that I had during personal study...I have been studying about mothers and the attributes they all have. The main mother I have been studying is Eve. The Mother of all Living. The spirit has really taught me so much about Mother Eve, and how important she is and how amazing she is. I am so thankful for Mothers, and I am so thankful for learning about Eve, how much greater understanding I have about her. Another spiritual moment... about Paula who had surgery on her shoulder. We learned that the doctors didn't have to do as much as they thought, which is so good. Heavenly Father is Good.
Something Funny: WELL WE ARE MOVING!! How is this funny!?! Well....I have been living in mold for 6 1/2 months....okay maybe that is not too funny..but this week has been CRAZY BUSY!! We have to get rid of everything paper, everything that could hold onto mold spores...which really is most of everything we have in our I guess you could say this week has been a handful!?!? The office couple who is in charge of our apartments came down to check out our place...and yes! They want us out! They called Thursday, and by Thursday night we were out of our place! So we are moving into our new apartment this Saturday! I am still in the same building just a different apt number! so if you do send anything, please send it next week to 7742 Navarre Parkway #121 Navarre Fl 32566 :) Some of our members think it is a good idea to go to the doctor to check to see if we have anything in our lungs because of the mold...apparently mold is a big deal!? What do you think!? I have been in that apartment for about 6 1/2 months...sometimes I feel like my chest is super heavy and sometimes I don' we are going to ask our medical lady to see what she wants us to do...just a heads up! but I am okay!! Still alive and ready to not smell like mold anymore! This week has been crazy!! One of the members sanitary-washed our clothes because of the mold...and half of them turned blue...because she put a big blue jacket in the wash and the cycle was 3 hours of boiling hot you can imagine, we are going to try to clean them with oxy clean but I had to throw away like 5 shirts because they were so grey and ripped...but it will be okay!! I will survive! We are living with the other Sisters for about a week till we move into our new apartment just up the stairs! Come to realize...I have TOO much stuff. Along with getting out of our moldy place...
Something Learned: After all this craziness with our apartment issue, Sister Kinghorn and I have prayed A LOT!! Heavenly Father is really testing us...all at once, and at first I was like...Oh my Gosh...make everything stop!! So...something learned - Heavenly Father will ALWAYS PROVIDE. My camera broke...and I was freaking out thinking I would need to buy a new one, or something...But! Sister Wight gave me one; actually a really really nice one... a Canon that was almost $300.00! But she works at Target and it was 75% off plus her discount, so she got it for 20 bucks! I offered to pay for it but she wouldn't let me I am just so thankful!! Even though it has been a handful of moving and not having clean clothes for a few days, we are being blessed by being able to move into a clean apartment, so our clothes will stay clean and smell fresh! Now, I am thankful for this week and the ups and downs we have had because I have seen Heavenly Father help us, he pushes us a little to see where we are at...but he will never leave us to nothing, he will provide for us, spiritual and physically. :) Well this week has been full of all emotion, happy, sad, stressed, overwhelmed, funny, and all, but I am so thankful everyone's support and love towards us. My heart is full, everything has worked out for us in so many ways, I know that Heavenly Father will always help us in all we do, I am thankful for the time I have learned about Eve, prayer,and faith and relying on God. He really can do anything. So thankful for my time to serve a mission for my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I love them with everything I am. I love this Gospel; it is the Good News. I love Gulf Breeze. Every day I am thankful for having the chance of serving Heavenly Father's children here. Hope y'all have a good week!! #Ether 12:4 :) Sista Nielson!!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy days in GB

Hi Everyone! This week has just been full of wonderful things! Mission life just gets better and better. :)
Monday: Pdayyyy!!! Monday was a chiller kind of day, but we did get to go to the pumpkin patch with Vanessa and her mom, Sister Alvarez. It was a super fun Pday activity with them!! Sis Kinghorn and I have been decorating more in our apartment to make it look cute for the holidays coming up. :) Monday evening we went to the Stubbs' for dinner and later we had a second dinner with Paul and Paula. They are just the nicest people. Every time we go over we never leave without food or something even something small like band aids. I love teaching them the Gospel. It has been amazing to see how much they have opened up. The first time meeting Paul he had a beer in his hand with no shirt. Now, no beer in his hand when we come over and a shirt on. Haha, it is just great!
Tuesday: Tuesday was such a fun day!! Sister Stewart came back to GB for a day! It is always fun to have her come and be my companion for a day again! We were able to go to Sisters Schaeffer's house and meet her friend Linda, who isn't a member, and help decorate for Halloween. It was just such a fun time. That kind of service is just fun! Sister Stewart wanted to meet Paula, she knows Paul just not Paula so we went over there again and had a nice visit and little lesson with her. Paula is have surgery this week, so if y'all could pray for her that would be great. :) We had dinner with the Woolstenhulme's, which was super fun. We were able to watch the Piano Guys for the Youth "Face to Face" with them. Oh it was so good! They definately answered some of my prayers, if you haven't watched it, it is on! Super good! :) I am so thankful for Sister Stewart as an STL (Sister Training Leader), She has been transferred now to Panama City. I will miss her and I love you Sis Stewie!! <3 Wednesday: Happy Birthday to Birlyn!! Best friend who is serving her mission in Chile! Shout out to you girl!!!
Today was interviews with President!! They were awesome! I love learning and receiving counsel from him. So thankful.
I just adore and love President and Sister Smith SO much. This is our STL and District with our great Mission President and his wife. After interviews we went to the Coopers and had a short little lesson with them, about daily scripture study. I have come to really know that my day is not going to go the best if I don't read my scriptures. It is so simple, but I love to read the Book of Mormon everyday. It makes my day just work:) We had dinner with the Adams, and then went to the Wight's to read stories to the kids, sure do love that family so much!!
Look at these totally cute socks that Sister Wight gave us! Thursday: Thursdays always a good day...! Weekly planning day! By now you probably just already know what we do - ha! But we are thankful for the time that we do have to plan, to help the Lord's Vineyard here in FL, and weekly planning is the best way to do it. But something funny, the Elders came over to our place to give us supplies, (they stayed outside) and we ended up talking to them for a bit. Elder Jenkins, the new Elder is awesome. He is just sinking into the work super well! So that is good! We had dinner with the Banks'. Sister Banks was so nice and took us to the store and told us to get whatever we needed. Our ward takes such good care of us. It just amazes me how blessed I have been here. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me serve in GB. Everyone probably knows how much I love it here, and all, but I do. I am so thankful, so thankful. Friday: Friday!! Well the first of the day wasn't too bad, well let's just say NO one was answering or NO one was at home ! And when you have to go the the bathroom and NO one is answering that is kind of a problem...but hey! We made it and today we both could see the Spirit working... we decided to go try to see Tommy, as we hadn't seen him for like 2 weeks. So we went over there and he was home! Woot! We were able to teach him more about the Restoration and show him a visual of why the Restoration needed to happen. That whole lesson was the Spirit. We had not gone in thinking about doing this Restoration visual but we did and it was just great! We both felt like we needed to go see the Cooper's, we go over and we come to find out, Sister Cooper was at the beach because she was having a hard hard day. Corrine was the only one home, so we were able to just teach her. It is so cool, she always has her scriptures with her now and is studying them. After our lesson with Corrine, we decided to heart attack Sister Coopers door, it was just good. Later we found out that the heart attack was something she needed and it made her day! Simple service - something we love to do! :) We went to see Joyce, and again, our lesson was all by the Spirit. It all just came together. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost for being there always. :) Friday night we went over to the Lancaster's, who are in the Navarre Ward, but Sister Lancaster loves to have us over with the other Sisters, and it was awesome! :) Saturday: Well today...we rode our bikes 15 miles...made 5 videos while riding our bikes, it is kinda funny because our first video all we were doing was complaining and just dying about riding bikes but by the end of our day our last video we were happy and pedaling happy! Attitude is everything. We all know I do not like bikes...but this happens every time! I always am happy at the end of our bike riding because all the people we got to see make it worth it. We went to saw Brother Dolson, and he helped us feel better about riding our bikes by giving us encouragement, and I am thankful for him. We didn't have time for lunch before we went out so we went over to Sister Schaeffer's house and she fed us! Super sweet of her, Oh, and we were riding over to Paul and Paula's house and these dogs started to chase us!! Can you just imagine ME on my bike getting chased by dogs?!! Oh I was just DYING. But we made it...alive. Whew! We had a lesson with them about the Word of Wisdom. And guess what?!Paula dumped her beer in the sink...Boooya! :) I am thankful for Heavenly Father letting me be in his place to help his children not only spiritually, but also physically. So yes, even though bike riding is hard, at the end of the day, it is worth it. Service is worth it. The gospel is worth sharing with everyone, even when I have to ride a bike. :) Sunday: Today was the Primary program!! LOVEEEEE!!!! I was reminded how to be like a child, humble and meek and compassionate. I am so thankful for children, and the love that they have. I sure do love the Primary program and those sweet and also funny moments they give. :)
I was able to cut the Cooper boys' hair for them after church so that was good! I love the Gospel, it is so good. I love sharing it with everyone that I can. I am so thankful for the time that I have to be here, helping the Lord's sheep to come to him, to find him. :) Sunday is the best day! :)
Overall, this week I have been shown so much of God's love to each of his children. I am humbled by His love and His compassion to help those seeking for the truth. I love the Gospel with all my heart. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon. I read it everyday and learn always something I need. I know it is true. As President Smith would say..."Remember... You're never alone when you're given 'em Heaven!" It is true, if we are loving the Lord, helping his children, we are never alone! Thank you for all your support and love! Y'all have a good Halloween!! :)) I think I will be a Missionary this year! :) Sis Nielson!