Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy days in GB

Hi Everyone! This week has just been full of wonderful things! Mission life just gets better and better. :)
Monday: Pdayyyy!!! Monday was a chiller kind of day, but we did get to go to the pumpkin patch with Vanessa and her mom, Sister Alvarez. It was a super fun Pday activity with them!! Sis Kinghorn and I have been decorating more in our apartment to make it look cute for the holidays coming up. :) Monday evening we went to the Stubbs' for dinner and later we had a second dinner with Paul and Paula. They are just the nicest people. Every time we go over we never leave without food or something even something small like band aids. I love teaching them the Gospel. It has been amazing to see how much they have opened up. The first time meeting Paul he had a beer in his hand with no shirt. Now, no beer in his hand when we come over and a shirt on. Haha, it is just great!
Tuesday: Tuesday was such a fun day!! Sister Stewart came back to GB for a day! It is always fun to have her come and be my companion for a day again! We were able to go to Sisters Schaeffer's house and meet her friend Linda, who isn't a member, and help decorate for Halloween. It was just such a fun time. That kind of service is just fun! Sister Stewart wanted to meet Paula, she knows Paul just not Paula so we went over there again and had a nice visit and little lesson with her. Paula is have surgery this week, so if y'all could pray for her that would be great. :) We had dinner with the Woolstenhulme's, which was super fun. We were able to watch the Piano Guys for the Youth "Face to Face" with them. Oh it was so good! They definately answered some of my prayers, if you haven't watched it, it is on! Super good! :) I am so thankful for Sister Stewart as an STL (Sister Training Leader), She has been transferred now to Panama City. I will miss her and I love you Sis Stewie!! <3 Wednesday: Happy Birthday to Birlyn!! Best friend who is serving her mission in Chile! Shout out to you girl!!!
Today was interviews with President!! They were awesome! I love learning and receiving counsel from him. So thankful.
I just adore and love President and Sister Smith SO much. This is our STL and District with our great Mission President and his wife. After interviews we went to the Coopers and had a short little lesson with them, about daily scripture study. I have come to really know that my day is not going to go the best if I don't read my scriptures. It is so simple, but I love to read the Book of Mormon everyday. It makes my day just work:) We had dinner with the Adams, and then went to the Wight's to read stories to the kids, sure do love that family so much!!
Look at these totally cute socks that Sister Wight gave us! Thursday: Thursdays always a good day...! Weekly planning day! By now you probably just already know what we do - ha! But we are thankful for the time that we do have to plan, to help the Lord's Vineyard here in FL, and weekly planning is the best way to do it. But something funny, the Elders came over to our place to give us supplies, (they stayed outside) and we ended up talking to them for a bit. Elder Jenkins, the new Elder is awesome. He is just sinking into the work super well! So that is good! We had dinner with the Banks'. Sister Banks was so nice and took us to the store and told us to get whatever we needed. Our ward takes such good care of us. It just amazes me how blessed I have been here. I thank Heavenly Father everyday for letting me serve in GB. Everyone probably knows how much I love it here, and all, but I do. I am so thankful, so thankful. Friday: Friday!! Well the first of the day wasn't too bad, well let's just say NO one was answering or NO one was at home ! And when you have to go the the bathroom and NO one is answering that is kind of a problem...but hey! We made it and today we both could see the Spirit working... we decided to go try to see Tommy, as we hadn't seen him for like 2 weeks. So we went over there and he was home! Woot! We were able to teach him more about the Restoration and show him a visual of why the Restoration needed to happen. That whole lesson was the Spirit. We had not gone in thinking about doing this Restoration visual but we did and it was just great! We both felt like we needed to go see the Cooper's, we go over and we come to find out, Sister Cooper was at the beach because she was having a hard hard day. Corrine was the only one home, so we were able to just teach her. It is so cool, she always has her scriptures with her now and is studying them. After our lesson with Corrine, we decided to heart attack Sister Coopers door, it was just good. Later we found out that the heart attack was something she needed and it made her day! Simple service - something we love to do! :) We went to see Joyce, and again, our lesson was all by the Spirit. It all just came together. I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost for being there always. :) Friday night we went over to the Lancaster's, who are in the Navarre Ward, but Sister Lancaster loves to have us over with the other Sisters, and it was awesome! :) Saturday: Well today...we rode our bikes 15 miles...made 5 videos while riding our bikes, it is kinda funny because our first video all we were doing was complaining and just dying about riding bikes but by the end of our day our last video we were happy and pedaling happy! Attitude is everything. We all know I do not like bikes...but this happens every time! I always am happy at the end of our bike riding because all the people we got to see make it worth it. We went to saw Brother Dolson, and he helped us feel better about riding our bikes by giving us encouragement, and I am thankful for him. We didn't have time for lunch before we went out so we went over to Sister Schaeffer's house and she fed us! Super sweet of her, Oh, and we were riding over to Paul and Paula's house and these dogs started to chase us!! Can you just imagine ME on my bike getting chased by dogs?!! Oh I was just DYING. But we made it...alive. Whew! We had a lesson with them about the Word of Wisdom. And guess what?!Paula dumped her beer in the sink...Boooya! :) I am thankful for Heavenly Father letting me be in his place to help his children not only spiritually, but also physically. So yes, even though bike riding is hard, at the end of the day, it is worth it. Service is worth it. The gospel is worth sharing with everyone, even when I have to ride a bike. :) Sunday: Today was the Primary program!! LOVEEEEE!!!! I was reminded how to be like a child, humble and meek and compassionate. I am so thankful for children, and the love that they have. I sure do love the Primary program and those sweet and also funny moments they give. :)
I was able to cut the Cooper boys' hair for them after church so that was good! I love the Gospel, it is so good. I love sharing it with everyone that I can. I am so thankful for the time that I have to be here, helping the Lord's sheep to come to him, to find him. :) Sunday is the best day! :)
Overall, this week I have been shown so much of God's love to each of his children. I am humbled by His love and His compassion to help those seeking for the truth. I love the Gospel with all my heart. I am so thankful for the Book of Mormon. I read it everyday and learn always something I need. I know it is true. As President Smith would say..."Remember... You're never alone when you're given 'em Heaven!" It is true, if we are loving the Lord, helping his children, we are never alone! Thank you for all your support and love! Y'all have a good Halloween!! :)) I think I will be a Missionary this year! :) Sis Nielson!

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