Friday, November 6, 2015


Well everyone, I want to try something new about my weekly email! Hope it works! #GBAdventures #FTMlife
Something Fun We had a fun Trunk or Treat! Vanessa (who has her mission call), Sister Kinghorn and I all dressed up as the "three blind mice" isn't that funny!? ;)
Here we are are outside with one of our favorites - Sister Woolstenhulme! She has been so, so great to us - she is like another mom to us - even if she is a cute little devil for this dress up event! See the minivan backed up to participate in Trunk or Treat? We could have been in Utah...except it is warmer here. Love those Mormon minivans! They mean Families!!
Something Spiritual: Oh was this week full of spiritual moments...yes!! On Tuesday Vanessa came to our place around 6:30 a.m. She spent the whole day as a missionary with us!! She is going to do awesome!! We had a amazing lesson with Joyce, and guess what!! She commited to go to church...FINALLY!!! We had such a powerful lesson with her; it was just great!! Another spiritual moment that I had during personal study...I have been studying about mothers and the attributes they all have. The main mother I have been studying is Eve. The Mother of all Living. The spirit has really taught me so much about Mother Eve, and how important she is and how amazing she is. I am so thankful for Mothers, and I am so thankful for learning about Eve, how much greater understanding I have about her. Another spiritual moment... about Paula who had surgery on her shoulder. We learned that the doctors didn't have to do as much as they thought, which is so good. Heavenly Father is Good.
Something Funny: WELL WE ARE MOVING!! How is this funny!?! Well....I have been living in mold for 6 1/2 months....okay maybe that is not too funny..but this week has been CRAZY BUSY!! We have to get rid of everything paper, everything that could hold onto mold spores...which really is most of everything we have in our I guess you could say this week has been a handful!?!? The office couple who is in charge of our apartments came down to check out our place...and yes! They want us out! They called Thursday, and by Thursday night we were out of our place! So we are moving into our new apartment this Saturday! I am still in the same building just a different apt number! so if you do send anything, please send it next week to 7742 Navarre Parkway #121 Navarre Fl 32566 :) Some of our members think it is a good idea to go to the doctor to check to see if we have anything in our lungs because of the mold...apparently mold is a big deal!? What do you think!? I have been in that apartment for about 6 1/2 months...sometimes I feel like my chest is super heavy and sometimes I don' we are going to ask our medical lady to see what she wants us to do...just a heads up! but I am okay!! Still alive and ready to not smell like mold anymore! This week has been crazy!! One of the members sanitary-washed our clothes because of the mold...and half of them turned blue...because she put a big blue jacket in the wash and the cycle was 3 hours of boiling hot you can imagine, we are going to try to clean them with oxy clean but I had to throw away like 5 shirts because they were so grey and ripped...but it will be okay!! I will survive! We are living with the other Sisters for about a week till we move into our new apartment just up the stairs! Come to realize...I have TOO much stuff. Along with getting out of our moldy place...
Something Learned: After all this craziness with our apartment issue, Sister Kinghorn and I have prayed A LOT!! Heavenly Father is really testing us...all at once, and at first I was like...Oh my Gosh...make everything stop!! So...something learned - Heavenly Father will ALWAYS PROVIDE. My camera broke...and I was freaking out thinking I would need to buy a new one, or something...But! Sister Wight gave me one; actually a really really nice one... a Canon that was almost $300.00! But she works at Target and it was 75% off plus her discount, so she got it for 20 bucks! I offered to pay for it but she wouldn't let me I am just so thankful!! Even though it has been a handful of moving and not having clean clothes for a few days, we are being blessed by being able to move into a clean apartment, so our clothes will stay clean and smell fresh! Now, I am thankful for this week and the ups and downs we have had because I have seen Heavenly Father help us, he pushes us a little to see where we are at...but he will never leave us to nothing, he will provide for us, spiritual and physically. :) Well this week has been full of all emotion, happy, sad, stressed, overwhelmed, funny, and all, but I am so thankful everyone's support and love towards us. My heart is full, everything has worked out for us in so many ways, I know that Heavenly Father will always help us in all we do, I am thankful for the time I have learned about Eve, prayer,and faith and relying on God. He really can do anything. So thankful for my time to serve a mission for my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I love them with everything I am. I love this Gospel; it is the Good News. I love Gulf Breeze. Every day I am thankful for having the chance of serving Heavenly Father's children here. Hope y'all have a good week!! #Ether 12:4 :) Sista Nielson!!

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