Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Wash your hands, and say your prayers cause germs and Jesus are Everywhere." Isn't that SO cute!?!

Something Good: Oh man this week was another for the books!! 

Sister Dann's birthday!!
First! This week was Sis Dann's birthday!! A big shout out to her!! I love you Sis Dann!! Okay, so a sweet little story! This week we had an apt with Miss Pamela, and she has a friend who lives right across the street from her. Her name is Rieta. We have had a few times we have said hi to her, and this week when we saw her, I just knew that we needed to go and actually talk to her, so we went over and introduced ourselves and we asked her if we could come again and teach her about our church and she said yes! Anyways! We had a great lesson with her, it was so funny she kept telling us..."I've been a Christen since I was 6 yrs old." She is just a sweet old lady! Happy and thankful we talked to her this week! :) We also picked up a new lady to teach as well! Her name is Pam! (Another Pam!) She is super sweet too, we first did service for her and had a little lesson and she asked some solid questions about the Restoration! So that will be awesome to see her again! :) 

Funny story: So we where driving to see our LA David, and we got a text from Utah! It was a referral for a man named Jon England..well I told Sis Law to try to call him, so we could set something up to see she calls him and he doesn't answer! So she left a voicemail saying that we where the missionaries and all that jazz. Well, we decided to try to find his address and he find out that he lives on Davids street..but even better than that, he lives AT Davids house...Ha! Well the joke's on us. We have actually already met Jon before..we just didn't know his last name was England..his real name is Jonathan, so we would just call him that! But it was a funny! Overall its been a good missionary week!!
PCB Zone! I know; you are thinking, "These missionaries are too serious. They should lighten up!"

A Tender Mercy: A huge tender mercy this week was..that I am STAYING on the beach for my last transfer!! We have so much to do here, and I am beyond thankful to be in Panama City Beach! :) This week has been stressful and a little challenging, but I have been blessed with comfort and little and big tender mercies daily!! Sometimes it can be hard to move forward when challenges come our way, but we just have to move our problems to the side and let God help us. Whats the quote? "Sometimes God will bring us down, to lift us higher?" Don't know if that is exactly the quote, but hey, you know what I mean. :)

Teaching Brandon about the Book of Mormon
Something Learned: Okay, y'all...on Sunday was my first time ever going to another church besides the Mormon church! We have a lady we are teaching and she invited us to go to her church, so with permission, we where able to go! And oh man...let me just tell ya!! It was something else!! It was a non -denominational church, so lots of different religions. It wasn't a bad experience at all, it was just a different experience! I think what I learned was when we left and went back to our church and the instant change I felt when we walked into our meeting.The Spirit of truth literally came back to me right as we walked into our doors. I love the South, I love all the different religions that I have been able to learn and experience about, but what I love most is the Truthfulness about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I love having this opportunity to help others come unto Christ, so that they may feel the Spirit of Complete Truth. 

Hot, windy PCB! Passing out the cards! Go us!
Oh btw! Happy Fall, Y'all! :) 

It is starting to feel cold down here...jk, it is still dang hot! Ha! Y'all enjoy that fall weather ;-)

-Sis Nielson

 I love this painting of the Savior with these little children. He loves us all!

Monday, September 19, 2016


Okay, gotta share this funny story: So we went to the gas station to get gas, and then we went inside to get a few things and we come back outside and this man, a very tall and a little scary looking man is leaning on our car with his both Sis Law and I think he is going to come at us, so we are trying to act cool walking back to our car and he notices that it is OUR car that he is leaning on...and he's all like..."Oh dang it, is this your silver car!?? " Yeah, that is our car..." "That is so embarrassing!!!" It was SO funny, he thought he was at his car...haha nope! Lucky that he was actually super nice and didn't beat us up. ;)
Sisters Nielson and Law at Zone Conference
Something Good: Anyways! This week was awesome!!!! We had an amazing Zone Conference with President and Sister Smith, something that I LOVED that President taught was, he was teaching from the scriptures and pulled out both the Book of Mormon and the Bible and he said..."The Bible is about WHAT Jesus Christ did, and the Book of Mormon is about WHY he did it. Doesn't that just make sense!! I love that. I love having time to learn and grow from those around me and especially from our awesome Mission President! 

Teaching Miss Pamela about Baptism and the Holy Ghost
This week we where able to do some cleaning and service for our Miss Pamela Hale. She needs some extra prayers, she has been going through some hard challenging things, but she still has such a strong spirit and wants to keep going and learning. She has taught me so much about endurance, and that no matter what, we can press forward with God's help.

This is Steven, the young man who came to Church!

Also! Random! We went to Wendy's one day and invited a kid named Steven to come to church and he came!! It was awesome! He speaks French, and Haitian, and we are planning to meet with him again!! :)
Paul and Paula came to visit us from Gulf Breeze!

A Tender Mercy: So 2 of my FAVORITE people in the whole wide world came to visit me and Sis Law!! Paul and Paula!! A little shout out to them, for coming and just loving me!! These two, have touched my life so much, and I am so grateful for the time that I had in Gulf Breeze to teach them and to love them. 
I am so happy for the progress Paul and Paula are making as members!
They have come such a long way in the Gospel and are loving every minute of it. I am just so proud of them and the progress they have made since joining the church. It was such a blessing to see them this week. :) I LOVE YALL.<3

Something Learned: Another thing learned from Zone Conference, some of the sisters taught and they talked about having "Confidence in Christ." It was really something that I needed to hear and to grasp. I really learned that we are all so different from each other, but just like the story book.."You are Special" we are made and created by our Maker and he has made us different for a reason and a purpose and sometimes it can be hard, we can compare ourselves or think negative about ourselves, but what really matters is what Heavenly Father thinks and that is, that he truly loves us for us. We are all so special to him. We had a moment to read in the scriptures and just ponder about having Confidence in Christ and I opened to a scripture talking about how the Gospel is a treasure to us, and how it can be a light to guide us if we use it. And it really hit me that I Sister Nielson really am a Treasure to God, even though he has so many jewels, and so many children, he knows me and loves me and has given me the Best treasure in the world, and that is our Savior Jesus Christ. I hope that y'all know that each of you, whoever reads this, is a treasure to our Heavenly Father and that he loves you and knows you perfectly, even when we feel we aren't, we are. :)  

Isn't the Gospel so cool!?! We are BLESSED. 

-Sis Nielson.

Friday, September 9, 2016

There was a Hurricane?

Something Good: Well to start off, y'all! We are safe and sound! There was a hurricane here, but good news it did not hit the beach! So that was great! I know it hit some other places in the mission, but everyone is good and doing well :) 
In Bristol, FL escaping the tropical storm. Seven Sisters for a day!
We got a call this week at like 6:30 am saying that we needed to leave the beach and head to Bristol because of the hurricane! So we spent a day there with 5 other sisters which was super fun! We literally did nothing for a day, I was about to die because I was so bored, but thankfully we where able to go back to PCB the very next day :) 

Besides all that crazy stuff, we still had another wonderful week on the beach! First! Garvin's son Brandon (who I adore so much!) he has been going through a few hard things in his life and this week he asked for a blessing! Which was awesome, because he never has been so opened with that kind of stuff. Blessings are wonderful. :) Another awesome thing! Sister Dann! Oh man, she is just amazing!!! She is really trying so so hard to come back and doing wonderful. Every lesson we have with her just keeps becoming better. It is so sweet, she looked at me the other day and said..."I know that I knew you in the premortal life, I just know it." Y'all my heart about melted into a lot of pieces. <3 

Result of running in the warm Florida rain?  WET!
We had a BIG rain storm we decided to go run in it in our pros was fun! ;)

Michael at the Orlando Temple

Below is a picture Michael, our recent convert, gave me of his trip to the Orlando Temple to do baptisms for the dead. So happy for him!!! Isn't this a beautiful temple!! I can't wait to go to the temple. In fact, at my request, I have permission to go to the Provo City Center Temple on the day I get home from my mission before I am released. I sooooo want to go to the temple while I am still a missionary!! I love the temple!
 Brother and Sister Fast, Sister Law and Sister Nielson at the beach! Try to not be jealous!

A Tender Mercy: So this actually happened this morning!! Brother and Sister Fast took us to the beach at like 6 am this morning to watch the sunrise, so we were all there and this random guy comes behind us, so I tell him to photo bomb our he does and that was that! Well like 20 minutes later we went to IHop and guess who came in!!? The dude from the beach! So we say hi to him, and figure out who he really is. His name is Brett! Well later Brett came right back to our table, asked if he could sit down and talk to us, so he does. He started to ask us all about our beliefs in prayer. (Okay, y'all this does not happen every single day!!) so we all had this wonderful missionary moment and helped Brett understand a little more who we are, and gave him our names...because he might have thought our names were...Jesus Christ. Haha, it's the tags. Lol. Anyways! It was a little sweet moment! 
That's my tiny body shooing the seagulls at sunrise on the beautiful sugar sand of Panama City Beach, FL

Along the Panama City Beach at Sunrise. What a nice way to reinvigorate the soul at the start P-Day!  Thanks, Papa and Mama Fast!!

Something Learned: Okay, so my lovely companion, Sister Law, this week in district meeting taught about using the Book of Mormon with the people we are teaching. And shoot! It was so good!! I just learned a ton from her! So grateful. The thought came to my mind, how can I better use the Book of Mormon in my daily life? How can I share it with more people? We have a book full of truth, it is literally a testament of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Who wouldn't want to read it? Anyways! I just am so grateful for this sacred book, it is very special to me, and I adore reading it on the daily. "The Central Purpose of The Book of Mormon. It is the Testament of Jesus Christ. Of more than 6,000 verses in the Book of Mormon, far more than half refer directly to Him." -Pres Boyd K. Packer. He said enough, this book is truly about Him. If you haven't read it...READ IT. :)

-Love y'all friends!

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Garvin was baptized!! Hooray!!!
Left to Right - Sister Nielson, Garvin, Garvin's dad, Brother Turnage, Sister Law

Garvin and his family and us as Sister Missionaries celebrating this Big Event

Something Good: Garvin did it!! He was baptized this week, and confirmed. It was so sweet and just so peaceful. His father, Bro Turnage was able to baptize and do the confirmation. He was just so happy and you could just tell he had a different look when you looked at him. I was able to speak at his baptism, which was an honor for me, to think about the journey he has been on and the one he will continue on. I am so proud and pumped for him! 

Sister Stacie Fast's Birthday! Our other Mama!
This week was Sister Fast's birthday, a big shout out to MAMA FAST! We went over to her place, and bought her some flowers, a cupcake and some balloons. She is the sweetest. 

Brother Fast teaching 

Oh my gosh! I can NOT forget to mention! Our RC, (recent convert) Michael went to the temple for the very first time to do baptisms for the dead this weekend!! SO RAD!! We asked him how it was and he said..."Wet!" But he loved it and thought it was so so proud of him. Y'all, That is why missionary work is worth it. Seeing those where able to help make another step by going to the temple. :) Some other good things! 

Another good thing! Every Friday we go to the Salvation Army thrift store to help sort clothes or whatever Miss Mary needs us to do. Well, come to find out, a member went there and the people at Salvation Army really talked highly about us and Mormons! (That like never happens in the South.) Lol. So that made us happy. :) Overall this week has been a blessing kind of week! 

A Tender Mercy: Well, last Monday we were going over to a members house to get some money to go to lunch, and we knocked on the door and it was not the member who answered, but Dana the lady who opened the door let us right in! We had no idea who she was, but we got to talk to her for a bit, come to find out that she is a member, but is less active! We got to see her again this week and she told us..."Y'all I really need to come back to church, I know it." So we now are working with Dana, she is so sweet and it was a tender mercy to run into her this week! :) 

And I also got a self-defense lesson from Brother Fast, who is a Highway Patrolman and pretty determined to keep us safe (remember the knife gift from him at Texas Roadhouse?)

So here we are, me learning to punch the bag. Okay, right - this is my tiny body photo of the week!  ;-) I look so tough - not.

Something Learned: It is NEVER too late. This week, this thought has been in my mind racing, literally all I can think about it this. It is never too late. This week my eyes have been opened especially to those who have come into the Gospel, or those who are coming back into the Gospel. No matter what we do, no matter how old we are, it is never too late for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are working with David who is a RC of just almost a year and he is 84. It was never too late for him to come into the fold. I am grateful to see the real change that people make to come closer to their Heavenly Father and Savior. I add my testimony to Elder Holland's, "It is never too late, with the Master of the Vineyard." God is good! :)

Another something learned..When I was little, my mom tried to teach me to play the piano. I was not too interested. But look!!! Here I am with Miss Pamela, our investigator, being taught how to play! Isn't she so sweet?

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I know it is oh So true!

Y'all be blessed now! Sis N