Saturday, September 24, 2016

"Wash your hands, and say your prayers cause germs and Jesus are Everywhere." Isn't that SO cute!?!

Something Good: Oh man this week was another for the books!! 

Sister Dann's birthday!!
First! This week was Sis Dann's birthday!! A big shout out to her!! I love you Sis Dann!! Okay, so a sweet little story! This week we had an apt with Miss Pamela, and she has a friend who lives right across the street from her. Her name is Rieta. We have had a few times we have said hi to her, and this week when we saw her, I just knew that we needed to go and actually talk to her, so we went over and introduced ourselves and we asked her if we could come again and teach her about our church and she said yes! Anyways! We had a great lesson with her, it was so funny she kept telling us..."I've been a Christen since I was 6 yrs old." She is just a sweet old lady! Happy and thankful we talked to her this week! :) We also picked up a new lady to teach as well! Her name is Pam! (Another Pam!) She is super sweet too, we first did service for her and had a little lesson and she asked some solid questions about the Restoration! So that will be awesome to see her again! :) 

Funny story: So we where driving to see our LA David, and we got a text from Utah! It was a referral for a man named Jon England..well I told Sis Law to try to call him, so we could set something up to see she calls him and he doesn't answer! So she left a voicemail saying that we where the missionaries and all that jazz. Well, we decided to try to find his address and he find out that he lives on Davids street..but even better than that, he lives AT Davids house...Ha! Well the joke's on us. We have actually already met Jon before..we just didn't know his last name was England..his real name is Jonathan, so we would just call him that! But it was a funny! Overall its been a good missionary week!!
PCB Zone! I know; you are thinking, "These missionaries are too serious. They should lighten up!"

A Tender Mercy: A huge tender mercy this week was..that I am STAYING on the beach for my last transfer!! We have so much to do here, and I am beyond thankful to be in Panama City Beach! :) This week has been stressful and a little challenging, but I have been blessed with comfort and little and big tender mercies daily!! Sometimes it can be hard to move forward when challenges come our way, but we just have to move our problems to the side and let God help us. Whats the quote? "Sometimes God will bring us down, to lift us higher?" Don't know if that is exactly the quote, but hey, you know what I mean. :)

Teaching Brandon about the Book of Mormon
Something Learned: Okay, y'all...on Sunday was my first time ever going to another church besides the Mormon church! We have a lady we are teaching and she invited us to go to her church, so with permission, we where able to go! And oh man...let me just tell ya!! It was something else!! It was a non -denominational church, so lots of different religions. It wasn't a bad experience at all, it was just a different experience! I think what I learned was when we left and went back to our church and the instant change I felt when we walked into our meeting.The Spirit of truth literally came back to me right as we walked into our doors. I love the South, I love all the different religions that I have been able to learn and experience about, but what I love most is the Truthfulness about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I love having this opportunity to help others come unto Christ, so that they may feel the Spirit of Complete Truth. 

Hot, windy PCB! Passing out the cards! Go us!
Oh btw! Happy Fall, Y'all! :) 

It is starting to feel cold down here...jk, it is still dang hot! Ha! Y'all enjoy that fall weather ;-)

-Sis Nielson

 I love this painting of the Savior with these little children. He loves us all!

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