Saturday, October 1, 2016

"When we learn how to apply the Doctrine of Christ, to our individual circumstances, our love for the Savior grows."

Something Good: Okay! First gotta say how much I LOVED Women's Conference!! Every talk was just so on point and man, the Spirit was so strong! It was a great way to end a week. :)

Our new ward Mission leader and Missionary, Brother and Sister Fast! They are awesome!
This week has been pretty peachy! Brother Fast is our new Ward Mission Leader, and Sister Fast in a new Ward Missionary! We are so excited!! They have done so much missionary work, I know that our mission efforts will continue even stronger! I am so thankful that we will be able to serve together!

Some other good things! Don't know if I ever mentioned this, but Brandon prayed just last week for the very first time since we have started teaching them. When he prayed, the spirit was just SO powerful and so wonderful. 

So! We are now working with a lady named Alice, she is less active, but oh she is awesome! A little funny for y'all - she was talking about her house and how it was made with so much metal, and how funny she thought it was because we live in Florida where it rains and lightening all the time...and her husband told her that their house will be able to withstand 140 mile per hour winds...and she says..."Well the Titanic was meant to be unsinkable." Ha! It was so funny! Anyways pumped to be working with her!
This is Miss Rita, are darling investi"gator!"

Another good thing! We are teaching Patsy's sister Holly. She is going through a lot in her life right now, and Patsy told her that when we come over she feels so good and that we would be able to help her. We met her yesterday and she is awesome! Also, Patsy told us that she is doing missionary work and giving pass along cards out! And she isn't even a member yet!! So awesome.

 The Turnage family is growing spiritually, it might be a bit slow, but wow. It has been amazing to see. This next week we have some great potential to teach some new gators, pumped and ready!

Pamela hale with heart problems in the hospital. She needs our prayers.
 Our cute little Miss Pamela has been put into the hospital. After trying to see her for about a week, we knew something was wrong and we were able to find out where she was. She is having a few issues with her heart and is too weak to have open heart surgery, so if y'all could pray for her, that would be amazing! We were able to visit her a few times this week, and she told us that she knows that our church is true, and that once she is better she is fixin' to be baptized! She amazes me. We love and adore our Pamela Hale. :)
Sister Nielson and Sister Law bringing a bit of Florida sunshine (and Sista love) to our sweet Pamela Hale!
A Tender Mercy: Okay, so Friday! I woke up and my left side of my body was in so much pain, mostly my back and my neck...don't really know what was wrong with me...but I kinda started to freak out, because it hurt SO bad. Anyways, me being me, thought I was going to die from this pain. But I was able to receive a blessing that day, and in that blessing I was told that my pain would go away with a lot of faith and tears, about an hour later..all the pain went was pretty amazing. 
After a Priesthood blessing, the pain went away and I felt like a queen! So thankful!
I am so thankful for the Priesthood and the blessings that we are able to receive through faith and guidance. Heavenly Father wants to help us. We just need to come unto him. He can take what hurts away. Spiritually and physically. :)

Something Learned: I sure did love Pres Uchtdorf's message in the Women's Conference session about Faith. Something that really hit me was this..."The purpose of faith is not to change God's will, but to empower us to Act on God's will." So straight forward. Sometimes I think it is easy to just think something will change or something will be better if we have enough faith, but we don't know everything that God has in store for us, and maybe what he has in store for us, is different from what we think we want, but it is better than what we could ever imagine. I see that a lot on this mission, Sometimes I wish people would just understand our message and take it, but everyone still has a choice. Eventually it will be made, no matter what. I am thankful for times that test my faith, because I know those are the times that I listen a little harder to God's will rather than mine. I sure do love this work! It is amazing!!!

"Shall we not go on in so great a cause!?"- Joseph Smith

-Sista Nielson!

P.S. I can't believe I will be back home in Utah a month! It makes me panic a little as there is so much work to do here, and I'll have to face real life with adult responsibilities. Yikes!! So I about died when I saw this Utah license plate in Florida!

P.P.S. I hear that my mom will be sending out a "save the date" to come celebrate my return home with me. I'm gonna need some hugs!! Thinking about leaving a This is my real life right now and I can't imagine leaving it - ever.  But again, God is in charge and I know he will empower me to act on His will for "what's next."  The Plan is amazing! For now I love being a missionary for Him.

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