Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Let us be Ambitious for Christ." -Elder Yamashita

Dinner at the Fasts during Conference time.
Something Good: Like everyone else something way too good, was General Conference! Oh man, so many uplifting moments and moments where the Spirit really hit me and told me...This is for you Sis Nielson!!! I really loved, loved the talk by Elder Yamashita. It screamed my name. It brought to my mind moments where I have asked..."Why am I in Florida?" But those moments are the ones I have the chance to learn more about the Savior and His love for me, so with that I am so blessed and thankful. If any of you didn't have the chance to watch Conference, I really encourage you to do so online .
 I really felt Christ talking to me as I listened to His words. Oh God is just so Good!
Teaching with Pamela Hale when she was still in the hospital. She now has a Baptism/Confirmation Date!!  

At Pep Boys waiting - all day - to have our car fixed!
Another highlight of this week!  Pamela Hale has set a BCD!! She is now out of the hospital and recovering so that she will be able to be baptized! We are so happy and excited for her. :) 

Some other good things! We are now teaching a guy named Scott! He lives with Sister Dann, and wanted to take the lessons! We had such a good lesson and he had SO many questions, that we are so excited to answer!!! It was so cool  So many of his questions pertain to the Plan of Salvation. He is awesome!! 

Patsy's sister Holly was able to receive a blessing this week, which went so well. After the blessing she kept telling us that she just feels something so strong.(The Spirit!!) 

It has been so amazing for me to see the blessings of the Priesthood in this area. I feel like every week I am able to see a miracle from the Priesthood. It is building my Testimony daily. You could say this week was pretty awesome. :) Isn't missionary work the I think so.

A Tender Mercy: So our car lately has been making some pretty crazy sounds and us being girls..had no idea what it is, so Tuesday we finally decided to go to the car shop to get it checked! And thank goodness we did..because we ended up being there for 5 hours!!! (We where dying) We found out that the coolant part, which held 3 things together was it was broken. Heath, the guy helping us, told us it was good that we brought it in, or it could have been worse tender mercy for sure!!! Glad our car did not explode..cause if it did..I would cry. Haha! Anyways! God does help us temporally if we use our common sense! ;) It was quite the day, but now our car has new tires, new parts and we are good to go!! :) #blessed

Something Learned: Where to even start?!! Wow. So many things learned. But another thing that really stuck out to me in Conference was the talks that mentioned Joy. I have always really loved the word Joy and especially during Christmas. Joy is a good word to use, but this weekend it became something even greater to me. The real meaning of Joy, and how we can find Joy even when we go through trials. How cool is that? I loved how President Nelson said..."Our focus is on the Gospel. We can have Joy because of him." Jesus Christ is Joy. I want to add my simple testimony to his that I know that true Joy comes from living the Gospel and that no matter what, we can find happiness in any circumstances that we are going through. I love this work, I love all that God has given us to be Joyful. "Adam fell that man might be,and man are that they might have Joy." :)

Went to the Beach for a minute. Ah, I am going to miss this beautiful place.
Hope y'all have a blessed day!!!  -Sis Nielson. :)
P.S. The weather is cooling off finally! We woke up to go play tennis outside on our P-Day..and it felt like Utah for about 20 minutes, and I loved every minute. 😄🍁🍂

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