Saturday, September 3, 2016


Garvin was baptized!! Hooray!!!
Left to Right - Sister Nielson, Garvin, Garvin's dad, Brother Turnage, Sister Law

Garvin and his family and us as Sister Missionaries celebrating this Big Event

Something Good: Garvin did it!! He was baptized this week, and confirmed. It was so sweet and just so peaceful. His father, Bro Turnage was able to baptize and do the confirmation. He was just so happy and you could just tell he had a different look when you looked at him. I was able to speak at his baptism, which was an honor for me, to think about the journey he has been on and the one he will continue on. I am so proud and pumped for him! 

Sister Stacie Fast's Birthday! Our other Mama!
This week was Sister Fast's birthday, a big shout out to MAMA FAST! We went over to her place, and bought her some flowers, a cupcake and some balloons. She is the sweetest. 

Brother Fast teaching 

Oh my gosh! I can NOT forget to mention! Our RC, (recent convert) Michael went to the temple for the very first time to do baptisms for the dead this weekend!! SO RAD!! We asked him how it was and he said..."Wet!" But he loved it and thought it was so so proud of him. Y'all, That is why missionary work is worth it. Seeing those where able to help make another step by going to the temple. :) Some other good things! 

Another good thing! Every Friday we go to the Salvation Army thrift store to help sort clothes or whatever Miss Mary needs us to do. Well, come to find out, a member went there and the people at Salvation Army really talked highly about us and Mormons! (That like never happens in the South.) Lol. So that made us happy. :) Overall this week has been a blessing kind of week! 

A Tender Mercy: Well, last Monday we were going over to a members house to get some money to go to lunch, and we knocked on the door and it was not the member who answered, but Dana the lady who opened the door let us right in! We had no idea who she was, but we got to talk to her for a bit, come to find out that she is a member, but is less active! We got to see her again this week and she told us..."Y'all I really need to come back to church, I know it." So we now are working with Dana, she is so sweet and it was a tender mercy to run into her this week! :) 

And I also got a self-defense lesson from Brother Fast, who is a Highway Patrolman and pretty determined to keep us safe (remember the knife gift from him at Texas Roadhouse?)

So here we are, me learning to punch the bag. Okay, right - this is my tiny body photo of the week!  ;-) I look so tough - not.

Something Learned: It is NEVER too late. This week, this thought has been in my mind racing, literally all I can think about it this. It is never too late. This week my eyes have been opened especially to those who have come into the Gospel, or those who are coming back into the Gospel. No matter what we do, no matter how old we are, it is never too late for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are working with David who is a RC of just almost a year and he is 84. It was never too late for him to come into the fold. I am grateful to see the real change that people make to come closer to their Heavenly Father and Savior. I add my testimony to Elder Holland's, "It is never too late, with the Master of the Vineyard." God is good! :)

Another something learned..When I was little, my mom tried to teach me to play the piano. I was not too interested. But look!!! Here I am with Miss Pamela, our investigator, being taught how to play! Isn't she so sweet?

I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I know it is oh So true!

Y'all be blessed now! Sis N

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