Friday, November 27, 2015

I'll miss you, Gulf Breeze

Something Spiritual: Well after 7 months of wonderful experiences of learning, trials, amazing people, and a beautiful place in Gulf Breeze/Navarre my time is up! I am getting transferred!!
Wednesday I will be somewhere new! And look, Sister Kinghorn and I got a new car - just kidding!!!, but it sort of represents what a great time we have had together. She is going to stay and be Training! Woot! Go Sister Kinghorn! I don't know yet where I am going - I am hoping for Tallahassee or Panama City, but wherever it is, the Lord is in charge and it will be great!!! Kinda crazy right before the holiday, but it will work out...I have some mixed emotions about it, but I am so thankful for the chance I had to serve in this area. I have loved it so, so, so much. It has been a perfect place to start and serve the first third of my mission.
We went to brunch with Sister Schlaffer to "Sail in." Sure going to miss her, and this place! I am so grateful for all the wonderful times I have had and all the wonderful people I have met. I definitely have had many spiritual moments of happiness here. So thankful for a loving Savior for letting me be here at this time. My heart will always remember and love Gulf Breeze/Navarre. So thankful for the miracles I have seen here, Heavenly Father is good, he has let me see others come unto him. To everyone in Gulf Breeze/ Navarre: Thank you, thank you. I love y'all big!
Some Fun moments: Last Monday we spent a day with Sister Crowell, I got my hair fixed..yay!! Always a good time in the Salon! :) This photo is also my "last week in Gulf Breeze" goodbye photo.
We had the chance to go to Paul and Paula's and do some service for them, so that was great! Funny thing that happened in the car...Well, we get in the car and look at the degrees outside and it says 54 degrees! We both start freaking out because it is FREEZING!! Ha! So for y'all who thought Florida is all nice and warm all the time, you are wrong! Ha! It does get chilly! I had to wear a jacket! But I am liking the no snow or freezing Utah feel. ;) Something funny and something I am going to miss is biking with Sister Kinghorn...oh man. Our bike adventures have been pretty rad. I sure won't miss carrying my bike up and down the stairs that's for sure! Anyways! I have had SO much fun in this area, so many laughs and so many good times!
Something Good: So even though we were so sad to see our other "companion" leave, we are also happy to report that she made it safe and sound into the MTC! :) I sure do love Hermana Alvarez lots! She's going to be an awesome missionary!! So many good things have happened this week. We have had good lessons! Vicki Bond committed to come to church and guess what! She came to church!! So happy she came. Miss Joyce came to church again and the whole sacrament meeting was just for her, every talk, songs and just everything. She has really felt the spirit. It is funny because she says sacrament meeting goes by too fast and she just doesn't want it to end! Ah, I am just so happy I have been able to see her change especially. She is someone that I love a lot. :) Many good things to come in the Gulf Breeze ward! Something Learned: My mind has been racing, thinking about all the good things I have learned here in this area - there are so many! But something that has really, really hit me this week was a little experience we had. To make it short, the place we do our volunteer service at told us that some issues have come up with us and that if we want to continue to do service and volunteer we will have to remove our tags while we work there....or cover up where our tag says "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints." And at first I was like, man! What do people have against Mormons or missionaries!?! I don't understand, all we are doing is helping Jesus! We love the people so much who work there, but we are struggling with what to do about the situation we are in. Well that night I was thinking about it, and just angry that we would have to not wear our tags or cover Christ's name, and there is NO way that I would ever cover up who I am as a person or as a missionary. So something learned: Yes there are going to be people who do not like Mormons or missionaries, but I am not ashamed to be representing Jesus Christ. I am thankful to be His helper. So for now and all my mission ever I will wear my tag proudly. :)
I was able to say goodbye (for now) to a very special family who will always be in my heart: Jeb and Salinda Woolstenhulme and these darling kids: Harley, 13, Niyah, 11, Genevieve (Gena), 6 and Mark, 4. Sister Woolstenhulme has been like a sister to me, and the children like by nieces and nephew. Saying goodbye was so hard! I was shaking like a leaf, but they kept reminding me that growth is good and I would do wonderful. This family is an Air Force family, so in a year they may be at another base, and I am so thankful that I could learn to know and love them while they were stationed here. I feel very blessed, and know that the Lord has a plan for everyone - even me.
Another family I have loved is the Taylor's - Here is a goodbye photo with our Stake President's 2nd Counselor, President Taylor. Sister Angeleah (Angie) Taylor has been another mom to me. I love her so much. Well, I probably should go pack now...but again, I am so thankful for all the wonderful amazing times I have had. Gulf Breeze has treated me well, such an amazing, good place to have been. I love it with all my heart. I love everyone I have met. Even more, I have loved sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those I have met! :) #IloveGB #Timefornewadventures! Sister Nielson! (Where will Sister Nielson go next!?!)

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