Friday, December 4, 2015

New Home...Lynn Haven, Panama City, FL

Farewell to Gulf Breeze ward and Navarre! Here are my last photos in Gulf Breeze: Last District Photo - Sister Kinghorn and I are twinners for one last time!
Last photo with Sister Kinghorn hugging goodbye at transfers spot. She is staying and training in Gulf Breeze. I know she will be an awesome trainer! We have had a really great companionship. I will love her always!
And it is always so wonderful to see Sister Smith, who is an incredible Mission Mom. I love her so much and have learned so much from her. So then on to transfers and new companion assignments. I was in for a big surprise!
Something Funny: I am now companions with my trainer, Sister Stewart!!! Ha! We both gasped when our names were read together! How great is that! She is so fun and so funny, that we just laugh and have a great time together! It's going to be awesome! We get to serve together again, which I am SO thankful for!! We have so much good work to do here and I am so pumped and ready for the work to start! :) And!!! I got my wish to go to Panama City!! I am in the Lynn Haven ward. Here is my/our new address: Sister Nielson and Sister Stewart 2401 Stanford Ave. #503 Panama City, FL 32405 I love it here!!!
Look at these cute turtles in the pond by our apartment. Ah, Florida! Something Spiritual: Well, because of transfers I was able to go to Milton for the day with our STL's (oh I just love Milton!) we went to see an RC (recent convert) named Ashley. She has been a member for about 3 months or so...anyways! We just had this amazing lesson with her...It was so cool to see this new member of the Church center everything in her life around Christ. She told us a lot about herself, and the trials she has faced...but she would ALWAYS mention Christ. It was just a good spiritual moment for me to see someone who loves Christ so much. I know that the Savior will NEVER give up on anyone..I am thankful for Ashley for reminding me and teaching me about a personal relationship we can all gain through the Savior Jesus Christ. Another sweet spiritual moment, we went to a member's home a few days ago, the Bober's. Sister Bober is less active and her husband is not a member, but they are so nice and so open with us, we shared about gratitude and went around and said something we are all grateful for. The spirit was just there and it felt so good. :) So thankful for the Holy Ghost to help us feel warm inside. :) Something Good: So many good moments this week..of course there was some hard moments, leaving GB and everyone there..but good moments always come. :) I love Lynn Haven!! It feels so much more homey! (don't know if that is a word...) there is so much to do here...and Target exits here! Yay! :) My new ward is awesome!! It is SO many good people!
One of our investigators, Sabrina...(Yes! We might have the same name!) invited us to go over to her home and have dinner and decorate her Christmas tree...okay probably the best thing I have done in a while. Her husband is from Haiti and speaks French! So awesome he prayed in French! So cool. Anyways, Sabrina and Alex are wonderful people, ah that night with them was just a good moment! Super excited to start the work here!! :) Another funny moment...well we didn't really have miles to do a lot, so we had a member take us to one of our areas and there we walked around and met a few people! Also met a guy named Cary who wants to take us to lunch, so that is nice! :) Anyways it got dark outside so here we are on the side of the road using a legit REAL map to find where we need to go and using a flash light...ha, it was just funny, because I have never used a paper map before...but learning and growing always. ;) Also, Sister Stewart is just a funny person so we laugh a lot. :) Something Learned: This week I have learned that change is good. I was so nervous to leave my first area and the people I love and care about so much..but I have come to realize that change is a good thing. I was reading in Alma and how he received a change of heart..and boom! He was given the spirit! Well, yes. Change can be super tough and scary, but with faith and with the spirit, change is good! I really feel like Heavenly Father was preparing me for change. He has taught me that a true change of heart will overcome anything. I am so thankful for the time that I was given to share the Gospel and my testimony of the Savior in Gulf Breeze. I will always be so thankful for the wonderful people and all the lessons I learned. :) So excited for the NEW adventures I will have here in Lynn Haven! So thankful for all the many blessings that I have seen and have been apart of. I love my Savior. I love this work. I love everyone here in Florida. So thankful for the time I have to be here. It is going by so, so fast! :) Thank y'all for all the love and support!! :) XOXOX!! Sis Nielson! :)

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