Friday, September 18, 2015

I Love Gulf Breeze!!

This week has been FULL of crazy, good, shocking things, but overall my heart is FULL. It is kinda crazy how missionary time goes. Weeks fly by, days are either super fast or super slow, but every moment, minute, hour counts! #Wanttobeamissionaryforever Monday: In the real would people do not like Monday, but Monday on a mission is the best! Monday afternoon we went out with a girl named Vanessa (Crossing our fingers she will get her mission call this week!) We went out to get Frozen Yogurt, at a place called "Sweet Frog." I think sweets are good for the soul a lot of the time:) We went shopping...but hey! I only bought One shirt instead of two! That's good, ya? It was a good time with her! Monday night, we had dinner with the Smith's and we had FHE with them, then they took us to get snowcones...snowcones in September!? Haha, ya pretty RAD! Overall, a goooooood day! Tuesday: WE GOT OUR CAR TAKEN AWAY. Uh yeah, okay back up Tuesday, we had our normal district meeting, which was great! Sister Kinghorn spoke and taught about attitude! We all went out to Whataburger for lunch as a district...than we get a text from the ZL's saying we needed to call them (SCARY) So we call them..."Hey sisters we are taking your car, another set of sister missionaries needs it in Dothan, we will be there in 40 minutes to come get it." OKAY! So in less than 2 hours we were carless! So we are now in a car share with the Navarre Sisters! Which is....good. Haha! Riding bikes here we come! Tuesday was kinda crazy, but Tuesday night was fun! The Stubbs took us out to dinner and Sis Stubbs took us out to see people! Super sweet girl. Love her!!
Wednesday: Oh man....we ate WAY to much food today! Wednesday morning Sis Schlaffer took us out to breakfast to a cute place called "Sail In" she is awesome! Wednesday afternoon we went to a lady's home named Patty, she isn't a member, but she knows Mormons and lived in Utah for a bit! Woot!! We had a nice lunch with her and it was great! We went to see Sis Scheaffer, and we talked about Christlike love with her, something I have been working on for sometime now, it made me think, "Am I loving like Christ would?" Christlike love, it can get to you! Wednesday night some of the sisters in our ward took us out to dinner with Mitzi, who came back to visit, it was super fun with all of them! :) Thursday: Thursday! We went to breakfast with the sisters and had a fun time with them! We did some awesome weekly planning and updated a lot of things, since we will be riding bikes and since we don't have our old GPS anymore! Thursday night I was able to receive a blessing from Brother Smith, something that I really needed. Something I have learned while being out here, that it is okay not to be okay. It was nice to hear what Heavenly Father needed me to hear from Him. I am thankful for blessings.
Friday: Friday! I wore my new shirt - pretty Florida looking, eh? In the morning Sister West and Brother West took us out to "Sail In" (Again this week hahah!) We had a nice time with them. We went to see a lady named Dawn. Her husband is a member but he is in the hospital right now, so we went to see how she was doing. She is from London, and oh, I love her accent so much! We then did our weekly service at Helping Hands! Super fun! After that, we went to visit Sister Wight, I love the Wight's so much! Friday night we had dinner with the Smith's with the other sisters, then went to play volleyball! Still no bueno at that sport! Ha! But I love it! Saturday: Saturday Vanessa took us to our farthest area to see some former investigators and try people we haven't tried before! It was super fun with her! We were able to meet a lady named Tracy we are hoping to see again, and we saw Kathy, which is always a nice time! Friday afternoon we biked to the church from our apartment...and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (cause I thought I was going to die!) But I am still alive, probably because the weather was super nice! :) Saturday night we had dinner with the Marshall's. Oh and I realized that I have a cold...but as a missionary, you just gotta keep going! Sunday: I love Sundays! I love church and I love having a day to remember Christ. It is always so nice. After Church we went to see a girl named Carolyn. She is awesome. We were able to teach her the Restoration. Her mom is a new member and wants Carolyn to experience what the church is like, too! But funny story....! Her dog peed on my FOOT! It was the funnest thing...but hey! Her Aunt hurried and came over and washed my feet - it was so sweet, but so funny! I guess I am now marked as that dog's "territory" Haha so great!
Here we are with Brother Taylor at the Church parking lot. We had dinner with the Taylor's, and they are one of the best families too! Man, just EVERYONE here is the best. My heart is full because of the love I feel here. I am so thankful to be here in Gulf Breeze. Gulf Breeze will always be my favorite area, with my favorite people. Overall a good week, I love my mission. I love our Savior. I hope to be like Him one day, though I am far from it, but everyday I try. Quote of the week. "We would do well to slow down a little, proceed at the optimum speed for our circumstances, focus on the significant, lift up our eyes, and truly see the things that matter most." -President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. (Love that man.) Hope y'all have a good week! I love y'all lots! Sister Nielson

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