Monday, April 20, 2015

Sister Sabrina Nielson Enters the Provo MTC

Sister Nielson Missionary Photo, American Fork Canyon, Utah April, 2015
Sabrina was incredibly prepared to serve her mission. She studied long, hard and often for the months after her call. She said goodbye to everyone. Below is saying goodbye to Missionary Cousins on her last Sunday dinner, Ana (Tahati) and Joel (Denmark) Johnson. Goodbye hugs to Mom, niece Isabel, and to Dad just before leaving for the MTC
Sister Sabrina Nielson was set apart as a full time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 14, 2015 by President Andrew O. Horton, assisted by counselor, President Roger Prete, father Asa S. Nielson, brother James A. Nielson and brother-in-law Bill P. Witt. In her blessing she was promised she would become fluent in the language of pure love, given health from her head to her toes, to be a great resource to her mission president, to be patient with companions, other missionaries and members, to learn that through weaknesses, that is how we grow. She was blessed to recognize her own weaknesses and humbly turn to Heavenly Father and His Son to overcome those weaknesses through the grace and love of Christ. She was blessed to learn quickly the discussions and the best ways to teach, to recognize promptings and react accordingly and to appreciate the Atonement of Jesus Christ. She was encouraged to write in her journal and that her entries would become a tool for the conversion of those struggling and trying to find hope. She was told she would strengthen others by her cute personality and exceeding glow that she carried about her and that she would be blessed through her talents to transmit her feelings to those she would teach. In this photo, L-R Front row Asa Alex Nielson, 16, Sister Sabrina Nielson, 19, nephew Paxton, 10, Isabel, 5 and Deiderik, 7 Witt Middle/back row, L-R niece Samantha Witt, 13, sister Kara Nielson, 21, Mom Karla Nielson, Dad Asa Nielson, sister Necia Witt and husband Bill Witt, brothers Joey and James Nielson
She packed up all her things into boxes, and closed her personal life at home so that she could, as she said, "give 100% to the Lord." She entered the MTC glowing with happiness and excitement!
First MTC Letter sent by mail on April 15, 2015 Hey Everyone! :) I made it through the day! WOW! I don't even know how to it, but the Spirit is soooo strong. YES! It is overwhelming but in a good way. Everyone is so loving and kind. I've seen a few people I know so I love that! eBut hey! I tried the Diet Coke Caffeine Free. And It's not bad at all! So I will live! :) They are right about the chocolate milk. The food is definately not homemade Haha. Oh well! Overall I love it here! I'm happy and alive! Something I learned today...Not only is the mission purpose about bringing people unto Christ but with Charity!! Once we learn Love, the Spirit does the rest! Well I love all of you!, Sister Nielson On Sunday, April 19, this photo was sent by Mark Wolfert, our neighbor and former Stake President and a former Mission President of Georgia Atlanta North Mission, now serving a mission at the Provo MTC. This is of Sabrina and Carol Wolfert. When Sabrina first came to America, she became friends with Tess Wolfert, and spent many hours on Carol's lap. Today Sabrina adores Sister Carol Wolfert. We often have said to each other, "When we grow up, we want to be Carol Wolfert!"
MTC first email: Hey Mother! This is the right email!!! (: Oh man i am so loving it here so far!!! I sent you a letter today so hope you get that!! Well my companions name is Sis Laub, she is from Napa Idaho !! She has such an amazing spirit, we are so different, but we work so well together!! I love her so much!!! We also have 2 other girls in our district, Sister Rinslbacher, from Idaho and Sister Strandger from Vernal!! We are all like best friends - it is so fun with them!! We have 3 elders in our district,too! Elder Neight who is also from Idaho, Elder Turner from Idaho and Elder Nordinn from Houston, Texas!! WE ARE THE BEST DISTRICT HERE. Haha I am sure everyone says that, but ours is the best!! We are known as a district of love, which I love so much because isn't that what mission work is all about!?!? Man. It's hard here, but I love, love, love it here and know I will miss the spirit I feel here when we leave. So I am in a room where sending pictures is hard on this computer so if I have time I will send some if not I definitely will next week. Sorry - I am taking pics i promise!! Oh so I forget my temple recommend so maybe you could see if it is in my temple bag!? If not its okay(: Well the MTC is like the temple in a way. It's dedicated and the only thing you feel is the Spirit 100% of the time. I love it so much, I'm really going to miss it, the food is definitely not your food which I miss a ton but I just have to endure one more week of that(; Has it been hard!? YES. This probably has been the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am so happy I am here. I have learned the Lord will always bless us if we Trust and Love him. Overall the main thing is LOVE. With love anything is possible because of Christ. I have learned so much, I wish I had time to write it all but just know this is exactly where I am supposed to be. Have a great week Y'all!!! LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!!!! Sis Nielson(;

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