Friday, March 25, 2016

FSU is DEAD - Just for This Week

Something Good: Well this week was DEAD. It was spring break on FSU so EVERYONE was gone. The only people on campus where Asians, and the teachers. Haha! But we did have a good week:) Nothing can stop us from still having a good week! :) See we even contacted the Seminole and introduced him to the Book of Mormon! We had zone conference which was AMAZING. It was defiantly one for the books. We learned so much more about our mission theme, "Teach Repentance, Baptize Converts, Connecting Generations." I love learning from President and Sister Smith. It was a such a spiritual uplift. Something that I really enjoyed was Sister Smiths lesson, she taught about how to be Diligent instead of Slothful. Two different definitions, and I like the Diligent definition better :) Anyways, being diligent is SO important in missionary work, it is so easy to be slothful, but diligence brings miracles. I know that for sure! Another good thing! Our move was a success! It took us about 2 days to move and clean, we are in a better apartment, and we are HAPPY. Since this week was SO slow, we didn't have too many lessons, but we the lessons we had where on point! We had a lesson with a new gator named Maddie, this time we saw Maddie she had lots of questions, it was awesome because we saw her after zone conference and everything we learned during the conference was some of the answers we gave to Maddie, the spirit is just WONDERFUL. Maddie is super sweet and loves to have friends, so I really think we are friends (; She wants to come to church so we will be picking her up tomorrow :) She is steller. So one of the commitments we where given by our Zone Leaders at our conference was to ask one person a week to be baptized...isn't that just kinda cool!?! Sis Beal and I are committed to do it! Well we asked Joy if she will be baptized, and she told us that was was already baptized, we kinda figured she would say that, but that didn't phase us one bit. We talked about how we need to be baptized with the Priesthood authority and that just BLEW her mind, and at the end of the lesson we asked her if she wanted to be baptized by the Priesthood Authority and she said yes! It was awesome!! We have a lot of work to do with her, but man, sometimes all we got to do is ASK. :) Over all it was a bless week, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.
Something Funny: Wanna hear about our move? Well it was SO funny. We had to move quite a few big items to our new apartment and yall know I have NO muscle, it is a good thing I have Sister Beal, she is SO much stronger than me. Hahah, anyways! We decided to move all our food, we put them in drawers and had to haul all of it over, oh my goodness...kinda a bad mistake...IT WAS SO HEAVY!!! But we did it and I did not die. We had our ZL's come help us move a couch and they saw how gross our old apartment was and they asked if they could look around it...haha so awkward, but they took a nice look and we where dying because our old apartment is SO nasty. But we where thankful they came to help...also Y'ALL.
I used these man tools, I totally forgot what they are called, but I fixed my bed and put it together and learned how to do that this week, (Dad you probably should be proud) Sis Nielson is a handy man. or women, you decide. (; Ha! Anyways! Our move was great, and we are SO thankful to be out and free of cockroaches! Yay! Blessings. Great blessings. Something Learned: This week we where able to watch the face2face with Elder Holland for YSA and let me tell ya! It was AMAZING. Oh so wonderful, I really recommend EVERYONE watch it. I learned SO much from it and I just ADORE Elder Holland, he is just so wonderful!! My heart is still tingling from it! He said something that really hit home to me, he said..."Every question, or doubt we have, the answer will always be The Gospel of Jesus Christ." I thought about that and it is SO true. No matter what questions we have about anything, we can always find our answers through the Gospel, that is something so unique about the our church, we can always receive answers. I am so thankful to be apart of a church that has answers to every question, It makes me feel SO Lucky. We are all so Lucky to know the truth of our Heavenly Father and of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I love this truth, I love this Gospel, it has become a fact on my heart and a truth no one could take away from me. <3 I love each of yall lots!! -Sis Nielson :)1924 West Pensacola Street #113 Tallahassee FL 32304

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