Friday, March 25, 2016

Is Summer already here?!

Happy Easter, Everyone! I just LOVE Florida so much, it is starting to get SUPER hot already, and I have crazy tan line and its not even summer yet! Haha! But I am just soaking it in all so much.
Something Good: Oh this week was FULL of amazing and solid lessons. God is so good to us if we follow exactly what He asks of us. We had 2 great lessons with Jose! So with Jose, we meet with him twice a week, on Mondays and on Fridays. Well Jose knows Spanish and guess what!? He is going to start teaching us Spanish! He gave us this little study guide with some Spanish words and on Friday we will have quizzes! He is just so adorable! He said, Well, since y'all are teaching me the Gospel, I will teach y'all Spanish! Blessings for sure! He is just the best! We taught him the 10 commandments and he memorized the hand actions so fast, he is just a stud.
This photo is for all you guys out there who love motorcycles! And look at this Florida sunshine! We had about 4 lessons with new people! One of them his name is Bruce! He is hsuper cool, he asked so many good questions about the church and his heart and mind are so open. Oh yes! Maddie the girl who came up to us, was able to come to institute on Tuesday and enjoyed it so much! She was able to make some friends which is so awesome! :)
This week has been super hot, and we have to walk a hill which we call Death Hill because it literally feels like death, but somehow we always make it up. So this photo is of me looking Hawaiian with a hibiscus in my hair and a Hawaiian print top. This week I am just grateful for lessons, we had quite a few lessons, and I am so thankful, a happy missionary is a teaching missionary. Am I happy!? Yes. :) Something Funny: Well guess what! I have gotten permission to cut Elders' hair!! So of course ALL the Elders ask me to cut their hair, which I am down to do! I guess it is a win-win for both of us, they get a free good hair cut and I get to keep my skill, so I am thankful! :) But today I got to do it, and I was wearing these shoes that the hair clings to the shoe. Well I made one of the Elders come and brush my shoe off...because it was HIS hair. Hahah, it is great! Man, Elders are so funny, but they are good people! I am thankful I can do hair! It definately has been a big blessing! <3
Something Learned: This week I have really loved the new Easter video "Hallelujah" This video shows how we can find new lift through the Savior, which we all need, so it is perfect! :) Well missionary work is all about helping others find new life, a new faith, a new life style, a new and better relationship with Father in Heaven and our Savior. I am so thankful for this Easter season and the time to really focus on our Savior and because of him we can all become more alive and find new and better life. We are all so LUCKY to have this Gospel knowledge. I hope we all ponder for a bit about our Savior Jesus Christ. What a wonderful time to do so. I really do love this time I have to be a missionary. Oh it is a beautiful thing. I love the Gospel, I sure do love Jesus, and I love Florida. <3 #Hallelujah #FTM Love Yall!

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