Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's My Birthday Week

Something Good: This week one awesome tender mercy we saw happened at the beginning of the week. Every since I have been on FSU we have been trying to meet with this LA girl named Melissa! We set up an appointment with her to see her and meet her, and we thought she would bail on us, because she usually does, but this week she didn't!! We were super happy because it turns out that she is the coolest girl ever!! She is planning to come to a lesson with us next week. It was wonderful. I am so grateful that I have been able to finally meet her! Sister Beal and I have started this wall...we call it the "wall of love." We have paper on the wall and every day we write down a tender mercy we saw that day, and wow. God is so good. We see them everyday. Sometimes I am amazed or shocked, I see them so much. We are still praying for Jose to be ready to be baptized on April 16th! So please keep praying for him. :) We had a stellar lesson with him about the Priesthood and he just loved it! We are sad, we might have to give Joy to other missionaries because she is married, because she is progressing so much, but we will for sure be able to go to her baptism! Pray for Joy to continue to progress and adjust with new missionaries if that happens!! We have had great Family History lessons with Keegan and Brenda, the Spirit of Elijah is so cool, and it is so real! I really never thought I would love FH so much, but i do. :) Such a good week with our people on FSU campus. :) FSU is the best place on earth. <3
Oh also! I received the BEST surprise of my life. Grandpa Hill from my first area who is so adorable and so nice, sent me flowers for my birthday and Easter, it was super sweet! Thanks Gramps! My birthday is April 9, which is on our P-Day!
A Tender Mercy: This week our great tender mercy was the Book of Mormon. We have had 3 awesome lessons using the Book of Mormon. One was with Princess (Yes, her name is Princess and her brother's name is Prince. I am in love with it.) Well at the beginning of our lesson she was a little hesitant to read the BOM but we opened the book, and started reading the first chapter and after that, we kept reading a few more and she ended up really enjoying it. This same thing happened with Cameron and with a guy named Chris! Oh man, this book is the BEST book and I just know it is so true, and so real. I have been able to really focus on each chapter and I have come to just love it. It is the best spiritual food for us to take in. <3 I am so grateful for the fullness of the gospel, that we do have it. I strive to thank Heavenly Father for this blessing in my life. :) If y'all are ever the Book of Mormon! :)
Something Funny So I got permission to give haircuts to the Elders' hair. So the deal is, when I cut the elders hair, they clean the hair off my feet and floor. This is a example. haha! Thanks Elder Beahan, you are a champ!
Also, I got to see Sister Kinghorn for a night. It was great! I LOVE YOU SIS K!!! <3
Something Fun We got to spend some time with Angy at the church, having a chill P-Day last week. So nice to relax a bit! Missionary work is pretty intense! Something Learned: There is this amazing talk, It is such a good talk. It talks about how whatever we are going through, it will be okay, because if we know the gospel to be true, than what else matters? I read this talk and decided to ponder about it, and it is so true. We have all the answers, we have the truth and we have the fullness of Christ church. No matter what we are doing, or how hard life can be, it is okay, because the gospel is true and it is promised everything will work out if we are faithful. So something in keep in mind. "If it's true, than what else matters?" :) I sure do love our leaders of our Church. They are wonderful and y'all! Hope y'all watched conference and loved it! I hope questions were answered for all. <3 Love y'all! <3 -Sis Nielson :)

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