Monday, April 18, 2016

One year of Happiness!

Something Good: This week has been pretty A-okay, can't complain given another week of service to God. :) It is crazy that I hit my one year mark on the mission this week! Time flew right before my eyes, but I sure am so thankful for the wonderful year I have had to serve! I love being a missionary, best thing ever. Well this week we had some awesome FH lessons, we started FH with Joi and she is LOVING it, she is just soaking it up so well. We are so excited for her and so happy we get to keep teaching her. :) She is so positive and its so cool, she just calls all of her family to get more info, because she just wants it all. Spirit of Elijah is just wonderful! Oh yes! We are reading the Book of Mormon with a guy named Chris, and it is just the best thing ever, he asks so many questions and when he receives his answer it just clicks to him. Book of Mormon is totally a true book for sure! We have been able to read the talk that was given in the priesthood session by Elder Nelson, "Price of the Priesthood" with some of our RC's who are preparing for the priesthood, and let me tell ya, that man is AMAZING. I am so thankful for the priesthood and the blessing we can receive from it.
Jose is doing a little better, he is still learning and still progressing, our lessons with him this week were awesome! We are praying that he will continue to progress and feel ready! Thank you for all your prayers for him. He has been able to see blessings in his life from Heavenly Father and it is just wonderful. :)
Over all this week has been bliss. <3 I am just so grateful for my time here, especially to my comp, Sister Beal. She is one of my best friends and I just adore her so much! <3 Mission life is just so much better when you are friends with your companion. #truth :)
So here is a way you can all tell that its getting really hot in Florida! Tan lines! Here is the tan line from my watch...I know. You are thinking, the Sisters are back on the sand? No. That's our apartment carpet - kind of looks like sand - but hey! No cockroaches in this apartment.
And my feet...can you tell which part of my foot is covered? (Thanks for the new shoes for my b-day, mom and dad). You've heard of a farmer's tan, well, now you know what a missionary tan is! Yep. The sun is pretty intense here, and we are out walking in that hot sun, like, all the time! Which brings me to.... A Tender Mercy story: Alright this might sound so silly but for us this week it was huge. Everyone knows we have to walk everywhere, well this week we had a appointment with Joi and were we usually meet her from our apartment is about an hour away. Anyway, we where kind of stuck waiting for a couple who were going to install something into our apartment and we knew we were going to be late, and we had no way to get a ride. So we left 30 mins before we were supposed to get there and let me tell you...we were booking it so fast. I am pretty sure my calves are huge. Haha, well we got there right at the time we told her we would be there! I really don't know how, but we where blessed to make it on time. I feel like being on time is so important when we see people, so I am thankful for the little tender mercy about being on time that we receive. Blessings>>>>
This is Angy Vasquez, Sister Beal and I on, you guessed it! Florida Street! Life is really hopping on Florida Street, just look behind us! Haha! Angy was helping us take an investigator home. Something Learned: So everyone, if you are stuck on reading the Book of Mormon or need something to read, read D&C!!! I am starting to read this book and I am loving it SO much. We study in the morning and I get so excited because I know that everything I read from D&C is just amazing. Well there is this one scripture that popped out to me. D&C 58:4. "For after much tribulation come the blessings. Wherefore the day cometh that ye shall be crowned with much glory, the hour is not yet, but it is nigh at hand." I don't know about you, but this one hits my heart. I just love this scripture and I know it is true. :) I am thankful that we do have trials. They have made me grow into more than I ever thought I could become. I sure do love the Gospel because we are promised so many blessings if we strive to be faithful and do what we know is right. :) I love the scriptures and I am so thankful for the Prophet Joseph Smith for being so in tune with the Spirit to restore this happy Gospel. :)
And I want to add - Family History (FH) is awesome! I have loved reading the stories my mom has posted to FamilySearch about my grandpa, Grant Johnson. We have really had a great experience helping recent converts (RC's) and investigators find their families. Here we are helping Keegan find his family on FamilySearch. Y'all should try it! It is the greatest! My little brother, Asa Alex, has indexed over two thousand records! Thanks, Bro! You are helping people like Keegan find their families! Love y'all! <3 Sister Nielson

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