Friday, April 15, 2016

"Happiness is the object and design of our existence." -Joseph Smith Jr.

This day has already been the best day! I had a wonderful morning, Angy Vasquez in my ward, who we are super close with made us breakfast! :) Look at all the work she went to to decorate and make us feel loved! Thank you Angy!! And for those who sent greetings from home - pleas tell everyone thank you for the kind words for my birthday! I just feel so lucky and so loved! :)
Some of my people in my first area, one who is "Grandpa" who we stared teaching and his daughter and kids who are members are coming to Tally to take us out, and to Wakalla Springs! I guess it is the place to go, in Tally! And....we DID go! It was so nice to have P-day as my birthday!Here are the photos! :)
Something Good: High light of my week was seeing Sister Stradinger! We came out together from the MTC and are super close! Since we had transfers this week, she was getting transferred and it worked out just perfectly that she was able to spend the night with us, along with another companionship, so that was kinda crazy because we only have one bathroom with 6 that was an adventure, but it was a tender blessing to see people who you love! Man, this week was crazy and a little harder, but with a good attitude, we can always find the good out of something hard. This week we had a real talk with Jose about faith. He told us he isn't fully ready to take the leap of faith to commit to baptism, it was so inspired to talk about faith with him, we felt like we needed to share him the video about when Peter leaps out of the boat towards Christ, but falls because his faith is shaken. Jose told us that is exactly how he feels, and we where able to go from there. There is a reason why Faith is the First principle of the Gospel. :) We have been working with a few of our RC and one of them named Alan, who was just baptized in February has had is ups and downs, but this week he told us that he is glad he chose the "Harder right." Yes! He also called us later this week and asked more about the Priesthood and when he can start preparing for that. Blessings! Thursday a lot of our appointments bailed or canceled on us which is the worst thing ever, but it happens and we press forward! Missionary work and Missionary life isn't always as perfect as it might seem, but I am thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who knows and completely understands, that he does give us good days. :)
A Tender Mercy: We had such a sweet tender mercy this week, again because of transfers we thought we would be going with Sister Evens who serves on TCC (Tallahassee Community College) because her companion was getting transferred and she needed someone to be with, well it turned out another sister came a little early than they thought, so we didn't need to stay with her...well before we knew that was happening, we where planning to be on TCC, so we had to make new quick plans on FSU, we had one lesson so we where coming back to the institute to figure out what we needed to do and saw this guy in his car, we say hi and go inside, well the guy comes in and asks for the Dalley's who left the mission just awhile ago. We got talking with him about his car, we go outside and check out his car...don't ask me what he drove but it looked cool! Anyways, we asked him if he wanted to go have a spiritual thought before he left and he said yes! We find out he used to meet with missionaries about a year ago, it was a great little lesson and at the end he told us that it took him a lot to get to the institute and he was so glad he came. Tender Mercy in disguise! Something Learned: God knows everything. Sometimes I wonder how he really does, but oh my he just does because he is a loving God and wants good things to happen to his children. This week so many things that we had planned did not go through and that is okay, because we still need to plan and prepare, but everything does work out. :) I am grateful for all plans, and most of all, the greatest plan, the plan of salvation. What a beautiful doctrine that this church knows. I hope we will all take a minute and think about our part in His plan. We all have a role to play. :) love yall! :) xoxoxox Sis Nielson :)

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