Friday, April 29, 2016

A Week FULL of Adventure always!

"Walk with Him" Our mission just made these pass along cards! Yep we are super cool. Something Good: Wow, this week was just good. Sometimes I wonder how weeks can just be so good. Also this week flashed before my eyes, so that was crazy! So a few weeks ago, we ran into a older man and gave him a FH card. Weeks passed, and this past week we get a call and it is him! His name is Barry and he wanted to do some FH! He is the cutest old man ever. He walked to the church with us, holding Sister Beal's hand (She loved that..) We were able to find some awesome stuff for him. He brought a picture of his great, great grandfather and it was tender! We will probably have to give him to the other missionaries, since he isn't going to FSU, but he is super cool! Jose, man this guy. If the only thing I was supposed to do on FSU was find Jose and help build his faith from nothing, to where he is now, then I am happy. It has been so cool to see his growth, his prayers have changed, his questions and thoughts have changed, his spirit has changed and that is worth all my time. :) He is leaving to go back to Tampa where he is from, but is cool with the idea of seeing the missionaries there, we are going to miss him A LOT...but continue to pray for him. There is real power in prayer! So this week, we had a killer District meeting. Usually they aren't my favorite but this week it was amazing! We talked about using the Book of Mormon when people reject us or when we use it to answer concerns and wow! It works! Again, I will always be grateful for that little blue book full of truth and knowledge. Cool fact I learned about the Book of Mormon...Joseph Smith needed to be married before translating the Book of Mormon along with becoming more mature and if you think about it, Adam needed Eve, Abraham needed Sarah, Lehi's sons needed wives and so forth. Women are the best! ;)
We have been doing "mission prep" classes for Angy and Ali, they are in our ward and it has been the best thing! We read PMG with them and help them understand it, it's helped me a ton in the short time we have been doing that. I love the gospel! It has been the BEST thing that happened this week. Highlight of my month for sure. Also! Congrats to my dear companion, she hit her 18 months this week!! She is AMAZING. <3 I think I talk about her a lot, but I really do love her so much!! Yay for Sister Beal!
Paul and Paula, my RC's (Recent Converts)and their dog, Sweetie, drove four hours today to come visit me! And then they went to see my former companion who helped teach them, Sister Kinghorn in Panama City! Blessings, on Blessings! They are the sweetest humans ever. It was amazing to see them. They have changed so much for the better and the light of Christ just shines in them. Oh it was Happy. Overall a blessed week :) A Tender Mercy: Okay, so Sister Beal got her bike stolen on Monday...and she really wanted to send it home, because it is one of best bikes. So we were confused and bummed. Well on Wednesday we were doing some studies and Elder Butler and Elder Bowman call us and say they FOUND her bike...we were freaking out! They tell us to call the cops and make a report now! So we do that, and at this time we have no idea if it is really her bike..but we do it anyway. We have Sister Leavitt take us to the Good Will where the Elders are at and the guy who STOLE her bike...hahah so awkward, there are 3 cops there and we pull up, and it is for sure HER bike. The guy who stole her bike made up all these funny stories about the bike and told us that he found it 2 months ago...uh...more like 2 days ago? Haha, but even crazier the main cop who helped us is a MORMON. What are the odds!?!? Oh it was just crazy. But the funny story is that the Elders saw the guy riding the bike on the side of the road, followed him and asked him about it and of course the guy didn't tell them he stole it, but he did tell the Elders where he was going. So they stalked him and found him and boom, everything good happened! Plus the officer who is a member, Officer Black took us all to lunch, it was so nice. :) See people! God knows!!! He takes care of us spiritually and temporally! Blessings, on blessings! :)
This is a photo at lunch with Elder Butler, Elder Bowman, Officer Black, Sister Beal and me. Something Learned: Something that I have been thinking about lately is something that President Smith says, "You can't just go through the mission, you need to let the mission go through you." I've been pondering this and have come to realize that it is so true! Everyday we have the choice to just follow the gospel, but do we really live it? Everyday I have the choice to follow the mission thing and do it, or I have the choice to really let what I am learning sink into my heart. To do and to live are very different. Living the Gospel because we have the desire and because we want to grow and change is so much easier than just going through the motions. I am grateful for agency for letting us decide for ourselves how we want to live. I feel like a lot of my happiness lately has happened because I am letting this mission go through me, and I am just loving it more and more everyday. <3 I love this work, it has become more mission fun than mission work, because it truly makes me happy. I am grateful for Florida and more the people in Florida. Hope everyone has a stellar week :) Love Y'all Big! <3 -Sis Nelson
P.S. We went to dinner with some people in our ward! left side to right side...Marie, Challie, me and Sister Beal! We went to Momo's. They have the largest pizza slices in Tally. Nope, didn't finish it!

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