Thursday, June 18, 2015

And my new companion is...

Hi Everyone! Well, this week has been full of fun, tears, and joy! Sis Stewart is now serving in Milton, FL, not far to the East of us, and she is now our STL (Sister Training Leader)! So I will get to see her at Zone Conferences and all! She is awesome. Here are a few last pictures with Sister Stewart:
Here is our recent Gulf Breeze District meeting. Left to right, Sis Seegrist, Sis Kirton, Sis Stewart and me!
This photo is from last Monday, June 8. We went to Pensacola Mall with Sis Burkhard. She is the one who sent a picture of me and a lizard. Left to right, Sis Burkhardt, Ellie her daughter, me and Sis Stewart :)
I also met a Sister missionary named Sister Charles at transfer spots! And guess where she is from! My Country! Kazakhstan! It was so fun! She was adopted when she was 7 (three years older than I was when she came to the good old USA) and she grew up in California! Such a great person and missionary! :) Here is what she said in an email to my mom: "Hey Sister Nielson. This is Sister Charles. I got to met your awesome daughter at transfers! She is sooo awesome! I am the other Sister here in the FTM From Kazakhstan!!!" On Sunday we had Stake Conference! Elder Nash from the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke all about Ward Counsels and Missionary work! And he told us how members need to bring the missionaries to visit people. I loved it so much! In my head I was like, "YES, YES, YES!!" It has been a way good week! We have found some possible investigators!
We are still working with Max! It has been a little hard trying to find times to meet with him, but when we do, we have the best experience! We are still working with him about the Word of Wisdom, but I know Heavenly Father will help us if Max is prepared to accept our message! (Shout out for prayers for Max!) Finally a picture!! Sis Stewart, Joyce (Max's hilarious momma) me and Max!
But the moment ya'll having been waiting for...My New Companion!! Oh, she is wonderful!! Her name is Sister Coleman! She has been out for almost a year! She is from Ceder City, Utah and she is the only member in her family! She has the strongest testimony, and is very sweet and humble. I am so excited to work with her! We both feel that good things are coming to Gulf Breeze! It's kinda crazy, I am still in training but in a way I am training Sister Coleman to the area and the people! So it's been fun to get to know her and to get to know the area together as well! So a cool story this week: This past month I have had the HARDEST time sleeping at night, and when I wake up I have been feeling super sick to my stomach for some crazy reason! To say the least, I have been having a hard time eating because I have been feeling sick for a while. Anyway, I told Sis Coleman about it and told her I wanted to get a blessing from our District Leader, Elder Christensen to see if that would help me, and if it didn't, I would call Sister Lay the medical lady for advice and help if I needed to see a doctor because of my eating problem and sleeping issue. So on Sunday after Conference I got a blessing and guess what! I woke up Monday and felt Perfectly Fine!!! So after a month of feeling sick all the time, I woke up feeling good, and I actually could eat breakfast! Moral of the Story: BLESSINGS WORK!! I learned that if I just have enough faith and not let my pride take over, Heavenly Father will always help. I am so grateful for the Priesthood and Blessings! I know for myself that God watches over all his Children.
Car selfie, of course ;) Every week-lol!! This week has been a Great Adventure in the FTM! I am so excited for my new companionship with Sis Coleman! Have a blessed week Y'all! #GODLOVESYOU I love you!! XOXOX! Y'all's are my Number Ones! Sister Nielson P.S. Mission life is so crazy. Sometimes I forget about home and y'all, but I still love you all so much!! This week has been crazy!!! But it has been a blessing as well. :) Thank you Mom and Dad for all the support and love. I can't thank you enough for raising me in the Gospel. It is SO cool to just talk about Christ to everyone. It is a Joy! :) Well honestly I don't really need anything (except letters), but prayers are always nice! :) P.P.S. I am speaking on Sunday in my ward!! SO SCARED.

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