Saturday, June 6, 2015

Rainstorms, the Florida Jungle and a new Bishop like my Dad

Hi Everybody! Florida has these MASSIVE rain storms! We got out of a store this week, and IMMEDIATELY got soaking wet!! It was like I took a shower literally outside! Ha-ha! Anyway, that was random, and the best part, you never know when it is going to pour rain like that, So yeahhhhh! I thought you would like to know that. Toto, we are not in Utah anymore! ;-)
Here is Sister Stewart and I walking along. And here are some sights as we go a-walking:
This is a random sign - see how everything is a jungle behind the rope?
We see a lot of turtles, so here's one swimming along (after a downpour). They are really cool. Not endangered!
And the beautiful Florida panhandle coastline. Wow! It is so gorgeous; I guess I can put up with the heat to have this opportunity to be here and see it in person!
And speaking of's so hot that when we get home, it's great to sit in the fridge for a minute! Well this week has been interesting. We have had some awesome days and days not-so-awesome ones! So for the good days - we went over to visit the Ard family. I just love them so so much. They are my Southern family here, they tell me every time that I have to come back and visit them and swim in their pool, since as missionaries, we can't swim. So we go over to their home, and their friend, Annie, is there and she asked them if she could find a Book of Mormon anywhere and boom! We were there!! And it was perfect timing because she was leaving that night, so I was able to give her one and give her a short Restoration lesson and now she has a BOM to take back home, and I told her how to find the missionaries where she lives and she was so happy and so excited! Yes!! The Lord works in AMAZING ways. That was such a cool experience for me to have. God is Good.
Oh yes!! guess what!?!? There is a lady in my ward, Sister Jubeck, whose daughter is living in Provo going to BYU and she (the daughter) LOVES SWIG as much as I do, so she sent her mom a package with a bottle of the coconut flavoring to make Dirty Diet Coke and she gave me some last night!!! I AM IN HEAVEN. I WAS DYING!! SO YES I HAVE SWIG IN FL. LIFE IS COMPLETE. LOL! Ha-ha! This weekend we where able to teach a man named Lupe. He asked a lot of questions, which motivated me this week to study a lot about Joseph Smith and his life and what he did for God. I am just so amazed by him and his testimony! Lupe is "iffy" about him, but I know that he is a true prophet on earth and I love him so much!! I'm so thankful for the Restoration of the Gospel. I just wish everyone could understand that! But one day they all will :)
This is Lexi, who was baptized two weeks ago, and me. She is so sweet! We also got a new bishop this week and I love him! His name is Bishop Moss and he reminds me a lot of my Dad, just super kind and gentle. I am excited to work with him! So now for the not-so-awesome day. Friday we had SO much rejection!! It was hard, but a good learning experience. Not everyone will be ready, but all we can do is pray and keep going! Funny story about rejection - So one night we are talking to this girl and her neighbor is mentally crazy. All he does at night is yell and cuss and all that. Well, we leave her porch and start walking to the car and he yells..."Y'ALL SUCK" to us! Sis Stewart and I just start laughing so hard, because it was the funniest thing ever! Man, I just love the South so much!
And speaking of the Prophet Joseph Smith...he said it was okay to "unstring the bow" now and then. And since Sister Stewart and I do not wrestle, we found the perfect way to unwind and laugh. In fact, we may have too much fun with silly string! Hope yall have a blessed week!
Off to other places to search, reach, and teach! I will try to remember to take my camera when we visit with people so ya'll can see more Southerners! Sister Nielson P.S. from Sister Nielson: Thank you for all ya'll do for me! I am so blessed and so thankful for you and dad. I have seen people here who don't have a lot and it has humbled me so much. So thank you really for everything. I hope ya'll watched the Mormon Message called "LIFT" this week. Ya'll should watch "Sharing our Beliefs." It is such a good one, too! I love all ya'll each ya'll! That's so Southern, huh? It's so funny what people say here. Ha-ha! Thank you for all the love and support. God Bless Ya'll.
This cute photo, captioned, "Sister Nielson making a lizard face and Sister Stewart not too sure about holding this lizard. :)" arrived via text from Shelly Burkhardt, who said, "We had your lovely missionary over last night. She is doing very well. I am in the Primary and notice all of the kids really love her."


  1. You are the cutest! Prayers for you and your companion-you're definitely in our thoughts. Xoxo

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