Friday, July 3, 2015


Hey Y'all! I want to share with y'all something I learned and have been applying to my life this week. On Saturday morning we had a meeting and breakfast with our Ward Mission Leader, and he told us,"A big reason you go on a mission is to become a Spiritual Antenna, to pick up the signals from the Spirit, instead of the noise in the world." I love this so much! I have thought about this statement and it is so true. Recognizing the Spirit is so cool!
This week has been awesome! We have had some good things happen! On Tuesday we were able to go to a potluck at Navarre beach for our ward. It was super fun. We were able to talk to people on the beach and spread some good messages about the Gospel! (A little funny just to walk up to random people in their swimming suits, but still super fun!)
On Wednesday we did a lot of finding! We met new potential people to teach, ran into a lady who is less active by knocking on her door. It was funny because we felt like we should knock on her door and she answered and just let us in, we were both so surprised because that doesn't happen a lot here. We were able to share her a brief message. It was a good time! There is a family in our ward, named the Wights. They are one of my FAVORITE families! They don't have any kids but guess what! We were at dinner at their house and they told us some awesome news!! They were approved to adopt two children!!! Ah!! I am so happy for them!! Adoption is wonderful - look what it did for me!!! How lucky am I? These children will be so blessed to get a great Mom and Dad. Overall that day was just great!
On Friday we were able to go see my favorite lady, Kathy Thompson. Here is a picture of us together: Me, Sister Kathy Thompson, Sister Coleman. (Mom! I can't WAIT for you to meet this lady one day! She is the best!) Ah, I just love her so much. Fridays are my favorite days because we go and see her. She is less active but is deciding to come back to Church! I told her that when I come back to Florida I will take her to the temple because she wants to go back so badly! It was so cute - she started crying and all we could do was hug her and love her. This is what missions are ALL about. Loving the people you serve.
We were able to have a great lesson with Lupe! He doesn't like pictures but I made him take one with us - Me, Lupe! and Sister Coleman. If y'all could meet him, you would love him! He is so fun. It was awesome - he told us he is seeking for something new...(YESSS!!!) He is so open and asks a lot of questions, which is my favorite part! I love learning and growing from him. Lupe has a hard time coming to Church but I know he will be able to make it hopefully this coming week or so! Max is still struggling. We were able to share about the Spirit to him. We committed him to ask God if what we are teaching him is true. All we can do is pray and rely on God to help us. Something I have also learned. If we do our part, the Lord will do his.
I made fried Oreo's for the Sisters! We all had lunch together. Behind me is Sis Lee. :)
This mask is from China. Am I more Asian?
Every Wednesday night Sister Coleman and I put olive oil and coconut oil treatments on our hair to keep it from drying out in the hot Florida sun!
I got my hair short huh!?! It wasn't supposed to be that short...but hey, it'll grow!! Overall this week here in Gulf Breeze was amazing! I love good weeks like this past one! It makes all the hard parts of the mission so worth it. It has rained quite a lot this week, and the weather is just HOT. Since it is so humid it feels even hotter, and if you sit in the shade it still feels the same. It's great. I love this place. I love the people I am serving. The more I have served the more I love. Gulf Breeze is feeling more like home every day. I don't know what I am going to do when I have to leave...probably DIE! Ha-ha. In all seriousness, doing the Lord's work is my favorite thing. I love the Gospel, I know with ALL my heart it is True. Nothing could ever take that from me. I know God lives; He is alive in my life everyday. I love being his tool and his little helper. God is good. I am so thankful to a loving Heavenly Father for trusting ME to do his work here in Gulf Breeze. I am thankful for a Savior who lifts me everyday when I feel heavy laden. I love this mission. I am thankful to be a part of this marvelous work. Quote of the week: "Being Cheerful is part of being Faithful." Hope ya'll have a good week! Remember Jesus loves you! #FTMadventures
LOVE YALL SO MUCH. All my love from FL TO UT! Note to family: The good thing about emailing is that you learn how to type fast! So that is good. It's funny cause sometimes I know just what to say, and other days I have to sit and think about what to say for like 15 mins. Lol. I love the blog so much, it is so fun to see it, you're amazing at doing it so thank you so much! I love it! :) I hope y'all are doing good. A few nights ago I was thinking about y'all and how proud I am to have such an amazing family. I am so thankful and so blessed, I thank Heavenly Father for y'all everyday and pray for y'all to be blessed because of your love and service towards me. So thank you for all the support and love. Missions are the best! I just love my mission so much!! It is actually really fun to talk about Jesus everyday! A mission is the BEST decision I have ever made in my life, and will be on the top of my list of "Best Decisions" forever. :) I love all y'all each y'all so much! XOXO! Sister Nielson in Florida

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