Friday, July 31, 2015


Hi Everyone! I am starting a new adventure...Training!! Yikes!!
HAHAHHAHAHAH Ya. My face when I was told I would be training.
Last district picture together! Sister Coleman is getting transferred and Sister Lee (far left) went home! Good luck out in the real world, girl! I love you! It is super hot here in Florida. It is so hot. And humidity - oh man! It is just joyful :) I didn't even realize how much I could love a place. Don't get me wrong. I love Utah...but Florida is where it's at! Can we all come back one day? Oh ya'll would love it. I am so thankful I was sent here! FTM, my home now. I love, love, love it:) Words can't describe something so awesome that I love - Florida! I know that Christ lives! He does. He is our Savior, our Brother, our Friend, our Lord, our Example and our Maker. C = Cleansing, H = Healing, R = Redeeming, I = Identifying, S = Saving,Strength, T = Transforming. He loves us. My week! :) Monday: Monday was my last P-day with Sister Coleman!! It was crazy, but we had fun, we laughed, we cried, we did what girls do the best...emotional thingies ha-ha! Sometimes I wonder why P-days go by so fast, but its probably cause Heavenly Father has work for us to do...and He just wants us to hurry up and go work! So it is okay! :)
Tuesday: Tuesday, Sister Coleman and I cleaned a lot, got ready for our new Greenie (me) ha-ha j/k. ;) Tuesday night we drove to Tallahassee, but our GPS took us the LONG way. It took longer, but hey! We got to go through parts of our mission and it was fun! Funny story. We were driving for a long time in the middle of nowhere and I had to go potty SO bad,and there was no restroom for quite some time. So we went to a random house. YES. A random house in the middle of nowhere. HAHAHA! And asked if we could use their restroom. Linda, who let us in was super kind to let us come in. I don't think she really liked us, but hey! We made it to Tally without ANY kind of accidents, if y'all know what I mean ;) Tuesday night we stayed with the head STL's (Sister Training Leaders). I slept on the floor and Sis Coleman slept on the couch. Did I sleep? Eh no. but hey it is okay! ;) Overall Tuesday was a great last day with Sis Coleman. :) Wednesday: TODAY IS THE DAY!!! FTM adventures are FOR REAL! Wednesday I woke up feeling SICK. Out of all the days to get sick - on transfer day and the day I get a greenie. Awesome, Heavenly Father. Good one on me! He must have a sense of humor.
In Tallahassee I got to say hi to one of my Fav sisters from the Provo MYC! Shout out to Sis Rindlisbacher who is also training! ;) We came out together! Definitely a friend forever! Anyway! We went to a training meeting and pretty much to wrap it up they tell you this: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE IF YOUR GREENIE LOVES OR HATES THE MISSION. No pressure! Scary. Well, I guess y'all are waiting for who my NEW comp is!
Her name is Sister Kinghorn, she is from Sugar City, Idaho! She also has ten kiddos in her family, like me! Pretty Rad! She is super sweet and so ready to work! We have a lot in common and it makes it so fun! :) And yes, we got photo-bombed. Silly Elder! We drove back to Gulf Breeze the SHORT way and made it home safe and sound. ;)
Oh, P.S. We got 2 new other Sisters in the Navarre area and guess what!?!? They are Poly's! Which means...they are so loud and so funny! It has been a party this week! Sister Vailea is from Tonga, and Sister Iosea is from Samoa! And they call me Sister Nelly, cause it's easier to say than Nielson. :) From to back: Sister Kinghorn, me, Sister Kirton, Sister Iosea, and Sister Vailea! Thursday: Thursday morning we went with a member in our ward to help with food orders..which means we drive to Pensacola, and fill the food orders for those who need it in our ward! It is like the Bishop's Store House, but they don't have one in our stake so we do it at the Stake Center! It is a fun service to do! ;) We had our first weekly planning together. Thursdays are good days, kinda long but good! We had an awesome lesson with our investigators...Issac and Wendy,and Sis Kinghorn did awesome! We talked about the Plan of really is a good plan to share! It is my favorite, favorite lesson to teach! Families can be together forever!?! SAY WHAT!? BOOM. Yeah!! They are doing awesome! They are both so open and so willing to learn. I love that. Friday: Y'all know Fridays are my favorite days....Ha! Still are. We went to see a less active, Brother Dolson, he is so funny! We sat down and he reached his hands out and gave us these Virgin Mary bookmarks. Yep, totally keeping that forever! ;) Anyway! Friday it was raining like CRAZY! Gotta love Hurricane season. Maybe a good lesson I have learned on the mission is don't try to do your hair cause the day you will rain, and yeah. So good lesson learned. We where able to go to Helping Hands and do some service there too. We also went to see Sister Scheffer, she is an awesome lady and super funny. Honestly we go and teach people about the Gospel...but really they teach me. I love that about the Gospel. We can all learn and grow from each other. YESSSS!
This is Sister Delaney, one of my favorite members ever, and me at the Relief Society Activity. Saturday: "Saturday is a special day, it's a day we get ready for Sunday." That's the song I think of when I type the word Saturday. Ha-ha. Off point...BUT! We had a stellar Saturday! We went to a Relief Society activity for a few hours, the theme was Unique Showcase, so some of the sisters shared what they like to do and just about themselves. It was was way fun to get to know them all better! :)
Um...I got my hair done! ;) Hope y'all like it....j/k. Don't worry Mom. I am smarter than that! I tried on a wig at the activity. How do I look? After that we contacted a few people. Sis Kinghorn was able to talk to random people for the first time, so it was fun! :) Oh ya...:) A lady in our ward gave me a 1964 Barbie. Yep we role play with her. So funny. Sunday: Sundays!! Woot! Another favorite day of mine...actually I love everyday....just like I love everyone in our ward. Today was great! Isaac and Brother Myers came to church today! Woot woot! Later that day we were able to go see Wendy and Isaac and Bro Myers and share with them about church, prayer and scriptures! Wendy has to work every other Sunday but is planning to come to church this week, so that will be awesome! :)
Overall this week has been WONDERFUL! I really do love training and really she is training me...because I am still new! ;) Ha-ha! I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love my Savior. He is my everything; He is my example; He is amazing. I love all y'all and each y'all! :) #FTMadventures Quote of the week "Go forth with a twinkle in your eye, a smile on your face, but with great and strong purpose in your Heart."- Pres Hinckley. I just love him so much. He is such a cutie. Hope yall have a good week! P.S. - for real: I feel like I need to share this experience. Maybe someone reading this will need it and it will help them in their life. So here it is :) When I first got to FL, on my second full day, I wanted to go home. I called my parents. I called Sister Smith (Pres' wife) and just wanted to go home. Pres Smith called us and asked me if I could stay for 2 weeks...and if I felt like I needed to go home after that, I could go. So I said okay and decided to try the mission for 2 weeks. During those two was hard, mission life was rough. I was physically, emotionally, spiritually drained. My head hurt and my heart hurt, too. BUT, in those 2 weeks Heavenly Father showed me ALL my weaknesses - some I didn't even know I had. But because I was experiencing all these crazy trials, God didn't allow me to do it on my OWN. I honestly FELT Christ right besides me the WHOLE 2 weeks. He never left me. He pushed me along, came to my level when I needed it, answered prayers immediately and changed my heart. After those 2 weeks, I KNEW I needed to stay! How could I not!? God was there. I knew I could do ANYTHING because of HIM. I like to say I am a girl version of Peter, from the Bible. Ha-ha. Really we have Peter who sees Christ, and Christ says, Come unto me...Peter knows he is there and reaches out for him...but what happens!? He stumbles because he lost his faith, even though Christ was RIGHT there. I am not perfect, and I still stumble and fall like Peter...but what does Christ do? He grabs Peter and helps him. So moral of the story? RELY ON HIM. So ya'll, when life is hard and you feel like you can't do it...and all you want to do is quit... just give it 2 weeks. And in those 2 weeks ASK Him..what YOU can do for HIM. And I KNOW that he will help you because He helped me. And He loves us all.
That is all. I love all y'all so much. Thank you y'all so much for the prayers and love, I really do feel it. You are the best family ever. -Your missionary, Sister Nelly

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