Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Service, Pres Smith, Success, Storms and Shopping!

Hey All Y'all! This week my heart is just SO full of many wonderful things, good times, fun times and spiritual times! ;) So y'all should take a hot minute and readddd! Monday: Monday is always a good day! PDAY!! Last monday, we just ran a lot of errands and kinda just hung out, but today we went shopping!
Look! I found H&M! We went to Destin, and for y'all who don't know where that is, it is about an hour away from Gulf Breeze! It is the city to tour. It's a fun place where a lot of Southerners go! There are so many outlets and of course Shopping!! We went with the other sisters, and a member from the Navarre ward. It was super fun and I might have spent some money....(SORRY Mom...they were on sale?) ;) Overall good P-day! Tuesday: We had District Meeting in the morning like always! District meeting is actually fun, we learn a lot and we get to spend some time with the other missionaries, always a solid time! We have a lady named Mitzi in our ward, she is older and is moving with her son this week, so on Tuesday we went over and did some yard work for her...and let me tell y'all...those weeds DID NOT want to come up...but y'all know me, I will not take NO for an answer...haha so we pulled All of them out. Service is the Best, especially for Mitzi - I just love that lady to death. Super sad she is moving! Tuesday night we taught Wendy and Iassc, our investigators! Issac is so smart in the Gospel, and is SO ready to be baptized...Wendy used to not allow him to go to church but her heart softened and they are both being taught! Sister Kinghorn is Awesome at teaching!! We were able to talk about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I think the lesson was really for me. It was such a good reminder about our Savior and how he is the Center of EVERYTHING. A good day! :)
Wednesday: So today we had interviews with President Smith....Yes we got in trouble so we had to go meet with him...Haha, yeah. Just Kidding! We have interviews with him just to talk, and he likes to hear about how we are doing, and we are doing awesome, so it was fun to report to him! He is a great President!
Here is Sister Kinghorn, me and Sister Wight from our ward at interviews at the Church. That's our car in the background with the bike rack! And! I found out today that my mom's first cousin that she is really close to, Carma Nelson in Idaho Falls, used to Visit Teach Sister Kinghorn's mom there before they moved to Sugar City! That practically makes us cousins - well sort of not, but we were both really excited that we have this connection! Sister Kinghorn is doing so great!!
After our interviews with President, Sister Wight (she is the BEST! Shout out to her!)took us out to lunch at place called McGuire's. Y'all should look it up, it is such a fun Irish place.
Look at this cute little Irish phone booth in the parking lot!! This might be the closest I ever get to Ireland!
The first time you go, you sign your name on a dollar bill and hang it up, so here is Sister Katelyn Kinghorn and Sister Sabrina Nielson's dollar bills on the McGuire's wall.
They have about 1.5 million dollar bills in that restaurant!! Crazy huh!? It was super fun! That same night, we had dinner with a family, the Cronin's. Sister Cronin is a member, but her son and daughter, are not. We were able to have a fun dinner and share an awesome lesson! Sis Cronin's daughter asked her mom if we could come back and that they should fed us more! So fist pump to that!! Wednesday, you were a great day! Thursday: Thursday wasn't too exciting besides a crazy definitely is hurricane season here! Thursday we did weekly planning, and honestly sometimes it just takes us forever and a day cause we always get distracted, but we got it done! We were able to do some finding, which is always good! :) We ran into Bro Banks, who isn't a member, but I guess you could call him a "dry Mormon" (not baptized yet, but living like a Mormon). He told us to come over, so we did and were able to visit them for a bit and kinda got stuck because of the crazy storm. Both Sis Kinghorn and I thought we were going to die, but obviously we are alive! ;) The nice thing about the rain is that it is WARM! Bad thing, it comes so randomly...always have an umbrella in your car 24/7! Friday: Oh Y'all know Fridays are my Favorite days! We saw Brother Dolson, and he is doing so good! He is now coming back to church and is loving it! We saw Kathy, and both Sister West and Mitzi came along. We were able to talk about the Book of Mormon and why it is so important! (BEST BOOK EVER!) Kathy is honestly the sweetest lady ever! I just love her so much, I will definitely miss her when I leave Gulf Breeze. We did some service at Helping Hands. FL has SO many thrift stores! They are really big out here, it's kinda funny how many there are! But it is super fun! Then we taught our other investigators, Laz and Maria about the Plan of Salvation! Probably my Favorite lesson! They both still ask A LOT of deep questions, but it is good! It has helped me increase my knowledge about the church and I am thankful that sometimes we get hard people to teach, because really I am the one learning more! :)
Friday nights we do volleyball which is always fun, though y'all know I DO NOT PLAY SPORTS...but I am learning...haha so try to imagine Sis Nielson playing sports. Ya, I laugh too. So here is Sister Vaiela helping me get tall enough to hit the volleyball! Just kidding, but you can see she is strong enough to give me a piggy back ride (okay, I don't weigh very much), but life is definitely fun with these Poly Sister Missionaries! This is inside our apartment. Saturday: We went back over to Mitzi's and did MORE service for her, this time a lot of the ward came and helped! Her son came from Montana, who is such a good person. I am glad she is going with family. She is pretty sad about it but I know it is for the best! Saturday afternoon we had a lesson with a man named Tom who lives right next door to us! He also works at the thrift store and a few weeks ago I asked him if we could share him our message and he said yes! So we were able to share with him about the Restoration. Such a good lesson! He is an artist and is amazing at painting! There are just some wonderful people here, I always say it but I LOVE GULF BREEZE SO MUCH! Saturday night we always have basketball which is could say I am getting better....! ;) hmmmm....;) Sunday: Two words. Fast Sunday. Another two words. Super Hard. From day one of fasting I have always struggled with it...but hey! On missions I guess you have to fast!?! Haha just kidding it is a good experience! I like to think I am getting better! But today Wendy and Issac and David (the dad who is a less active) came to church and stayed for ALL three meetings! How awesome is that to see a family all come to church together!?! That is the best part about missionary work. Seeing families together. I love it so much! Sunday night we went over to their house and they fed us dinner and we gave them a message about prophets and the Ten Commandments. I have always thought that the commandments were scary and all that, but really they are so simple and just common sense! And Prophets! I love our Prophet so much!! He is really called of God, I just know it! Oh, we had an even BIGGER storm Sunday night, so we stayed at the Myers for a bit longer....cause there was just no way I was driving in that weather and dying. Nope! Even though it was Fast Sunday it was still a stellar day!
Overall this week has been great! I am SO thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves all of us. No matter who we are, He loves us! I just KNOW we are created in HIS image, even though we are all so different, we are HIS children and that just makes me so happy. I might always say this, but I LOVE my mission and I can't think of anywhere else I would want to be. God is good. He is my Maker, my Example and my Everything. Have y'all a blessed week!
Oh! P.S. I have to tell you about a STELLAR deal I got today while I got these way nice Sperry shoes for 25 dollars....I repeat 25 dollars!! They are originally 85...but 70% off...!! Super durable and way comfy and perfect for mission work! We walk a lot! I thought while I was getting them, "Mom would probably say I got them." And here they are!
Another cool story that happened today about shopping. So you know the Michael Kors watch that Rhett got me for Christmas? Well I have had it for less than a year and the bottom has gotten a little tarnished already, so we went in and I asked them if they could re-dip my watch, so it would look new again and she said they didn't do that, so I told her what happened and how long I have had it...and I guess my watch has a 2 year warranty on it...when Rhett bought it he got the warranty just in case, and because he did, they gave me a NEW watch for FREE! How awesome is that!? ;) She said that the watch shouldn't have worn out so fast. So I got a new one! I am pleased! It might be silly, but today I just have felt not only has Heavenly Father blessed me spiritually, but also for some things that I love too, such as awesome shopping deals and all..haha, so yeah - highlight of my week! ;) Have a great week, everyone! -Sis Nie Nie :)

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