Sunday, August 16, 2015

#Good #Sad #Crazy #Thankful

Hi Ya'll, I will start with Tuesday, cause ya'll know what I did last Monday...
Shop!! And!! I bought a selfie stick to better to take pictures with. So here I am in our apartment bathroom showing off my new camera accessory and my best duck lips!!
And I also bought a Florida Seminole's T-Shirt (sorry Dad, Joey and Asa Alex...) It is so I will always remember my mission - not that I have served on the campus, but it is in Tallahassee where the Mission Home is, and I have been there! This is a bit of our Sister Missionary bedroom. And look! Sister Kinghorn and I are both blind without contacts or our glasses! One more thing in common! Tuesday we had a District meeting, which is always good. We talked somewhat about relying on the hard that can be sometimes! Sometimes all I want to do is rely on myself...because I probably have a pride disease. But I am learning to rely on the Spirit more and more. He is the key to missionary work.
We also rode our bikes today.....YES. BIKES. Y'all know I do NOT like riding bikes...but I did it for the third time and did not die. We rode probably 2 miles...and Bam! Hot and sweaty so bad, so fast, honestly I think it is disgusting and Sister missionaries should not be allowed to do so...but we were able to talk to a few people, so it was good! 2 miles was ENOUGH. Oh the joys of wearing a helmet rad. And look at this awesome tan from my new replacement watch!! We had the chance to eat dinner with the Myers in our ward and talked about missionary work! Woot woot! Missionary work is AWESOME!
Wednesday: Wednesday was a good day! A lady in our ward named Mitzi was moving this week (here she is with me) so we have gone over to do some service for her and it was fun! She is moving with her son to Montana, she is the sweetest lady. I am glad she is going with family :) We went to see Sister Scheffer, and she gave us A LOT of facial/spa product that she used to sell but doesn't anymore, so she gave us probably about $200.00 worth! Crazy, but so sweet and I LOVE that stuff. #Blessed. We where able to talk about Knowledge, and how important it is, because aren't we only going to take what we learned on earth when we die? Knowledge is important :) We were able to teach our investigators the Myers about the Holy Ghost, and how the Holy Ghost can be a light to all of us. They are doing awesome! It has been a miracle to see that family grow and learn the Gospel together. Pretty sure that is what the Gospel is all about! :) Wednesday night we had dinner with the Wights! They are my favorite people ever! We made these awesome picture frames, mine has the Salt lake Temple on it, with FTM 2015-2016 below the temple. Super good day!
Thursday: Wow, let me just tell ya...Thursday! We went to Pensacola and helped with food orders, it was crazy! There were so many people but it worked out! Many hands make light work! (Right, Mother?) ;) Here are Brother Costlow and Sister Delaney and us helping at food orders! Thursday afternoon we did some planning. We have had some crazy things happen in our area, but the work GOES on! Nothing can stop the Lord's work, something I have really seen this day. Thursday night was a little more rough for me, because I had gotten word that day that my home Singles' Ward Bishop, Kim Oliver, had passed away of a heart attack. He lived right across the street from us, so I have been close to their family since I was three. He was so good to me and I sure loved him. We have taught the Plan of Salvation a lot lately, and Thursday night it really hit me, how REAL it is. How amazing that families can be together FOREVER! Wow. My heart is very thankful for that this week. Friday: Friday was great! We went to see Kathy and Brother Dolson, they both are doing so good! Both of them are now active in our ward! Woohoo!
Friday night we did exchanges and guess who came back to Gulf Breeze! Sister Stewart! My first companion! So we got to be a companions for a day! So fun and so great! We where able to go teach our other investigators about the Plan of Salvation, which again I am thankful for! Fridays are always a good day, especially being on an exchange with Sister Stewart! Saturday: Saturday it Rained A LOT, so Sister Stewart and I helped our Relief Society president at Mitzi's since one of our appointments fell through - but it was okay, we were able to do service! Sister Kinghorn went to Milton for a day and I stayed in Gulf Breeze. Saturday night was great! Our sweet investigator Brenda took us out to dinner and we were able to get to know her better, she is having a rough time in her life right now, but we were able to share about faith and hope. Two awesome words we were able to share with her. Faith and Hope are good reminders in life, especially when life is hard. Missionary Life and Regular Life are not easy. Why would we be on earth if life was easy? It would be too easy, so I am thankful we are given trials; because with them, we become closer to our Savior and our Father in Heaven. Sunday: Brenda came to church today! Woot woot! The Hall's in our ward came back from their trip so we were able to go see them and also had dinner with them! They are moving in a few weeks...sad. But it is okay! We had a lesson with the Myers' about the Word of Wisdom....such a scary topic to teach about...but it went well! #Healthylifeforever! Sunday night we went to the Woolstenhulme's and talked about Humility! And wow, did I need that!?! I think it is good to eat some humble pie sometimes, and humble ourselves towards the Savior, obviously this week has been Everything Heavenly Father needed to me to learn. I am so grateful for my Savior. I definitely am not a perfect missionary, but Christ is. Oh, I also got FLOSS from Brother Woolstenhulme. Yep. I love that stuff. Sunday, a good day!
Here is Sister Kinghorn and I on our "Search and Rescue" Mission. (Good shoes, huh?) Well, this week was good. Not every week is perfect and not every week is going to go how you want, but it is okay! I have learned that Heavenly Father knows ALL. He knows what will happen in like 4 minutes and He knows what will happen in 4 years. All we need to do is trust Him and love Him. Every day I thank Him for both the ups and downs, because I always learn more about my Savior through both of them. So grateful for missionary work. Missionary work will always be a big part of who I am and who I hope to be. This Church is true. It is real and I love it. Have a good, blessed week, y'all :) #FTMADVENTURES -Your fav missionary , Sister Nie Nie :)

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