Monday, August 31, 2015

Staying in Gulf Breeze!

Alright everyone this week has been kinda everywhere! But it has been good! :) I AM STAYING IN GULF BREEZE FOR ANOTHER 6 WEEKS. BOOM BABY. (Thank you to everyone who prayed that I would stay - much love) ;) Wednesday: We met an awesome lady named Patricia. She is a former investigator, and we felt like we needed to go and see her, so we did. Boom. We were able to have a short lesson and she wants to meet with us again! (Inspiration at it's finest!) We were able to see Sister Schaeffer and her husband Bryan who is not a member, but he sits in on all the lessons so that is awesome!! We had a great lesson with the Myer's about the Priesthood and missionary work two big topics that are pretty unique about our Church! Isaac is pretty excited to receive the Aaronic Priesthood soon after he is baptized! How awesome is that! It has been so amazing to see both David and Isaac grow closer together because of the Church and how the Priesthood has become so much more to them in a short period of time! So cool.
Thursday: Thursday was a good day! We did splits with Sister West and Sister Adams! I went with Sister West and Sister Kinghorn went with Sister Adams! Splits are SO fun. If y'all ever have a chance to do them, I would totally do it!
So these are notes we made to "fork" people (as opposed to heart attack them). They are glued to plastic forks and we can stick them in places by their doors, so they find the note even if we don't see them. Fun stuff! Before we did splits, Sister West took us to see a lady in our ward name Vicki Bond. She is less active but is so cool and has the cutest boys ever! Her husband is researching different churches to go to - he hasn't been too interested in church till now! Vicki's parents are very active in the church and are helping her direct her husband to the right resources to learn about our church. So she is hoping he will start coming to church with her and the boys when he comes back from Germany! (Fingers crossed.) So Splits: Sister West and I were able to go visit a few ladies in our ward, one lady (I totally forgot her name :o!) but she is from Norway! She is the sweetest lady ever! It was super fun to visit new people I haven't met since being in the ward, so I am thankful we got to go! It was a busy day but super fun! :) Oh, PS: Y'all remember Angel we did service for about 2 weeks ago!? Well guess what!? She is now wanting to meet with us! We get to see her this coming up week! I am so excited to teach her! Friday: Friday was awesome, we did some service for Kathy. We were able to clean out her toy box and around it. See? I can do that kind of service! ;) I have come to found out that service can soften people's hearts and I love doing it! I like to think that Christ, all he did was serve and he was probably super happy doing it. Service! Mmmhmm. We went to Helping Hands thrift store and did our service work there. One of the workers named Peggy - she is so sweet and I just love her to death, well I found this Book of Mormon in the back room and went up to her and said "Hey! You should read this, this is a good book!" And she took it and said she would! Sometimes all we have to do is just OPEN our mouths. Oh man. How freaking scary is that!? Oh it is. But something we learned last week at Half Mission Conference drop of fear is Satan. Fear comes from him. Christ probably talked to everyone. I am still learning how to do that! But hey, learning is good. ;)
Friday night we had dinner with the Marshall's....mmmhmmm I tried sushi for the second time....and....lets just say even though I look Asian....Sushi is not my thing. But! Grateful for food! Saturday: Well Saturday we were doing studies and got a text from the ZL's about a hurricane...! I guess there are hurricanes in FL!?!? J/K. So they asked us to get our 72 hour kits all together... so we went through them and of course the food we had in the kits were expired! Classic. We were given an hour to go to the store and get water and whatever we needed, so we did. But I guess now we are okay and no one should worry!?! :) But hey! I think the Scout saying is "Be prepared," ya? We went to a fun little party for the Wight's family welcoming their newly adopted kids, Aiden and Sophia. We are so happy they have them! :) Today was Isaac's birthday party so we went over there for a bit and had a fun time talking and hanging out with them! We went to see Max today too, we shared with him Faith. He is so strong. He is going through a lot in his life but always says he knows he will be okay. His mom, Joyce, who isn't a member wants to feed us soon! She is great! Saturday night we had a fun dinner at the Bradbury family home! They are in our ward and have 3 boys! I seriously LOVE everyone in our ward.
Here is a photo of Chris,who I talked about in my July 14, 2015 blog post. He lives in our complex and "has our back." He is the one who watched "The Hope of God's Light" with his wife and really felt the Spirit. He is awesome! Sunday: know how they say Sunday is a day for rest!?! UH, NOPE. While you are a missionary it is not! Hahah! It was a busy day but a good one!! ;) Every 5th Sunday our ward does a pot luck! So after church we had a potluck much food it was awesome! After the pot luck we went and to see Patricia again! We taught her the Restoration...but the catch was...! We had our lesson outside in the blistering heat with Mexican music blasting in the background...but hey! It still went well, she asked a lot of questions and wants to learn more!
A girl named Jade from the Navarre ward was baptized today as well! We went to the baptism for a little while and had to leave early for our dinner appointment with the Taylor's! Cool story there....we had a little thought planned, but our lesson for the Taylor's went a lot different then I thought! It is way cool how the Spirit works, but it works! We had a killer lesson with them! Sunday night we had a lesson with the Myers and guess what!!? We set a BCD (Baptism Confirmation Date) with Isaac for this coming Labor Day Weekend! David was ordained a Priest today as well so he will be able to baptize Isaac! We are SO excited for both of them.
Overall our week has been a good one! Satan has tried to annoy me a bit, but I have Christ to help me. Anything and everything is possible because of Him. I am grateful for my mission and the chance I have to serve the Savior. I am grateful for everyone I meet and see and talk to, because everyone is a child of God. I didn't really think about that before the mission but now I really do know EVERYONE is a child of God and that is all Heavenly Father wants is for His Children is to come back home to Him, and that is WHY I am here, to help HIS children come home. I hope everyone has a blessed week! Thank y'all for the love and support! - Sister Sabrina Nielson ;)

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