Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sweaty, Scary, and Small and Simple Moments

Good news! The Wight's in our ward, won the fight for the kids. So prayer are answered and now they will have two beautiful children. Adoption is awesome. This week in a one word description: Odd. (Different.) This week, I have seen Satan do his work. He is real. He knows how to discourage you, and let me tell you...IT IS SO ANNOYING. But there are always good things to come. God never leaves. He just lets us endure them, makes sure we have learned a few things, rely on Him, and then He jumps in and gives us a good moment, to remember he is there! That was this week.
It's like these crazy Florida storms. A few nights ago I was up all night, just thinking and praying to know what to do. It is REALLY hard to humble yourself when you are discouraged and upset and just sad. This week has been rough, but it is okay! The storms in Florida end, and then we have sunshine and beautful days. I have come to a conclusion that Heavenly Father lets everything fall apart, so better things will come. It is annoying and makes me wonder, but in reality I am thankful! Monday: Sister Kinghorn and I had a good P-day! We went to get some good frozen yogurt, which is always so nice in weather like Florida. Mondays are a good day, who would have ever thought? Usually people don't like Mondays but I love them. Haha. We had dinner with a family named the Stubbs. Shout out to them. They are super sweet and I adore them so much!
Tuesday: Tuesday was HOT. Trying to talk to people OUTSIDE in FL in the middle of the day is just plain torture...but we tried! (A for effort?) No one really wanted to talk to us. Others didn't care for us and that is okay, but we did talk to one! His name is Paul Towel. He is one funny guy, definitely very southern, he even has a beer belly. (Something about the south...a lot of men think it is okay to hang outside with no shirt...haha ya...) But he let us in an gave us ice cream, probably because he felt bad or he saw the gallons of sweat we both had, either way super nice. We had a fun dinner with the Smith's and that always cheers up the day! Wednesday: Today was also very hot, but we saw Sis Scheaffer. We were able to do some service for her and it is always a good time with her. We are working with her about the Christlike attributes, it is kinda funny every time we talk about one, it is always one that I need a reminder about. We met a lady named Angel, she is a single mom, also a military lady, but super cool. We aren't teaching her, but we are going to be doing service for her this week! She told us, "I am a Christian with a lot of questions." Boom baby. Wednesday night was a little more scary. For the past 3 weeks we have come home and our lights have been has happened to us 3 times so far. Well back up...Wednesday morning before we left, we made SURE all the lights were off... and our back door was locked...and guess what...we come home and our lights are ON...and our door was opened!! We called the other Sisters who live in our complex, too, to see if they had turned them on...and they told us they hadn't. Both Sister Kinghorn and I had really bad vibes about it all... so not feeling safe, we called the Sisters, they came over and also felt like we needed to leave. So we spent the night at the Sisters' apartment! (Good part of the story, I slept really good? For the first time my whole mission?) Anyways! Scary experience...but we are safe! So thank y'all for the prayers! Prayer WORKS! Thursday: All our appointments fell through...but we got new locks to our apartment! We are saved! Haha. We did some awesome weekly planning...and went to the church to a Relief Society dinner and activity...but for the Navarre ward, not our ward. Funny story. Sister Kinghorn and the other sisters who are in the Navarre ward went to another room and I was left to do this activity with ladies I didn't even know...haha! It was funny. But hey! I got to know some cute ladies from the Navarre ward and represent Gulf Breeze! Haha. Thursday was just an odd day, well this whole week was just odd.
So do I look odd? Sort of like a Geisha girl in a FSU tee-shirt and glasses? Well, in Florida the sun is pretty tough on your skin, so we try to take care of it (and we got all this free skin care last awesome and appreciated!) This is Sister Kinghorn and I being ourselves after a long day. Friday: Friday, was good! We were walking to the Sisters' place to get some of our stuff we left, and we saw this car back out. I ran over to the car to see who it was...(Talk with everyone!!?) I started talking to this lady in her car, her name is Louise. She is from North Carolina, her son is in the Air Force. I asked her if I could back her up...(Mission rule: We have to back who ever is driving at all times.) So why not back her up? She thought it was funny. We talked to her for a little while, and all she could say was how sweet we were and how proud she was of us for going on missions. Little moments like that remind me that missionary work is simple and sweet. It hit me, we have had not the best success this week, but meeting her and brightening her day was a success. I am thankful for that little sweet and simple moment.
At the thrift shop where we give service, there is a woman named Peggy who has decided to give me little clowns. So here are some "new" clowns. Haha! Yes!!
Here are all the Sister Missionaries in Navarre and Gulf Breeze on the sugar sands of the wonderful Florida pan handle beach. Saturday: We went to see a family, the Cooper's, who are very less active, but I LOVE THEM so much. We are going to start to see them more and hopefully get them back to church as a whole family! Sister Cooper is the funniest, sweetest lady, she always tells us, no matter what, if you are hungry you come to OUR house and we will feed you. Little does she know how Christlike she is towards us. We went to see Isaac and Wendy and brother Myers. They are such a fun family. We are hoping to set a BCD (Baptism Commitment Date) with Issac and maybe even Wendy this coming week! I am thankful for them and their desire to know the Gospel. :)
SHOUT OUT TO THE WOOLSTENHULME FAMILY. WHO I LOVE AND ADORE SO MUCH. ;) Sunday: Sunday is always a good day to think about Christ. I was sitting during the sacrament thinking about all the crazy things that had happened and kinda started to laugh, because how funny it is when everything goes wrong, then you look back and you remember the little things that helped you during the week! I guess the lesson I learned was to look for the small and simple moments in missionary work. Isn't that what Christ did? He talked to people; he loved everyone; he probably laughed a lot, but also shared his love of the Gospel. I am thankful for moments like that. Sunday night we taught about the Holy Ghost, and how the Holy Ghost can be our constant companion All the time. (Pretty cool huh?) Even though this week had a lot of downs, and the ups were small, but they meant the world to me. I am thankful for a Savior who showed the BEST example of the small and simple moments to all. I love this work, even in the hot, hot, hot x 10,000,000 sun. I am blessed to be in FL. I love FL. I love Gulf Breeze. Thank y'all for your love and support! #FTMADVENTURES. Love all y'all and each ya'll. -Sis Nie Nie

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