Monday, July 20, 2015

Dirty Fingernails, Teaching the Ready and Eating Out

Family: I saw the new family picture of ya'll got on the 4th of July, and I just started bawling. Wow, ya'll are so cute and I love you all so much. I was crying and my comp was like, "Are you okay"? and all I could say was, "I'm not sad, my family is just so cute!!" (ha-ha EMOTIONAL!) It is kinda interesting not to see me in the family picture....ha-ha but its okay! I am there in spirit right!? Super glad Fred and Jari and kids (far left) made it to Korea safe and sound. I am sure they are going to love it!
Guess what everyone!!! I AM STAYING IN GULF BREEZE (prayer answered) ;) but the catch to it.....I AM TRAINING!!! Sister Coleman is leaving...she is also going to go train in a new area! Crazy - white washing and training! How I feel about training a new missionary: UMMM I'M STILL NEW!?!!? Hahaha...kinda funny. But! I am really scared/nervous/excited and when the Zone Leaders told me I was training I was literally speechless. Overall, it will be crazy! But I will get to drive to Tally so I am pretty stoked about that! Sister Coleman and I both thought we would be together for at least one more transfer but...obviously the Lord works in Mysterious Ways....REALLY THOUGH, I am thankful and hopefully my new companion/new missionary likes me! ;) So to celebrate the new assignment, here is the new me - with Bangs!
This week the time went by so fast. In fact, this transfer went by SO FAST! Monday: We had a fun, fun, fun P-Day! We went to Pensacola to a Zone Activity, and we played nerf wars...nerf guns....let me tell y'all...You would probably be pretty proud of my nerf gun skills;) I showed those Elders what's up! Actually I just ran around and got shot a lot ha-ha, but it was super fun! We had pizza for dinner and let me just say...not a good idea...both Sister Coleman and I felt SO sick afterwards...but overall P-Day was a Success! :) Tuesday: Well...Tuesday was a interesting day! We went and saw Max, Max is just not was super hard to say it but he isn't ready. We have prayed a lot for Max and have decided to drop is really sad but I know that one day he will be prepared and ready to accept the Gospel.. I think that is the beauty of it day everyone will know the Truth. We did some yard work...Sis Nielson doing yard work!? Yes my nails did get dirty and I was sweating gallons of sweat. It is kinda funny, y'all know I DO NOT LIKE getting dirty but this whole mission thing has kinda changed me.....SAY WHAT!? Yes. Okay, I just love all the people here and LOVE serving them, so yes! Service is the best medicine to relieve stress. We went to Firehouse Subs for dinner, Vanessa who is in our ward took us's so crazy...we get fed SO much!! I am thankful! Wednesday: We met Brenda and Tim. They are the cutest couple ever! Brenda is not a member but she wants to be taught and her great desire is the amazing is that!? Brenda is my girl!! She is a cosmetologist...but guess what!? She does more medical procedures with beauty, permanent makeup, helps women who have had breast cancer. She is brilliant! She has a Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctor degree. (Can I be her?) Anyways! Super cool couple! They asked if we could be witness at their wedding in the next few weeks! Cool huh!? I am super excited to start teaching her!!
Sister Coleman and I came home Wednesday night to find that the Sisters had heart-attached our door! How cute of them! Thursday: Thursday was AMAZING!! We got a text from a Lady named Wendy, she asked if we could give her and her sons the discussions ASAP! Apparently while they lived in Las Vegas, her son, Issac was learning from the missionaries and came to know the truth of the Gospel and wants to be baptized!! Not everyday do we get a text from someone saying their son wants to get baptized and that as a family they want to learn the lessons! Such a blessing for us. We went over that night and taught them the Restoration, they were both so open and so willing to read the scriptures! David, the dad is less active, but he is now wanting to come back to church so he can baptize his son! Awesome huh!?! Miracles are popping out like crazy.
Friday: Friday's are always my favorite days! We went over to a member's house, whose wife had passed away, sorted her clothes and helped with that for a little bit. Brother Jorgenson, who we helped took us out for lunch. He is super awesome! Here is Sister Coleman, Me, Vanessa, Sister West and Brother Jorgenson. Awesome ward members! Then we went to see Kathy. I love Kathy so much. Even though we go and teach her, really she teaches me so much. We saw Brother Dolson and taught him the Word of Wisdom. He is a less active who is coming back to church! Usually he brings tea to church but guess what! Sunday he brought water! (Fist pump!) Friday night a member in our ward took us out to dinner....(I tell you....we have gone out so much this week I might die.) It was good Mexican food! But not as good as Mi Ranchito! ;) Saturday: Saturday was an okay day! We did some planning and updated our map somewhat and saw Sister Scheffer! She has been SO kind to me. She knows I have sleeping problems at night, so she gave me a new pillow, some sleeping tea. She is the best! Saturday was pretty of those days!
Sunday: Sister West, our Relief Society President (see picture above, she is sitting by Bro Jorgenson) had given us 10 less active ladies on a list last Wednesday to go see before Monday. So after church we hit the list and saw some less actives! It was great! I love seeing less actives because they already know the truth, they have already felt the truth, our job is to help them remember the goodness of the gospel! I Love Sundays a lot! Random fun fact about FL. It will just rain so randomly here! We have these crazy rain storms, and then it will be super warm again...y'all think Utah is bipolar!? Ha-ha. Overall this week was great! Definitely one for the books! It is amazing to see that the Lord is REALLY hastening His work! I am so thankful to be apart of it. I always say that, but I really am! It can be super hard and scary sometimes but I know that I have Christ who always helps and loves me. I am excited to be training a new missionary because I know it will help me grow more. The weather is HOT. In August it will even be hotter!! The humidity is crazy. I walk outside for a hot minute and immediately I am sticky! It is awesome...ha-ha! Well, thank y'all again for all the love and support! Quote of the week " Jesus doesn't make up the difference, He makes all the difference. Grace is not about filling gaps. It is about filling us." -Brad Wilcox. I love this quote because that is what the Savior is. He fills us when we might have gaps in our lives. I am so thankful for Him. He is the best! God is Good. #FTMadventures! Sis Nielson

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