Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Another Week in Heaven

When I think about this week, I am just spiritually lifted and all I want to do is be better. This week has been one of the best spiritually. I really have felt Heavenly Father teaching me, I feel like I have learned a lot so far, but oh I just keep learning and learning, the gospel never ENDS! Its is just great! #spirituallyfed. :)
Monday: Oh my, so Monday was CRAZY! It was pouring and raining and pouring, Florida rain storms can be crazy! But that did not stop our P-day! We went to the Pensacola mall with Vanessa, which was super great, she was able to find a few things for her mission which is awesome! Oh I did NOT buy anything!! So I guess that is good!? :) Window shopping is so real on a mission. Ha! Monday night we had dinner with Trena, she brought over a boy named Kristopher, he is deaf but super sweet, Trena's mother is deaf, so she knows how to sign, and I have learned a little from her.. I now know our "mission purpose" in sign language so that is cool!? Sign language is awesome!
Tuesday: Today was just WONDERFUL! We did a district breakfast all together at the church in the morning, which was fun!
I went on an exchange with Sister Brown, she is my new STL. I was able to go to Milton for a day! Milton is very different from Gulf Breeze, but it was just good! :) We had a Family History (FH) lesson with a lady named Tammy. It was awesome because she ordered a B.O.M, but we found out she was interested in FH! Boom. We had a good lesson with her about both! We went to see a few more people. I have forgotten their names, but they are all awesome! Oh but the bishop in Milton is a bee keeper! So yes, I learned a lot about bees! It was awesome....oh did y'all know that girl bees do ALL the work?! Haha. Oh also, bees only live for a transfer...6 weeks. I thought that was funny. ;) Milton was just a fun change! It made me realize how much I love GB, and how much I will miss it when I leave...! Wednesday: story! We were riding our bikes...thank goodness we brought our rain coats! Because it started POURING on us while we were riding, but I think it is because we needed to meet Carlos!
He was outside his garage, we stopped and said hi to him. He has a really pretty dog named Hunter. Anyways! We got into talking and it would NOT stop raining, so he let us stay in his garage till it stopped. Well we found out that Carlos is struggling a lot, so we were able to share him, Ether 12:27, a killer good scripture and we said a prayer for him. He wants us to come back! After all was said and done, it stopped I think that is a sign we were supposed to meet him!? :) We had a great lesson with the Coopers, Oh I just LOVE this family much. All I want to do is bring them back. We rode over to the Banks' house! Grandpa, who is not a member (guys is it sad that I do not know his real name and that I only call him grandpa?) Haha, let us teach him a lesson, and he told us he wanted to wear his super nice suit to church, so we are hoping he will come! :) Wednesday night we had dinner with the Adams. Oh the Adams! Love them!!! I just love everyone here, I really do. :)
Thursday: Have you ever been hit with the spirit so strong that you come home and are spiritually drained?!?! Well that was today! We had a zone conference with President and Sister Smith! Oh it was just POWERFUL. They really know what we need as a mission! We were taught a lot about Family History and helping less actives come back to the church, that will be one of our focuses now, "The year of the Family" helping families make it to the temple. I am super pumped and just ready to go to work! Family History, if you know me, I am NOT one to love Family History and don't have a strong testimony about it, but now I really want to gain one. This zone conference has helped me see why it is so important to do FH. I am ready to put down my pride about FH and do it. Bring souls to Christ, FH it can do that, and I am ready to gain a love for it! Thursday was just awesome. I am so thankful for leaders and the Spirit. :) Vanessa attended Zone Conference with us, and we all "matched" that day! Friday: Well today we did weekly planning like no one's business! Honestly that was almost our whole day. President made sure that we need to plan very well, so we don't just "Walk around" So we took that and planned for everything. It was long, but it was good! :) Friday night we had dinner with the Cooper's and taught them a lesson about Faith. Funny thing about faith, I have been praying to find faith in Family History, because I really need to find it, and while I was studying about faith I was led to "True to the Faith" Funny huh? Well, I learned we need to exercise faith, because if we don't we will become weak. So we did a fun activity with the boys and just had a really good lesson with them, and honestly I think it was more for I am thankful! "Faith is like a little seed." My seed is growing a little more each day about FH :) Saturday! Conference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that too much excitement!? We watched the first session at the church and the second at the Woolstenhulme's, I really just loved, loved, loved it so much. As a missionary you can't really fall I got a lot out of it this time! I feel like the Holy Ghost was mentioned a lot. Sometimes I wonder who the Holy Ghost is, he must be pretty amazing to uplift, comfort, counsel and convert Heavenly Father's children. So this conference I am so thankful for the Holy Ghost. In my prayers I have thanked Heavenly Father for the Holy Ghost. I have never thanked Him for that before, but if we didn't have the Holy Ghost, no one would know Heavenly Father or the Savior, so I am thankful for Him.
Saturday night was great! Paul and Paula invited us for dinner. They are not members, but have really opened up to us! We even had a lesson with them and got Paul to pray! Ah, I just love seeing people take a few more steps in their life to come closer to the Savior. They are the nicest people in the world. Something Paul always tells us, "Our home is your safe place." Why do I love Gulf Breeze so much? That's why. Sunday: Another wonderful day of Conference!!!! :) One of my favorite talks was about mothers, by Elder Holland. I just want to tell all mothers and especially mine, and also my oldest sister who is another mother to me, how blessed and thankful I am for you. Mothers are amazing. While he was speaking, it just hit me SO hard how one day I hope I can be one. I have so many wonderful examples in my life, also in Gulf Breeze. I love all my mothers in Gulf breeze. My heart is just full. Words cannot describe how wonderful this weekend has been. I love the Gospel, The good news it does bring, I just love it. I always say I love my mission so much, but I do. I just love it! I am so thankful to be here in Florida! Oh also I find out if I am getting transferred from GB, on Sunday, so I am freaking out! Kinda crazy I have been here for almost 6 months...but it has been the best 6 months of my 19 years. Haha. Hope y'all have a good week! Oh thank you all for the letters and nice words! Y'all are the best! <3 Sis Nielson<3 #Floridalover

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