Monday, May 16, 2016

Summer Break....!

Something Good: Well this week on campus was summer break for that for us was not the best because campus was dead! But! We still had an okay week! We were able to see Melissa, it was sweet, she took us to lunch, and we were able to spend some good time with her!
A fun thing Sister Beal and I did was to take pictures with the people that were on campus - the statues! Haha, it was great! We were able to see Joi, and we taught her about tithing and fasting, and she decided to fast on Thursday! We saw her again on Friday, and we asked her about her fast and she said for the first time ever fasting it wasn't too we just gotta get her to fast about the church! ;) We saw Barry! Yes! Barry, oh goodness, he is just a gem. He loves doing FH, and we are making good progress! We gave him a Book of Mormon this week and he promised us he would read a little, we will probably see him one or two more times, till he has to switch to the elders in his area, which he says..."Do I have to go with the boy ones?" Hahah! We will miss him! Oh funny story. So we read the Book of Mormon with Chris, we see him once a week and this week we had Caleb come with us,(he is in our ward) and they instantly became friends, so before our lesson Caleb brought us dinner and he brought hot sauce for our tacos...well during our lesson with Chris, they all pressured me into drinking the hot me, being me, I did it, and really it wasn't too bad, so I told them, well I could probably just finish that packet of the sauce, cause I thought I could do it...bad idea. IT WAS SO HOT, MY MOUTH WAS ON FIRE. Hahaha... we took a little field trip to the Institute to get some milk. Ya, sometimes our lessons with Chris are adventures, but we love reading and teaching him, He has opened up spiritually in just a few weeks, it is so cool to watch him grow!
A Tender Mercy: Man, this week tender mercy. So my dear mother sent me Gatorade to drink because I need to drink more water, and replace the electrolytes. She also sent salty snacks so I would not have such bad heat exhaustion. A few days ago I had my water bottle with me on campus. The next day I could not find my water bottle anywhere! Of course you only lose things you actually need. Haha. I thought it would have been lost forever, but we decided to go look on campus. It took us a bit, but we found it in the book store! It might seem silly, but I was realized it's really true - God is good. I laughed because I just knew it was another sign that I needed to drink more water!! ;) Another tender mercy, is what we call "Moments with the Leavitt's." Elder and Sister Leavitt have been so good to us. Earlier this week, Sis Beal and I were having a hard day, and we just needed help. The Leavitts took their time to give us blessings and advice that we both needed to hear, I am thankful for the people that are placed in our lives to help us when we need it. :)
Something Learned: Something I learned this week that I will probably keep forever that Elder Leavitt shared with us. He told us that sometimes Heavenly Father will move us in ways that we might not always understand, we might not always see the big picture, and sometimes we might even think why? He reminded us about the story of Nephi, when Nephi was commanded to kill Laban, and he asked and question, why? But the Spirit came to him to reassure him that was what God needed him to do, to save a nation. And it hit me, uh ya! What if Nephi hadn't done what the Lord commanded him to do!? What would have been different!? I am grateful for this little lesson I had, to help me step back, to realize it is okay to do things that are hard that Heavenly Father needs us to do, because in the end, it will work out! :) They also shared us this... A rose: Something Good A thorn: Something Hard A bud: Something you hope for tomorrow Sister Beal and I are now doing this at night and it is pretty awesome, to see what we are so blessed to have in our lives. Try it! :) I love yall! <3 Have a week to remember! Y'all are my Favs. <3

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