Monday, May 30, 2016

The Lord knew I missed the beach... New Place, New Adventures

Something Good: I got transferred!! Wow, this week has been full of good things, but also hard things! This week Sister Beal went home, and let me tell you, it is SO hard to say goodbye to people you love. It is the hardest part of the mission for sure. But I am so thankful for all the wonderful memories and times we had on Florida State University campus. :) I think about FSU and all the lessons I learned and it all comes down to love. Two words to describe FSU - humbling and healing. FSU will always have a special place in my heart but...
PCB!!! Panama City Beach! It is beautiful!! I am so excited to serve in this area! We have some awesome people we are teaching, so ready for the Gospel! :) I adore my new comp, Sister Anderson! She is wonderful! And she is from Utah! She has been out about 3 months and she is great! Something great in PCB this week! We are teaching a couple, Danny and Shaini and we taught them the Gospel of Jesus Christ and asked them to pray about baptism and they accepted! We are excited to see them progress to be baptized! We are teaching a man named Michael who just pretty much is a member just not baptized yet! He is so awesome and so ready to join the church. PCB is a special place and I am so thankful to be here! :) This week has been crazy with transfers, but there is always something good each day! :) A Tender Mercy: So this might be a weird tender mercy, but hey it made us happy! So, Sis Anderson and I were outside just talking to people and we ran into a man named CJ! He asked if we were the missionaries and we told him yes..well he asked if we could meet with him the next day (Uh what!?) Yes! So we set up a time to meet him the next day. So, the next day we go over to his house and he didn't answer, but we decided to wait and a bit, so we talked to people outside, for a bit and he calls us to see if we could still see him even though we were an hour we were going to have to miss our lunch and we where starving..but we decided to still see him, and out of the blue he asks us if he could fed us he gives us 20 bucks and tells us to meet him at a place to eat and to have a lesson! It was so sweet and just a little tender mercy that the Lord knows what we need always - even little things like food. ;)
This is our new home! My new address is: 308 Coconut Grove Court Panama City Beach, FL 32407 We live with members! They have a apartment above there garage! It is fun!! But different!! I miss FSU a lot and I miss Sis Beal even more, but I am loving my new area! It is great! I am 2000 ft from the beach and that makes me happy! It has been a little adjustment from campus missionary work to "normal missionary work," but I am fine! We have a lot of potential which I am grateful for! :) And look!!!! We have a car!!! So thankful!!
Something Learned: Change is good. It is hard, but it is good. This week I have really come to realize that God never changes. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. But we as his children are always changing. In the mission change happens consistently, sometimes it is hard to leave familiar surroundings, or it is hard to change our lives to become better, but in the end it really is for the best, I am so thankful for change and that the Lord loves us enough to let change happen to one day become like him. God is good. I love missionary work, it is the greatest thing I have done. Y'all remember you are loved! <3 :) I love you!!! Sis Nielson!!!

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  1. Where did you buy all of your cute clothes??? I'm in this mission and I was wondering if you guys ride bikes or drive because they told me to buy a bike??? Thanks so much!