Saturday, June 4, 2016

It's a bit hot :)

Something Good: Man. This week. So many good things! First! We had interviews with Pres Smith! It was sad, because it was my last one with him because we are getting a new pres at the end of the month, but I sure do love Pres and Sis Smith so much! It is always so good to see them. :) Also very excited for our new Mission President who has the same name! President and Sister Smith! Excited to meet them so soon! :) So! Micheal! Good news with Micheal! He is planning to be baptized on June 11th! We are so excited for him. He is just so great, and he grasps the gospel super well. Sometimes he asks the most interesting questions, but he is just so awesome! Love him!!! This week we were able to get a few new gators to teach! Yessss! One of them - his name is Doug - is so funny. He looks up and asks me, "Can I ask you a question..." and I said, Yes! His question, "Are your eyelashes real? Because if they are they are beautiful." Hahah! Not what I was expecting, but of course it made me happy ;) We have been able to see a few less active people we haven't been able to see, and wow. God is so good! They both where so willing and accepting of us to see them again! Tender mercies for sure! :) The more we are willing to keep trying and keeping putting in effort, the more the Lord will bless us. :) It has been so cool to find those "Forget Me Nots" this week. Overall such a good and blessed week! :) Something random: We found this old typewriter in our apartment....?
Oh! Yes. We met a dog who's name is Chulupa, which in Spanish means a big fat burrito. Yep we about died laughing. :) Sometimes you just gotta find the funnies in life. ;) And, check this out. We where looking for a less active house and this is what the result was....
A Tender Mercy: Okay...well this week, we had a funny. But I am saying it is a tender mercy, cause it about killed us both. ;) So Tuesday we lost our GPS...and y'all...this is a big deal, cause we both don't really know the area. Well we had a lesson at the place we live at and Sis Anderson took the GPS out of the car with her to look up an address and after our lesson was over, we could NOT find the GPS anywhere. We looked EVERYWHERE!!! It was crazy. Sis Anderson was stressing out big time, and I was just flustered.
Well we pulled out a real map and decided to use that for a day or two till we could get a new one sent. Well two days later while we are doing our personal studies Sis Anderson pulls out her journal..and BAM! The GPS...!!! It was found. Tender Mercy.!!! We really can not figure out how it got there, but I really think God was teaching us a lesson of patience. ;) We now look back and just laugh because, oh gosh, little do you know how much you rely on something until it is GONE. Good timessss! So, to celebrate finding the GPS, we went to Tom Thumb and got sodas. Yep. My companion and I both love soda. You know you are on a mission when soda is a Big Reward.
I asked Sister Anderson what this building was and she said, "Something to catch your eye on the way to the beach." Yep. It caught mine! [Note: This crazy upside building is WonderWorks, an amusement park for the mind with 35,000 square feet of “edu-tainment.” The attraction combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination. There is one in Orlando, too.] And speaking of the way to the beach - look!!! WATER!!!!
Something Learned:
This week I have seen the importance of trying. The life we are given is to help us grow and come closer to Heavenly Father and one day return to him. Is is hard? Yes. It is crazy hard, but if we are just trying our best to do the things we know to do, Heavenly Father will bless us in ways we cannot imagine. This week we have been doing a lot of "Let's try this person and this one" and yes, it's been a bit rough and some people are harder to talk to, but the few that we have been able to see have blown our minds - such great people! I love the scripture, "Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." Everyone is worth it, everyone is trying, we all have different lives, we all have different trials and different experiences, but I know for sure that if we just try to do what is right, for the right reasons, Heavenly Father will help us. :)
Yep. We are BLESSED!! Hope y'all have a blessed week!! I love all y'all!!! <3 Always make em, JD'S! (Jesus Decisions) <3 Sis Nielson :)

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