Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Exciting news in PCB! :)

Something Good: Wow, this week has been amazing! Where to start! Well first! We had exchanges, and this week I was able to go with Sister Graham, who is a gem! We found these FSU chairs so I had to have a picture, since FSU now has a spot in my heart! Go Noles! She and I had a ton of fun and let me tell you, I learned so many wonderful things from her! We were able to do some service at Salvation Army, a thrift store, and we met a guy named Rob. Ha! He is a funny one. He told us, "I need to remember to shut my flirtatious mouth.." We laughed and moved on ;)
Some other good news! Chris, who we are teaching, and who is in this photo behind us, set a BCD him this week for July 23rd! It was so funny/cute. We go to pick him up for his lesson and he tells us he will be right back. So we wait. He comes back and he is in his Sunday clothes! It was Friday, but he wanted to show us that he bought clothes to wear to church one day! Y'all, Chris is wonderful, but he does need prayers to help him quit smoking and come to church, or getting Sundays off to be able to come! He is stellar, and so funny. We love our Chris!
Michael! Oh Michael is doing SO well, he is getting super excited to be baptized THIS week! This is a photo of our last lesson before his baptism. (Thanks for the photo, Stacie Fast!) Our ward has been so sweet to him and so loving. We are so happy for him! :) We saw a family who is returning to Church, the Sheerwoods, and they are the greatest people! We had an awesome lesson with them about Church, praying and reading the scriptures. And something cool - Bro Sheerwood told us that he is helping his friend understand our Church with scriptures and answering questions! Yessss!! This week we have been able to see more and more people who we didn't even knew existed, so we are so grateful for the spirit to guide us and lead us :) So many good things this week, my heart is happy and full! :)
This is a picture of a darling girl we met at IHOP, named Julie. She is from Russia! I thought that was super cool! A Tender Mercy: So! We had an appointment with a man named Greg McKenzie. He is less active and we have tried to see him a few times, but each time he bails or cancels on us. Well, this week, we actually got to see him, but the little tender mercy about it was...we got to his house 10 minutes early! Every time we tell him we will see him, he tells us..."Don't be late" every single time, so it kinda stress's us out! Well time stopped for just a bit and surprisingly the traffic on the beach was not super bad and we got there on time, and he was shocked, because usually missionaries are always late...NOT US! ;) Something sweet about it was the lesson. He lives with his girlfriend and she was so kind to us, and we were able to share something they both needed. A plus...they invited us back to their home, and also for dinner! ;) Sometimes tender mercies are the little things in life. :)
This is Joey..he is the cutest dog ever. I am sure my brother Joey would love him. He belongs to a member! Something Learned: This week I have studied a lot about recognizing the Spirit, sometimes I have a hard time knowing if it is the spirit or me, I think we all struggle with that sometimes, but the more I have learned about the Spirit the more I have come to realize, that anything good, wether it be something good that pops into our heads, or anything good from someone else, is from the Spirit. It has been cool for me to study about the Holy Ghost and how much more He is in our every day life, recognizing the Spirit takes confidence that whatever we feel or come to know that is good, is from Heavenly Father. I am so thankful for the Spirit and the opportunity I have to study about inspiration for every day life. One of my all time favorite scriptures about the Holy Ghost, is in John 14:26 "But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." :) I sure do LOVE the Gospel, and I sure do LOVE helping people understand and come to love it as well! :)
And I love my compy, Sister Anderson. This photo was taken at Stacie Fast's house. Stacie has been so good to us! Thanks Stacie! Well y'all, have a blessed week!! Like Chris always says to us..."Watch out for the crazies!" Love y'all daily! <3 Sis Nielson :)

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