Tuesday, June 28, 2016

News and Love from the South

Something Good: "You are angels sent to me." We met this man named David. He is less active, because he doesn't like the way he looks which is so sad, but when we knocked on his door, he was so happy! He then told us that we had been sent to him. Earlier that week he had prayed for missionaries to come and see him, and we felt that day we should go try to see him, and we did. I am so happy that we were able to find David and help him feel a little bit better about himself. :) The Lord is good! Another good thing! We had a wonderful, lesson with the Turnages! Garvin, who is the dad, is just soaking it up as much as he can. He studies the Book of Mormon like crazy, I am sure his favorite website is lds.org. He told us he knows the Book of Mormon is true and knows that the Church is true! He is solid. He loves to teach us! His wife is more shy, but she opened up to us so much this week. The lesson we had with them was a blessing from Heaven! :) Another cool experience this week! Okay, so another couple. Greg and Jeanette. Greg is less active and his girlfriend is not a member. They signed up to feed us dinner. So we go over and Jeanette is having the worst day ever. She starts up telling us everything that is going on in her life, and she is bawling her eyes out. It was a lot to take in. As she was talking I was was praying to know what to say and what to do. And what I felt impressed to say was, "You can receive a blessing that will help you and comfort you. Will you be willing to receive a blessing?" She said "Yes." We called Bro Fast and he was able to come right over and give her one, and man! The spirit was so strong! Jeanette told us that she felt SO much better. Everything that was said in the blessing was an answer to her. It was just amazing to see that a few minutes earlier she was so upset and so sad, and after the blessing her countenance changed and the spirit was there. I am SO grateful for the Priesthood and for the Restoration of the Gospel that we have on earth. Blessed.
This is Cooper, he is the 5 weeks old. Brother and Sis Simonds puppy! They are who we had dinner with last night :) A Tender Mercy: So this week, Sister Anderson and I got stuck with a situation between a member and non member. We were in the wrong place and the wrong time, though I think now maybe we were supposed to be there, but anyways! It was hard for both of us to go through that.
But Michael, our recent convert, knew we were having a harder week..so he took us to get our nails done and took us to have lunch. Tender Mercy for sure. He is the sweetest guy ever. I know that sometimes the Lord just knows when we need something, even just a little pick-me-up, and He blesses us. <3 Note: This photo is at Pier Park, last P-Day where we went to get ice cream, something we both needed. ;) Ice cream is our friend. Something Learned: Wow, really this week I have learned a lot of things that I know I needed. This week has been so humbling in so many ways, which I am so thankful for. Something that really has been in my heart this week is that Heavenly Father loves His children - all of them. No matter if we are rich, poor, short, tall; if we are members, nonmembers and so on - He still loves us. We all make mistakes - that is a given, but God still loves us.
This is our District: Me, Sister Anderson, Elder Miller and Elder Abrams :) This week we had a moment with Jesus. After our little situation we sat in the car and asked ourselves..."What would Jesus do?" I say that all the time, but this time it was sincere. Jesus Christ would Love them, no matter what. I am so thankful for humbling moments that helps us think, "What would the Jesus do?" Not, "What would I do trying to be like Jesus?" But legit - "What would Jesus do?" :) Y'all be sweet now <3 Love y'all bunches! XOXO! -Sister Nielson

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