Friday, June 24, 2016

"You better get this one before I murder them..." Ha!

Something Good: So this week has been stellar!! The Lord is so good everyday. Well for starters! Paul and Paula came to PCB to visit Sis Kinghorn and I. It was Sister Kinghorn's birthday, so they came down for the visit! :) It was so sweet to see them, I just adore them so much!! Oh some good news! Paul and Paula are going to be sealed next April, so just a heads up..I will be going back to the mission most likely with Sister Kinghorn to go to their sealing! :)
We went to see a less active lady named Dawn. She is the sweetest person, but her father in law..not so much! We go up to the door and he opens the door and says..."You better get this one before I murder them." Ha! Sis A and I just looked at each other and about died. We could have beat him up. It was a funny! But we had a great lesson with her in spite of the comment he made. :) This week we have been blessed to find five new people to teach! One contact is actually a family, the Turnages. Their parents are in our ward. Garvin Turnage is really into the discussion lessons. He loves to ask questions and is just soaking it up! Two of their family came to church on Sunday, which was awesome! We are so excited to teach them! :)
Look at Michael! I trimmed his eyebrows and he is very happy about the look, but even more - look at how he has the "new member glow!" And here is a good story about Michael-the-new-Member-Missionary! Earlier this week we got a text from a random number telling us that he wanted to come to church and meet with us! His name is Nara. He is from Thailand and was an exchange student in Idaho and lived with Mormons for a year there, and is now interested in learning and coming to church! The best part is that Michael, who was just baptized, came to a lesson with us for Nara and they clicked super well! So blessed to have these wonderful children of God to teach! :) So a fun thing that Sis A and I decided to do! We decided to go out in service clothes and find some service to do! We found a sweet lady named Dorothy to do some yard work. Oh she was just so cute and so nice. Service brings happiness! I am just so thankful for the many opportunities to serve! :) A Tender Mercy: Chris. This week we had a tender mercy with Chris. We have been praying and thinking a lot about what to do with Chris, whether to drop him or keep teaching him. During District meeting we had our Elders help us role play a mini lesson for Chris, and man it was just so powerful and so inspired. Well, we saw Chris, used what we felt during District meeting to teach him and the lesson we had was the answer to all our prayers and thoughts! We are going to still teach him and pray that he will progress in the Gospel! After the lesson he asked us if he could take us to Olive Garden! That was super sweet of him. We where laughing because our investigator took us to dinner! Another little tender mercy. ;) We sure do love Chris!
Something Learned: This week Sister Anderson and I read a talk together, called "Which Way Do You Face?" Let me tell y'all, this talk will just hit your heart. It really taught me about my Savior and the way that He always faced, and that no matter what the circumstance or the position he was in, He always faced the way to his Father in Heaven. It made me think, when life is crazy and there are people around me trying to get me to do things I know I shouldn't, which way do I face? The Lord's way or the other way? I am so thankful we have the knowledge of the Gospel to help us always face the correct way in everything we do. To quote Lynn G. Robbins..."Let us all be fearless like Jesus." Sure do love that! :) Y'all have a good week now! Love you daily and love you big! -Sis Nielson :)

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