Monday, July 11, 2016

Days and Nights and Zone Conference

Greetings from PCB, FL! 
Here is a photo of two happy missionaries! I love this girl! We have such a good time together! We are happy to be serving as companions!

A glimpse of Florida...the Sun! the heat!  Sun and Florida Lane. What could be more descriptive?

And this is Florida...swamps! Right here in Panama Beach City!
                                   And this if Florida! Magical nights! Unsurpassed beauty!

Something Good: This week was another happy week here on the beach! We got to meet our new Mission President and his sweet wife, President and Sister Smith! They are amazing!! I am so grateful for them! They sold their house and left all they had to come to our mission and serve the Lord. They are amazing examples to me, and the energy they have to serve is amazing! So blessed to be able to serve with them! Well! This week was awesome! We were given a referral and his name is Chris!  (I don't know why everyone we teach is named Chris...haha!) We met him and had such a good little lesson with him. He opened up so much and had so many questions for us. He is so ready to hear about the Gospel and we are so excited to start teaching him!

          Brother Fast - Powerful HP and Powerful PH - Priesthood Holder who blesses with Great Faith. And Great Stature!

Another good thing! We got to see the Turnage's this week. Garvin, the dad, has a few health problems, and he has to go to the hospital this week, so we asked him if he would like a blessing and he accepted. Brother Fast was able to come over and give both him and his wife blessings. It was so spiritual and so tender. I have been able to see the power of the Priesthood the past two weeks for people we are teaching, and wow! It is amazing! God's power is real. We are so blessed to have the gift of the Priesthood in our lives.

A Tender Mercy: So this week we had the chance to visit some people in our ward who are coming back to the church, and they live in a condo that is 5 flights of stairs! After the lesson they walked us to the elevator and all 6 of us got in the elevator to go down...well the elevator skitted to the ground and did not open..and then their son started to freak out saying that his friend had gotten stuck in the elevator just a few days before, and were in it for 3 hours! So we all kinda start freaking out...because first, it was 9 p.m. and second, there was no way I wanted to be stuck in a small elevator with 6 people. So both sis A and I said a quick prayer and after a few minutes of trying to go up instead of down, the elevator opened and we didn't get stuck! Okay y'all, you never realize what relief is, until you get out of a elevator situation! Haha...but I am thankful that we were able to get out and that we made it home on time! A sweet relieving tender mercy for sure! :)

Something Funny: funny story: So we did service and I wore these sandals and colorful socks. (Y'all know the fashion is unmatched socks, right?)  But I forgot to bring other shoes to change into! So I got to wear these pretties for the rest of the day - in a skirt. LOL!

Something Learned: We had a zone conference to meet our new Mission President and wife, President and Sister Smith!

It was a great meeting! Something that Sister Smith said has been on my mind is "Heavenly Father knows the sound of each of us." I love that so much, because it is true. No matter who we are, what we are going through, He knows us, He hears us and loves us. Just like a mother knows the sound of her child. I have really thought about this and it made me think, "Do I know the sound of Heavenly Father? Do I listen to the Holy Ghost when God is trying to teach me or tell me something I need?" I am grateful for moments to help us learn the sound of Heavenly Father and the times that we have to learn more about Him daily in the scriptures and in prayer. I love the Gospel. It makes me so happy and I am so grateful for the time I have been given to serve Him and to bring others to his fold! God is good, y'all, He is good! D&C 122: 8. Jesus is the Christ, he is the Greatest Gift to us all!

Blessed to live in a free country! Blessed to be able to serve my Heavenly Father!
 Love y'all, peaches! -Sis Nelson

 P.S. Here are some pictures sent by ward member Stacie Fast:

This is Brother and Sister Fast's home and we are emailing on P-Day.

This is how we write real letters - the kind you put stamps on the envelopes!! We are real missionaries!!

Another thing we do on P-Days is buy things we need - like shampoo. A girl must have shampoo!

Hi from the store!

And another very important P-Day activity - Laundry!

Hahaha! Well, missionaires have to stay clean! Have a great week!

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