Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hot, Hot Awesome Florida

 Guess what?! I was able to speak in church about the faith of the Pioneers and it made me have a greater appreciation for them. Pioneers are awesome!

Dip confiscated from Chris!
A funny from last week.... So last week we went over to Chris's house to have a lesson with him, and when we pulled up he was we asked him where he was going and he said he was going to go get some "dip" so us, being missionaries..just thought like chip or bean we where all like.."okay! Bye Chris! We will see you in a few...have fun getting some dip..!" Hahaha little did we know..he was NOT getting chip or bean dip..but the other kind of dip..ah! Chewing Tobacco dip...ah, we where dying. But hey! He got to make fun of us for 10 minutes and we got to give him a little Word of Wisdom lesson! Bottom line: We took the "dip" away from our gator...haha Don't worry! We threw it away! 

Something Good: Man, this week was full of good things! First item of good news! Garvin is out of the Hospital!! Thank the Heavens!! He is so happy to be out, and we are so happy too! He is progressing super well, we will probably set a BCD with him this next week or so, he is so ready! :) 

We had interviews with our new mission pres! Pres and Sis Smith, they where just wonderful! It was so fun to get to know them a little bit better! :) 

We went on exchanges to Callaway for the day, I was able to go with Sis Mantlo..she is so awesome! We were able to see a lot of people in their area, but it is good to be back on the beach! 

Oh yes..we saw a less active lady named Patti..and oh man..she has 9 cats and 1 dog..everywhere we looked there was a was quite the show...I am not the biggest cat lady, but sure glad she is. ;) but it was awesome to meet with her, first time we have actually been able to get in, so blessing! Even with all those dang cats. 

Miss Vida, the little girl we are teaching is planning to be baptized on August 6th! So that is wonderful! This week we where able to finish up the rest of her lessons. She is the cutest little lady ever! A man we visit every week, named David, can't drive. So this week when we went over he asked us if we could go buy him was so random, but he pulls out a big stack of cash and gives us some money to go buy him milk. Well I asked him why he had so much cash, and he said, " Well if I fall, I'll have enough money to go to the hospital." It was funny. We laughed for a bit and got him his milk. ;) Overall a good week on the prettiest beach ever. 

Something Funny: If you have never experienced Florida heat and humidity, let me tell you...It's pretty hard on hair, no matter how you try to curl it, it just falls out. Blah. But the up-side? We have a car!!! And cars have A/C!!!!

A Tender Mercy: So on Tuesday night our appointment canceled so we where trying to figure out what to do..and than our phone rang and it was Teresa! She is a potential that one of our member's gave us to try to see Well, she asked us if we had time that we could come and see her. (Uhhh, yes ma'am!) So it was awesome because we where able to share her the restoration and give her a Book of Mormon. So yeah, sometimes our plans canceled, but Heavenly Father really knows who we need to see. :) 

So y'all know how much we love the David and Stacie Fast! They took us out to lunch this week at Texas Roadhouse! What a place! YUM! They are so good to us! Shout out a big thanks to them!

And y'all know that Bro. Fast is a big tough Highway Patrolman (and also a spiritual giant). So he is very protective of us Sisters. Their own two daughters are away for the summer, so we are their adopted daughters right now. And y'all know about how dads have this big obsession about keep their daughters safe? So here is a gift he gave us just in case we need to defend ourselves! Yeah. Pretty sure we won't be using these on our missions... but one day we may have sons who are Boy Scouts! (I have six brothers who are Eagle Scouts, and they loved their whittling knives and their fishing knives and their handyman knives...) So thanks to Bro. Fast! There is a future for these gifts! They will definitely go home in our checked baggage! How tough do we look?

Something Learned: Blessed. Something I have really been thinking about is the people we serve and the people we are able to teach, they always teach me something each time we see them, and this week, they have taught me that we are so blessed. Even when their lives are a bit crazy and they have challenges, they always are able to find something that is a blessing in their lives. Sometimes it can be hard to find the good things in life, but if we look a little deeper and look a little harder, we can always find something to smile about! The heat is a killer here (See photo - do we look hot or what?) But we are SO blessed to have the Gospel. The Happiness it can bring it amazing! Y'all, now go write a few things you are blessed with, and so will I! :)  

Love y'all big! 
Sis Nielson

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