Friday, July 22, 2016

Blessings, on Blessings. ❤

Something Good: This week has been a blessed one! First! Exciting news! Michael got the Priesthood yesterday!! So wonderful! We are super pumped for him! What a awesome day for him! 

We were blessed this week to see a few less actives that we I haven't been able to meet since I have been here and it was so awesome! We will even be able to go back and see them again! :) So this week I was able to give some fresh hair cuts to Patsy and Aaleigh! It was pretty crazy, we took off about 10 inches off Patsy and about 3 on Aaleigh! It made me happy to be able to cut hair again! We went with Patsy to see Garvin in the hospital again this week, and good news he should be getting out this week! He is for sure ready to go back home! 

Another good thing! We went to see Jeanette - who is not a member, but her boyfriend is a member who is less active who we go visit. I was able to also give Jeanette a hair cut this week too, which was great! They are both planning to come to church this week!! Happy! We have been just blessed with so many good lessons this week! The work is good! :)

A Tender Mercy: A sweet and simple tender mercy! We had this appointment with a guy named Cory, we had the Brother and Sister Fast come with us to meet him. He wasn't we sat in the car, and Sis Fast suggested that we say a prayer before we tried to see another guy named Chris we are teaching, so we do and go over to Chris' place. He had just gotten home and was about to leave when we showed up, so we were able to see him with the Fast's for a bit! He also promised us he would be coming to church next Sunday too! Yessss! Prayer works. Even the most simple prayers can be very powerful. :)

Something Learned: So on Sunday our Relief Society lesson was on the Sacrament, and I learned something pretty awesome. Sister Bingham, who taught the lesson asked us a question,"What does the sacrament really mean?" She broke it down...Sacr means Sacred, and Ament means Mind, Sacrament= Sacred mind. Sacrifice also has a meaning, Sacr means Sacred, and Ifice means Action. Sacrifice= Sacred action. This just blew my mind because that is what the Sacrament is. The Sacrament is an action to remember Christ. I am so thankful for the time we have at church to really ponder what the Sacrament means. 

We are so lucky and blessed to have the truth of the Gospel in our lives daily! I love the Gospel, it makes me happy. I love the FTM, and I love missionary work! :) Y'all have a wonderful day now! 💙
-Sis Nielson

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