Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blessed to be in the South

We were with the other District all week! They are awesome!!

Something Good: This week we asked Garvin if he would be baptized on August 27th, and he said yes! He said, "Even if there is a earthquake or if the waters rise...I'll be there!" He is so ready and so pumped! This week we have just had some solid lessons with our gators! One of them we just picked up! Her name is Mrs. Pamela Hale, she is 71, and super sweet. Her son lives in Denmark, and is a member there. She has met with missionaries before, but when we came and saw her, (her son wanted us to give her a Book of Mormon) she let us in and wants to learn about the church again! It was so funny, she told us that sometimes people call her, "Pamela City Beach" She is a cutie. We had a pretty cool experience with a guy named Corey. A few weeks ago, we oym-ed (Open Your Mouth -  or talked to him) him and tried to see him, but could never get in touch with him, we told ourselves we would try one more time to see him. Yesterday we finally got to meet him and had a lesson with him! We couldn't go inside so we sat in the trunk of his car and taught him the Restoration..the whole lesson was just so Spirit-filled and he kept telling us how powerful the Restoration is. Later that night he texted us and told us how very much he is interested and wants us to be his guide to learn. He also had already read the Book of Mormon commitment we left him. The Lord is so good to his children! Moral of the story? Do not give up on anyone! :) 
Someone gave us a watermelon this week - 35 lbs! No, it does not outweigh me!

A Tender Mercy: So one day this week, Sis A and I both where having a bad day, just a day that we wanted to be over with. Well, that night we had dinner with some members, the Padden's, and the whole night they took us under their wing and just where so kind and so thoughtful to us, it was probably small to them, but it was so big to me. I am so grateful for awesome members who are in tune with the Spirit, and always willing to help us with missionary work, and to just love us! 

Something Learned: Yesterday at church I was able to witness a pure act of Christlike love. We had pot luck at church and at the end everyone had left except my comp, me and the Nunez's (a couple in the ward) and a lady who just moved from Colombia. We where all talking, the lady who had just moved here doesn't speak a lot of English, just enough to to say hi, the Nunez's who speak Spanish were able to help her understand us. Well we where all leaving and Sister Nunez told her husband she had heard someone say to her that the lady was living in her car, and that she had no place to go..and immediately her husband said, that is not acceptable for her, and as a couple they made a decision in 2 seconds to have her live with them, till she could find a place. They ran out the church to go get her before she left to tell her she could stay with them. There was no hesitation about it, they just did it. It was just so cool to see how these members acted with Charity towards this lady they don't even know. Charity is the pure love of Christ, I am so thankful for the opportunity to witness Charity in Action. Moroni 7: 45-47 :) 

Maybe this week we could all think about someone who could use our compassion and our charity. I love yall! <3 

Sis N!

P.S. This is David! every time we leave he says..Peace, Sisters!" He is awesome!

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