Friday, August 26, 2016

Miracles on the Beach!

Something Good: Okay! Man this week has been crazy, but sure a great one! 
Sister Nielson with new companion, Sister Law, from Kaysville, Utah.

First! I have a new comp! Her name is Sis Law!! She is so diligent and so hard working and full of energy! I am so blessed to be able to serve with her! :) She is 5'2, so we fit pretty well together! She is the youngest of 6 kiddos and she is from Kaysville Utah! She is the bomb! Also, she is so funny, she cracks me up! 

Sisters Anderson and Nielson with Corey, who will be baptized on September 17. 
Okay! So this week! Some exciting news!! We set a BCD with Corey this week!! He is planning to be baptized on Sep 17th!! He came to church for the first time, and he loved it, he kept telling us, that it felt like home to him. It was so sweet! He cut off coffee cold turkey, and is loving the Gospel and the lessons we teach him! To help him get of coffee, I am going off diet coke...(which I LOVE too much) but! I love Corey and I want him to be able to make it! God is Good! :) 

This last Monday Sis A and I went to Destin with the members we live with and that was loads of fun! :) 

This is Garvin. He was given this really huge Bible, and still needed his glasses.

This is the biggest Bible - EVER!
Garvin is doing awesome and so ready to be baptized in just a few weeks! We took some photos of Garvin and his family!

This is the Turnage family! 

We are now starting to teach some new people, who just joined the church a bit ago, Pam and David. They are super sweet and so cool! They are from Trinidad! Who would have ever thought! So cool.! Pamela, committed to come to church this next week, so we are super happy with her!!! Overall this week has felt like 10 years and a day, but I sure love it! So blessed to be serving here!!! <3 Mission life is the BESST life!

A Tender Mercy: Cool story! So we are working with a LA lady, name Sis Dann. Okay, y'all Sis Dann is AMAZINNNNGGGG! She has the biggest heart and the sweetest spirit. She has been through  A LOT in her life, it is crazy! But this week, on Wednesday we had a lesson lined up with her, and Wednesday night before we were trying to contact a referral and than we got a text about ward correlation...which I totally forgot about:P Anyways! We head to the church for our meeting and moments later, Sis Dann comes walking into the church..little did we know she was driving to go get a beer, but saw the church and decided to come in and we were there and so were the elders, so she was able to get a blessing. After that, we went to her house and had a great lesson. Everything that night just worked out. We were all there at the time she needed us. Oh and yes! She did not get a beer that night :) I know for sure, God knows where and when we need to be to help his children who need help. Tender Mercies's for days!!
FTM - Florida Tallahassee Mission wristbands! 

Something Learned: Man this week has just been too good! This week, I have really seen the blessings of being obedient and working hard, even when it is hard, or when my body hurts so bad, or when I am just so dang tired. If we are just willing to keep going forward, keep giving it our all, Heavenly Father will bless us for our labors to serve him. I love the time I have to give it my all to my Savior and my God. "I experience the Joy of coming closer to the Savior and of his coming closer to me, most often through simple acts of obedience." -Pres Eyring. 

I hope y'all know how much I love the Gospel, I have never been so happy till now. I love serving, I love my mission, and most important I love my Heavenly Father and my Savior! They Live! :) 
And last but not least - my little tiny body photo of the week: This is me trying to punch our RC (recent convert), Michael's hand at the meetinghouse while my proud trainer, Brother Fast, looks on. Yeah. I am so tough!   Not.

Y'all have a happy week now!!!  <3,

Sis Nielson

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