Monday, August 15, 2016

#Blessedtostay :)

With Sister Anderson at Arleen Froemming's home.

Transfer news! I am staying in Panama City Beach!!! 

But First...A BIG shout out to my rad comp Sis Anderson for being such a wonderful companion the past 12 weeks! She has taught me so much, and has loved and served me more than I deserved. I am so thankful for Heavenly Father for letting me be her comp! I'll miss you, chump..but I sure do love ya!! <3 Thanks for all the BEST times on the Beach! XO! 

Second...Another shout out to my new comp beginning Wednesday, August 10, Sister Law!!! I am SO excited to serve with you and your sweet spirit!! I love you already!! <3 Photos to come. Stay tuned to next week!

Something Good:  Man, Y'all, this week has been a blessing and a half! I am just thankful, and thankful! First. I just LOVE being a missionary, so thank you everyone for helping me get where I am! Okay, so some awesome things have happened here this week! 

First! Vida was baptized!!! It was the  sweetest day for her and her familia! We had one last lesson with her, we showed her the video of Christ being baptized and asked her how she liked it. She said,
"It was beautiful." 
Then we asked her,"
Why was it beautiful, Vida?" 
And her response melted my heart. 
"Because that is our Savior being baptized." 
It was the sweetest moment of my life. We are so proud of her, and I just love and adore her so mucho! 

Another awesome moment this week! Corey! We just started teaching him, and this week we had another bomb lesson with him! We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he was just soaking it up like a sponge! He is so ready and so excited to learn more! :) We are planning to set a bcd with him tomorrow

Garvin update! He is pretty much planning his own baptism..yall, if anyone is more prepared than Garvin, it would be Garvin himself. Oh! He wore a white shirt and tie on Sunday which is huge..because he does not like them..but he told us he wants to respect the Lord! So proud and happy for him. So thankful for all these wonderful prepared people to serve and to teach! God is Good. 

A funny little moment this week..We went to go try a few people and while we where walking we ran into a older man (who looked like Santa). We said Hi to him and the first thing he told us was," I'm old, ugly, tired and I'm atheist." Not what we where expecting, but hey, still a good guy! 
Still alive after the Florida storm!

A Tender Mercy: Alright..we did NOT die!! Florida tends to have crazy storms! Well last night was one of them! Also, all I wanted was my mom! I love you!! The storm we had last night was interesting. So I guess we have a low pressure system sitting over us right now. Which is good because if it was over the water it would be a hurricane. But since it is over the land it is a storm that is just the step under a tropical storm. So we go to bed at our usual time,10:30. And at about 11:30 we were both still awake and it was getting really bad. The lightning was bright and the thunder was cracking and shaking the house a little. So we both look out the window at the same time and a few seconds later a lightning bolt strike REALLY close. Probably the street or even out drive way. The lightning flash that we both saw was red in color. Immediately after the red flash all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors went off and would not stop. The lightning strike tripped the detectors and we were scared that something was wrong. We put our glasses on and went down to the member's house that we live with. The husband, Brother Combs, went up and fixed the detectors. We were able to go back up stairs and sleep. But it was probably 1:00 before we went to bed. I am so thankful for the Lord's protection while we were running from our door to the door of the members. We were exposed to the elements! Blessings! 

Something is strange here - flat screens bigger than missionaries?
So every week I seem to find something that makes me look small. Look how big this flat screen is - bigger than me!

Something Learned: So this week I have been reflecting about everything that has happened the past transfer and really the past time I have been with sis A! I have learned a lot about compassion the past few months being here. There have been so many little moments of compassion and love that I have been able to see, which I really needed to learn from and apply in my own life. Well this week I was able to have another moment to learn. So really this whole week, everyone we have seen has told us something hard, or sad in their lives and sometimes it can just be draining to hear all day, everyday, but it really helped me step back, and step into their shoes to feel a little of what they where going through, so I would be able to have the Spirit to help them, or say something that they needed to hear. Sometimes it can be hard to understand other people's lives or situation, but Heavenly Father knows them perfectly, and if we are willing just to listen and be there, the Spirit will work through us to help them. I am so grateful for the Gospel and the Love that God and our Savior has for each person so individually. 

Well y'all, if there is one thing I hope you know, that I know is that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is True! The Book of Mormon is so true, and lastly, Jesus Christ is our Savior and He Lives! :) 

Love yall peaches!
Sister Nielson

P.S. Y'all may know that I love beautiful things - like painted nails and lipstick, so I wanted to include something that astonished me. This entire tin can is filled with nail polish! Goodness!!!

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