Sunday, May 29, 2016

Sweaty and Happy ;)

Something Good: We had this AMAZING Zone Training, it was so inspired and I felt like everything that was taught, I needed to hear. We have had two Zone Training meetings this transfer and both have been probably the best on my mission! :) We have had some pretty good lessons this week! First! We had such a tender lesson with Chris! We felt like we should read 2 Nephi chapter 2, so we did and he told us that is his favorite chapter so far :) Chris has been such a blessing. He is starting to open up so much, we just love that guy! Crazy story. We had a lesson with a guy named Joel, it was our first time meeting with him and at the beginning it seemed like all he wanted to do was bash...asked a lot of those kind of questions, and when people just want to bash, I just want to face palm myself, I just don't understand! Anyways! It ended surprisingly good. He asked us why we knew that the Church was true, and all we did was bear testimony of the Book of Mormon and you could feel him change a little. Instead of interrupting us and questioning he listened. At the end we invited him to read Moroni's promise and he did, and we set up another time to give him a French Book of Mormon to read, which made him happy. The Gospel is True!! :) Oh random fact...Angy, Beal and I went to Georgia for some of our P-day today! So that was fun! ;)That top photo is at the Florida/Georgia state line. (Some of our mission is in Georgia.) Overall it was a good week!
This is our return to Florida. Kinda looks the same but with a different sign, right? Hot, sweaty, sticky, but Florida has my heart! A Tender Mercy: A cool story to share! So some of our friends who live by the church aren't members, but we are cool with them, anyway! One of them is Kyle, I don't really know him but I decided to talk to him and we got talking about life and choices and just how temporal and spiritual things parallel in ways, and with that he asked a question. He asked..."Why do kids our age not believe in God?" Good question! Well we were able to teach him about the Restoration and talk about the fullness of the Gospel and how Satan works SO hard on kids our age to not believe in God, because this is the time where we want to know the truth or not. It all just made sense to him. We all went to the Institute and we were able to give him a Book of Mormon and read some with him. It was just the most random thing ever. We didn't plan it, but it worked out so well! Hopefully he will continue to read it and want to know more. :) It was a tender mercy to me to see how sometimes we think the people who wouldn't care about God actually might, we can't judge someone just because of what we think they are. It was a good lesson to me! :)
Something Sweet: This is our sweet girl, Joi, who gave us paintings that she created. Something Learned: So Zone Training. We learned the best thing ever. Vertical Truth vs Horizontal Truth. Sometimes people will go horizontal in learning the Gospel, meaning they will reach out to their friends, the Internet, and random things like that, which can lead to SO many different answers that makes it hard to understand the truth. Vertical truth is reaching up to God. He is the ONLY one to give us the Truth. It's crazy how many people do go horizontal and wonder why they don't get answers. Anyways! I thought about this in my own life, even as a missionary and sometimes I will go horizontal to try to get a answer, but in the end it is Always better to go vertical to receive correct and direct answers from a loving Heavenly Father who is waiting for us to ask Him :) Thankful so, so much for this work! :) God is good. The spirit teaches truth and I love that. :)
Shout out to my Comp who I LOVE. She is going home, and if she ever reads this, I hope she knows how much she is loved and how much she has been a blessing to me these past 2 transfers. :) "Love is what you go through together." I LOVE YOU SISTER BEAL!

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