Friday, May 15, 2015

Hi everyone!! Well I have made it one week in Gulf Breeze and I am still loving it so so much!!
Here is a photo of the Pensacola Beach sign - a giant beach ball! I can't believe I am really here!
Sister Nielson and Sister Stewart in our car! We get 500 miles a month, so we drive to our area...
Then we unload our bikes from the bike rack on the car and ride! I love it more because I have gotten to know more of the members and more families. The members here love the Sister Missionaries so are taken very good care of! I am thankful for that! It is starting to get a little more humid which is kinda weird but it could be worse! But overall the weather is just great! Well we are teaching a man named Max!! He is so awesome and his mom is the funniest southern person I have ever met! Y'all would love her so much, also Max! The catch with Max is, he has severe MS. He is in a wheelchair and has a hard time physically, its so hard for me to watch him because I have been around it at home, but still I love him so much I wish I could do more. Anyway, one Sunday he just showed up at church! (I wish everyone would do that!) He wanted to meet with us, so we did and he seems so interested! His mom is a little negative towards him and it makes me sick, because Max deserves all the love in the world. On Friday night we had a movie night so we invited Max to come and he did! After we walked him home, and Sis Stewart and I were walking back, I started to cry a little and I was thinking, "What the heck!? I barely know this guy and I already just feel so much love for him." Crazy how that is. I can honestly say my heart was changed that night because of Max. God really does love all his children, my hope for him is that he will be able to feel that love through us and that the Spirit will testify to Max and his mom what we are saying and teaching are true.
Here are all of our district's hands with stickers - lol! Mine is on the bottom - Big smilie face - my happiness in being a missionary in Florida!! We get to meet with less active members and there are quite a few!! I love meeting with them because it's nice to remind them that they are loved and Heavenly Father loves them too. We also get to teach members and that is awesome because not only are we teaching them, but they teach us! It's a win-win!! This week went by way too fast but good things are happening here in Gulf Breeze! Hope y'all have a blessed week! -Sis Nielson!! Love you all! xoxo
May 18, 2015 Sister Nielson and Sister Stewart Skyping at the Hall's home - they are in the Air Force and are an awesome family!! Mom, Thank y'all for Skyping me! It was good to see you and talk to you !! I am glad everything is going well at home :) Today I was doing personal study and read in John when the Savior was being crucified and he speaks of his hit me so hard! I was like, Wow!! Here we have Christ in so much pain on the cross suffering for all of us, but he acknowledges his mother! Wow I love that so much. So mom, thank you really for all the things you have done for me with my blog, sending me letters and packages. I can't thank you enough but I am so blessed and thankful!! I wish I could have thanked you more while I was at home. I didn't realize how much you do for me till I am gone and I don't always have you here. So thank you so much. I love you tons. Written letter: Family :) Well, I made it through Sunday! This past few days have been good! Some highlights: * Helping Hands (we give service to a thrift store) * Service for Arl family (not investigators but we love them) * We do movie night on Fridays - Mormon Messages and any LDS related movie for less actives and non-members
* Fort Pickens (I am on a Military base so its an old place to see and look around - so pretty!) This is our District at Fort Pickens: L-R: Elder Christensen, Elder Payne, Sister Stewart, Sister Kirton, Sister Nielson and Sister Seegrist. * We went to a play - "Spamalot" because some of the members were in it * Member dinners!! They are so fun! Members love feeding the missionaries! It is such a highlight for us! If you get the chance, please feed the missionaries! Overall I am doing really good. The weather is amazing! Well everyone, Thank you all again for EVERYTHING - package and all! Have a blessed week (that's what they say here!) :) XOXO Sister Sabrina Nielson P.S. We love letters! Sister Nielson and Sister Stewart: 7442 Navarre Parkway #107, Navarre, FL 32566

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