Thursday, May 21, 2015

Well some amazing things are happening in Gulf Breeze - I am just mind-blown!
Florida Tallahassee Mission t-shirt. (Note from Mom: Does this look like the Wasatch Mountains to anybody? The Mission President is from American Fork, Utah. Is there a story here?) From Sister Nielson: There is this less active lady named Kathy Thompson and we visit her at least once a week and teach her lessons from PMG, or we read the scriptures with us (She might think we are teaching her, but she teaches me a lot!) She has this immune system problem where she will get sick so easily so she doesn't go to church, we don't pressure her to go to church but we always invite her to. Anyway, this past week we went over and she wasn't home which was weird because she usually is always home. Something was super off and we called her and nothing! To be honest in my head I was like "OH NO! Sis Thompson is probably dead." My Comp and I both had crazy weird feelings! Anyway, we leave and go do service at the thrift store and after we were planning to go OYM people (Open Your Mouth) and we missed the street where we where supposed to turn to so we look at each other and say, Let's go see if Sis Thompson is home! So we do, and Good News guys!! She is alive!! Well I am so thankful we were given those scary feelings to go back and see if she was okay. And during our visit with her she told us she is going to go back to church!!!! SAY WHAT!?!? Seriously our jaws dropped. We are so excited for her! She told us she just needs to feel good again and needs the sacrament!! Man, God is Good. The Spirit works!!!
This is a photo of me cutting Sister Kirton's hair! I am excited to use my hair cutting skills! This is a classic cosmetologist picture. Another cool experience this week! We were riding our bikes (RIGHT? I'm getting the hang of this bike deal thing) lol. We saw this mom cutting her boy's hair outside and I got super excited cause hey! That's what I do! So we ask her if we can help her and she says, "Well, if you know how to cut hair!!!?" I told her, Yes I do!! so we go over and I show her what to do and teach her some tricks, and we told her about missions and what we are doing. She wasn't too interested, but hey, we helped her!! Well on Sunday, a lady in our ward who lives right next door to her comes up and tells us she posted on Facebook about 2 missionaries who helped her cut her son's hair and how awesome she thought we were!! What are the odds that would have ever happened!? It was so cool for me to be able to use a skill to help someone in need! And who knows? Maybe one day she will join the church! Well, Max told us he is interested in getting baptized!! He has somewhat of a Word of Wisdom issue, so we will be working on that, but he keeps telling us he is ready. I just know that the Lord's hand is in this work. Before he had MS, he was a rapper and made his own music he showed us some and he is so good!! He always tells us that he is going to make it to be baptized and life is good. He is such a good example to me. Hopefully this week we can set a baptism date! Fingers Crossed.
Duck lips Sisters! A selfie in the car, cause we do this a lot!
A helmet and bike selfie to prove to y'all that I am riding a bike.
Look! I have a Florida tan around my watch!! I love FL so much!! There are so many awesome people, I love Gulf Breeze, I love Mission work. Sis Nielson P.S. They have not had a hurricane here for 10 years and are expecting one this year! OH MY!!

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