Monday, February 22, 2016

A Week of Wonderful :)

Something Good: Wow so many wonderful amazing things this week! ! Alan is baptized!!! Quin baptized him! It was for sure a "Yes" moment, it was such a wonderful day for him, the water might have been a little bit cold...(Dang it.) But! The way he felt made it all better, he told us after, he felt so at peace and so calm. Yes! The Gospel is true! :) We are so happy and so excited for him.
So this week was transfers! Here is the last photo of our trio with our friend Jenn! These are wonderful Sister Missionaries. I will miss them!
And my last selfie with my Sister Vialea from New Zealand! I am so thankful I could serve with her for part of a transfer! She will be my friend forever! So here is the big, wonderful news!! I am staying on FSU for another transfer! I am SO SO SO thankful, this place has my heart!
Another highlight with that! I have a new companion! Her name is Sister Beal. She is super sweet and super awesome! She is from Utah, and she is just great! I am blessed to be able to learn from her this transfer! :) We have had so many great lessons this week! Jose is doing wonderful. He is progressing, and when we saw him, he told us that he really thinks God is answering his prayer! (Yes!) Every lesson we have with him has been awesome! We have been able to have some great lessons about...Church, Prayer and Reading the Scriptures! I just love this lesson because when we have this foundation in our lives, we are blessed.
Family History! Y'all, I adore FH so much! We are working with a guy named Keegan as you might know and his ancestor's are working with us SO much! We have been able to find SO much of his family, it is just AMAZING. So many good things this week. Missionary work is GOOD. <3 And while we were doing Keegan's Family History, I trimmed his beard with the office scissors. Something Funny: Okay, in Utah, Y'all are blessed because you do NOT have Cockroaches...Oh man those gross things. I still don't know why they where created...and really they are NOT my favorite, but this week...we have had SO many in our apartment...well as you can probably imagine, we are NOT about those bugs. One morning we woke up, (I was with Sis Hall and Sis V) and one was crawling on our floor..and it was SO BIG. We are started freaking out and just about died because nope, not touching it. Well we spent about 15 mins "trying" to kill it, and we finally had to call the STL's to come and do it for us. Ha! Well we have had issues with them for a bit now, but if I have to, I will kill them, or flush them down the toilet. Say your prayers and thank Heavenly Father you don't have to deal with Roaches. :)
Something Learned: Alright! I am in LOVE with this quote this week..."If you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen." Is this true!? Yes!! This week, we have been trying to work super hard, meaning staying busy and striving to be obedient. Good things do happen, when we are working hard, and when we are kind to those around us, I love the commandment, "Love one another." It can be hard, but we can do it. I am definately not perfect at it, but I do try and I really have seen so many blessings by just loving those around us. I love my time as a missionary. It is the best and hardest thing I am doing, but I just love it with all my heart! Thank you all for the love and support! Have a blessed week, y'all.
<3 Sis Nielson (Stay sweet)

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