Monday, February 22, 2016

Good Days, Learning Days

Something Good: This week I have had a lot of good days, and many learning days, about learning love and forgiveness, which I am super thankful for. But we have had many highlights this week! First highlight, Alan is planning to be baptized this week on the 18th!! We are so excited for him, he is so prepared and just SO ready.
This is at a baptism on Feb 13, and Jose came! We have had 2 amazing lessons with Jose, oh my, Jose is just AMAZING! We where able to share him two Mormon messages, that hit his heart, it is just so cool to help him understand his relationship with his Heavenly Father. Every time we meet with him, we read a chapter or two out of the
Another highlight, we had Zone Training, which are my FAVORITE!! Every time we have Zone Training or Zone Conference, I feel like Moses, after God shows him EVERYTHING, spiritually uplifted and spiritual tired, but I learn so much about what Heavenly Father needs us to learn to help his Kingdom grow in our mission. Our mission motto is seen in this graphic. It says, ""Teach repentance, baptize converts, connecting generations." :) Something that really hit me was what our mission culture is, what am I doing as a missionary to help our mission culture improve and grow. Super amazing learning lessons! Next high light! We had a fun lunch with our LA Jenn, she is awesome! She took us out to lunch and we where able to share a good time and spiritual time together. :) I love love love just helping people come a little bit further to God. Yes! Another high light, not so missionary but GUYS! My stretch marks are fading away!! I really think it is because we walk EVERYWHERE. Ha! But physical blessings are always super nice too (; Over all a good week to be in the FTM! <3
Something Funny: If yall know me, I love people. When someone look sad or upset or I guess just zoned out, I will go talk to them...well we where on Campus and this guy was walking towards our way and he looked kinda I yelled to him..."HEY! HOWS YOUR MOM DOING!" He looked at me, of course very surprised and was all like..."Uh do I know you and you know my mom!?" Hahaha! So I went up to him and said..."I actually don't, but how is your mom doing anyways." Well guys, don't be too freaked out cause we started talking and he is super awesome! Jack is his name and his mothers name is Julie and she is doing great (; Well funny, but I got his number and we are planning to meet up and share the Gospel with him! Kinda a funny story, but hey...lesson of the story!? You talk to EVERYONE. Even if you say something silly. It might just work out. (: Another funny moment of this week, I hide under my bed and Sis V was looking all over for me, and when she came to lay down on her bed, which is on the ground, I scared her...oh the joys of missionary life. Missionary work, can be fun! Something Learned: Has anyone heard of "Yes moments"? Well if not a "Yes moment" is something that happens that you say YES! Well this week, I have seen so many "Yes" moments, which have made me realize that Heavenly Father gives us "Yes" moments to show his love for us, when something great happens, we often say yes! And we are happy, if we didn't have good times, life would suck especially on a mission. In lessons that go super well, that is defiantly a Yes moment, when I finally understand a scripture i have been studying, that is defiantly a yes moment! If every day we find one "Yes moment" in our life just one, how much more would we be thankful? Since I have been learning more about being positive as yall know, Yes moments work! Also great quotes that help you along life..."Your Heavenly Father loves you, that love never changes, it is not influenced by your appearance, it is not changed by your talents and abilities, it is simply there. It is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful. Gods love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there." -President Thomas S Monson. I hope yall know that God does love you, he gives us all "yes moments" to feel his love. This gospel is real, it bring us true "yes moments" I love yall! <3 Happy love day! Your girl. Sis Nielson.

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