Friday, February 12, 2016

Trio life>>>>>

Something Good: Crazy things happen in a mission, also crazy things happen so FAST!! So last Sunday we found out that Sister Vailea is going to be in a trio with us!! Her companion, Sister Carter got an ET (emergency transfer) to another area, and so now Sis V is with Sis Hall and I, which is awesome!! Oh you can say...I am one happy camper with my Girl!! Having another companion is different, but it has been a good week figuring out the balance and the differences out. Plus we now are covering the people that Sister V and Sister Carter were teaching, so we are BUSY! But it is so great to be busy and working! :) I am so thankful! I really do believe everything happens for a reason and I am loving the time I get to be companions with Sister V! :) A few other highlights! We where contacting and I saw this girl, and really felt like we needed to slow down and wait for her to cross the street, so we do and we start talking to her, her name is Stephanie. She really doesn't have a lot of friends and her life has been super hard. Well come to find out, she is very interested in learning more about the Church! So the next day we meet her at our Church and give her a Church tour and share her the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. It was so awesome! The Spirit really knows what to do and what to say. We met with this other girl named Joy...(crazy girl). But! Guess who was there! Stephanie...Sis Hall and I where like.."What!?! Y'all know each other!?" We had NO idea Stephanie was going to be at Joy's house, she texted us telling us that she really doesn't know what is going on, but something is very powerful when we see her. So we are excited to start teaching her! Alan, our gator! He is planning to be baptized on the 18th of Feb! So we are super excited and pumped for him! Jose, oh I just LOVE Jose so much. He is the best, he has such a strong desire to learn more about Heavenly Father. He is praying and reading the scriptures every day and night. Such a cool guy! Man, this week has been full of tender mercies and the Spirit. The Spirit is the teacher, he really is.
Something else good: I mentioned that I was kind of hungry on campus all day and my sweet family sent this box of snacks to take with us while we are contacting so we don't starve! Yay for families!!! Something Crazy: We were contacting on Campus and I met this guy...totally forgot his name, but he was telling me his whole life story which was crazy, and how he came to learn of God. Well the whole time he was telling me I kinda just wanted to laugh because his story was just CRAZY! He used to do drugs a lot, and told me that one time he was doing this drug that chemically makes you dream when you are awake and that he saw God and had this whole vision. Well at the end of it, he invited me to try it out and to see for myself...UHHH! NO THANK YOU. I will not be doing that. Haha oh man, the campus life, sometimes I just wanna sit in a corner and cry because of the things I hear and see every day, but hey! That's why I am here!? To help people not do drugs anymore!? Hahaha. I love it. Something Learned: Everyday here, I really have no idea what is going to happen, some days are better and other days are the worst days, but for some crazy reason, I really just love it. I am learning not to take offense at being rejected, and we are rejected a lot, but wasn't the Savior? In D&C we learn that only a few chose to follow him. It is amazing for me to think, The Son of God, the perfect Example, the perfect Friend, the perfect Teacher, the perfect Giver of Life was rejected, so I am learning it is okay! I love the work, it is amazing! Campus life is probably the best. So thankful for the time to serve!! I love y'all! Thank you y'all for the support and love! Jesus loves all y'all!! <3 Sis Nielson

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