Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Just another day in Paradise..."

Today it is about 68 degrees outside...I guess this winter here in Florida has been super warm because it usually gets colder! But I am getting a tan line from my Toms shoes! Haha! So I guess the sun is shining! The cold part about the weather is definitely the humidity. There is no way to be warm because it goes into your soul. Utah is dry cold, and Florida is wet cold...which is a very different feeling. But I am thankful for the nice warm days!
This is me with the statue of the founder of FSU (first a seminary in 1856, then later FSU) Francis W. Eppes, grandson of Thomas Jefferson! I think he's interested in reading the Book of Mormon! Something Good: Wow! So many good things this week! I really do believe if we are obedient and do our part to be the best we can, the Spirit guides us and the work goes on. Campus has shown me that so much in the few weeks I have been here! We met with Jose twice this week, and GUYS! Jose is just SO awesome!! He is loving the scriptures and loving the learning he is receiving! Each time we meet with him and read the Book of Mormon, it is exactly what he is looking for! It has been so cool to see how the Book of Mormon really truly answers inspired questions. Jose came to church last week and really enjoyed it! It was such a miracle finding him. He is just SO ready for the Gospel! :) We had a lesson with Alan, our gator, who is ready to be baptized in just a few weeks! We read in Mosiah and it really helped him feel better about baptism. It's crazy because Satan is trying so hard to bring him down, but the Spirit is just so much stronger! Oh yes! Another highlight...we have a gator named Keegan!! Oh my gosh. I ADORE him. He is just so awesome! We do FH (family history) with him every week and it is SO cool to see how the spirit of Elijah is so real! We where able to go back to the 1600's with his family!! I LOVE FH IS SO MUCH!! Who would have ever thought!? Hahah. Yep! This week has just been so awesome, amazing lessons and amazing people to talk to! :)
This is Sister Hall and I on Sunday contacting people on campus! Something Crazy: Sister Hall and I have both have had our downs this week! We all know about my foot and heel...well this week, my heel was hurting SO much, and since we walk all day, it just kept getting worse, to the point where I couldn't even walk! So they had me call the mission nurse and she was able to figure out what was wrong and helped me get some pain medicine for it and now I am doing just fine and can walk! Yay! But also I was able to get a blessing and I really think that is the reason I am doing so much better - it is crazy because it stopped hurting so quickly. Blessings are amazing! Another crazy moment - Sister Hall had a crazy anxiety/panic attack this week and I had NO idea what to do, so we went back to the Institute and the Dalley's where able to help her, again! A Priesthood blessing was given, she was able to calm down and we where able to go to the doctor to get some medicine for now both of us are doing SO much better. Even though it has been a little crazy this week, blessings work!! :)
This is a Sister-to-Sister hug!!! You can see our joy at being Sister Missionaries - sometimes we are just so happy to be serving the Lord, we just have to hug! Sister Vailea, my Tongan sister, is one of my best friends! Here we are at the Mission Office where we had interviews with President Smith this week! :) And she says Hi!! She is going to come to Utah one day to meet our family! :) And she always tells me she is going to fly me out to New Zealand to meet her family! Haha! That would be so awesome! ;) Her mom works for International Air Fare and wants me to come meet them! :) Oh! I also found out...we will be getting a new Mission President in just a few months! And guess what their names are!?! President and Sister Smith!! Haha! How awesome is that!? Two Mission Presidents with the same name!
We found this sign outside just a few days ago! And its true, Jesus does love you, and me, and all of us. That's why I'm here! To spread that Good News and help people to come to the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Something Learned: The work does go on, even though sometimes Satan tries to get in the way to stop the Lord's work, but Ha! We beat him every single time! It is just amazing to see the work move on, especially when we do have crazy days, it still keeps going, I just am so happy to be serving on Campus, it is a very humbling experience, because sometimes I feel like I cannot do it, but somehow I keep doing it, and I know I can because this is truly the Lord's work. It is the only true Church and Heavenly Father always helps us to keep going. I think that happens in life, too. Sometimes we just feel like we can't go on, but hey! We can, because Heavenly Father and Christ want us to be happy, and if we are doing the good things, He will always provide a way for us to keep going. :) I LOVE missionary work, I LOVE the people, I LOVE campus, but mostly... I LOVE Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ so much. The Gospel, you could say, is pretty awesome. :) LOVE Y'ALL! Sister Nielson :)

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