Thursday, January 14, 2016

Goodbye Lynn Haven and FSU Bound!

What an amazing week! Goodbyes said to people I love in Lynn Haven!
Here is our Lynn Haven District with our wonderful Senior Missionary Couple who has been so nice to us, especially at Christmas!, Elder and Sister Ross! They are so awesome! I wish every couple could have the privilege to serve a mission. They are such a strength to us younger missionaries! We love them!
And while we were taking photos, the Lynn Haven Elders took my camera, and this is what I found! Oh these awesome Elders! Something Good: Well the past few weeks have been AMAZING!!!
Paul and Paula were baptized, my people in Gulf Breeze! This is a photo of them taken in October! I am so happy for them, I love them so much!! Heavenly Father has been so good!! Some highlights from Lynn Haven! Here is a picture of the family I came to love the most in the brief six weeks I was there - the Morse family! Shout out to them! Thanks for all the tender loving care from Megan and for letting me adore your children!
I left Lynn Haven feeling good! The area is now better than what it was before! Carolyne, our investigator, is really considering being baptized! Our last few lessons with her where amazing. She opened up so much! Our lessons where so alive and so real! I will miss her, but I know good things will come to her! Sister Stewart is staying in Lynn Haven, so I know she will continue to help her come to Christ. :) Here is my goodbye picture with Miss Carolyne. Look at that blue sky and green grass and palm trees. Does Utah look like this in January? This is so amazing to be experiencing a semi-tropical climate in the winter. See? No coat!! I will miss this warm place next winter!
And this is one of our favorites, Leola, who we visited every week in Lynn Haven. I will miss her! She has a wonderful spirit.
Just before transfers, Sister Stewart and I were taken out to dinner at The Olive Garden by "Smokey," from the Lynn Haven ward.
And we got to go to lunch with the Smith's, also from the Lynn Haven ward. We loved them - such nice, nice people. It was a good experience to serve for six weeks - one transfer - in the Lynn Haven ward, Panama City. I know Sister Stewart will continue to do great things there! It was fun to serve with her once again! She will always be in my heart!
Here are almost all the missionairies in the Panama City Zone! This is at a shopping place called Pier Park on our last Monday P-Day. See how the building is painted the color of the Gulf of Mexico water, and coral and warm yellow, like the Florida sunshine and sunset colors. What a beautiful place it is here. I have meet such nice members, investigators and Missionary Sisters and Elders. It's been a really wonderful place to serve, even for a short time!
And now, to turn a page in my Mission Memories Book, we find that I am no longer there in Lynn Haven! I am now serving on the campus of FSU!! Dream transfer for sure!!! :) I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be! I felt it very strongly walking right onto campus! FSU: AMAZING SCHOOL!!!! What if I went there for school!? Haha j/k! It is definitely a party school, big time! But the Florida State Seminoles sports are amazing!!
The campus is HUGE!! It is kind of overwhelming, but I love it so so much!! Missionary work is SO different on a campus...planning takes us seriously like 5 to 10 mins every night because all we do is walk and talk on campus to everyone everyday!! I love it!! It's nice to be around people my own age, too...! Oh I am just SO happy!!
My Companion is Sister Hall. And she is AMAZING!! I already love her so much!! She is so good. She is helping me adjust to the campus life so well. She is definitely an amazing missionary!
Also..she does make she does my make up and I do her hair! :) You could say it's a good companionship! ;) We had a cool experience on campus just a few days ago. We were contacting and met a guy named Steven! We gave him a card and walked away. Well, he calls us back and asks us if we have heard of this movie...(Random!?) Ha. Well we start talking to him and he pretty much tells us his WHOLE life story...and it was not a really good one..he has had a rough life! (The Gospel would be perfect for him, yes?!) We give him a Book of Mormon, but he seems a little unsure, so we tell him, we could meet him again and read it with him. So hopefully it works out! The whole meeting him was definitely inspired! Before we met him, we were on our way to the stadium, but I really needed a drink so we went another way and that's when met him! He is super cool and so open!! Such a good way to start in a new place! :) So excited to serve on Campus! Something Funny: So Sister Hall and I are at home and the phone rings...we don't know the number but of course we pick it up...and a guy on the phone says, "Hey..uh, um do y'all believe that Satan controls water...?" We both look at each other SO confused...anyways! I take the phone and talk to him for a minute..I ask what his name was and his response..." name is...uh, um... it's Paul..." Hahaha! We where laughing so hard, but we kept it together! Then he asks us, if we believe in salvation and if Mormons believe the whole salvation thing! Well we tell him about the Plan of Salvation and he was all like "Yes! Thank you!" Haha!! Anyways, we ended the phone call and just died laughing...haha! Only on campus that would happen most likely. LOL! In the end...we might have thought we was a little drunk! Haha..not good! But hey, it was a funny moment for us!
Another good, funny moment was when I first arrived in Tallahassee and saw one of my Sisters...Sister V! (Sister Vaiela) We served together in Navarre...I snuck behind her and surprised her and she screamed and was freaking out! The funny part was it happened during an Institute class. We might have gotten in trouble a little... ;) If you have ever been in a Seminary or Institute, the inside of this building will look familiar to you! So here we are at the Florida State University LDS Institute! A safe and good place! So thankful for the chance I get to serve together with Sister V again!! Woot! Oh the joys of serving on a campus! Everyday we are on campus we hear the funniest, most random stuff ever! I love it! :) Something Learned: Oh many things have I learned so far! First, Meekness...what is that!? Well, so far I have learned, meekness is a Christlike attribute. It comes when we humble ourselves enough that God will give us just a taste of His love for his children. Learning this is important now because it has been a little hard jumping in and talking to everyone on campus. But with meekness and love, we can do anything! I am thankful for the little lessons I am learning and experiencing,because really I need them everyday! Another thing! Talking to EVERYONE! Sometimes it can be scary to talk to strangers...I mean don't we learn not to do that!? Haha! But serving on a campus, that is ALL we do! I have been reminding myself a lot lately that..EVERY soul doesn't matter if we are judged, it matters that we try, and that give it our all.
Heavenly Father knows who is ready. Sister Nielson just needs to be humble and willing to embrace the scariness, and have courage and be a true disciple of Christ. I really am thankful I was sent to FSU. It is probably the best place to see God's children as they are. :) "Every soul is great," such a good reminder. I am loving this work. Everyday I am reminded how blessed I am to be a missionary and to be sharing the Gospel. Everyone is a missionary; we don't need a tag to be one. The tag just reminds me how to spell my name and to let people see who we love...Jesus Christ! <3 I love, love love this work!! So thankful to be in this part of His vineyard at this time! I know everything we share is true, I am so thankful for y'all, and all the love and support!! :) Hope y'all have a wonderful blessed week!! I love all y'all and each y'all! <3 Sister Nielson #FSU #GONOLES

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