Monday, January 18, 2016

FSU is Full of Good Times!

Backtrack: I wanted to include this photo of my girls from Gulf Breeze at transfers on Jan 6, Sister Kinghorn and Sister Yo! Shout out to them!
This photo shows what it's like when we all transfer to another area and/or companion. After our instruction meeting inside a meetinghouse building, we all go our separate ways. See the bikes being put onto the backs of different cars? (Sorry, "The Best Two Years" does not show that correctly - you are never alone on any public transportation on a Mission. We stick together and increase our safety that way.)
Something Good: Wow - FSU is full of good times! This school is amazing, and the people make it even more better! I really know Heavenly Father wants me to serve here for a reason! This is a map of this gigantic campus and the next photo of Seminole Drive is on campus.
So many good things! Oh man - where to start?! Well! One of our investigators named Alan, has set a BCD (baptism confirmation date)! It was so awesome because really...he kinda just set his own! Yes! So exciting! Please pray for Alan to have the courage to talk to his parents about the Church and his baptism! And that everything will go well, too. :) Thank you! It was just an awesome lesson with him about having courage to believe what you believe. :) He is so prepared and so ready! We had lunch with one of our LA's (less actives) named Jenn. She has gone through a LOT in her life, but she is the COOLEST girl ever! Oh I just adore her so much! We had a killer lesson about being a Good Samaritan, and well, guess what..she already is one! She told us little things she had already done that week for people she awesome! Now we just need to get her to Church! :)
So! Another cool little miracle of the week! I was SUPER always...(sort of sunny and warm here, even in January) and asked Sister Hall if we could go get we do and we meet this AWESOME girl named Chasity. She is so open and so kind! So funny, but she actually took our number down, and we where able to explain the Book of Mormon to her! It is so cool to be serving where the Spirit is so good to tell us where people are! I love it! :) And, really great news - If we have people to come along with us, we are able to go to Institute class, which is AMAZING! Institute is the BEST! We are in the Pearl of Great Price class and I am learning SO much! The shortest parable in the Bible is about 2 verses long that tells us about the pearl of great price and how this man gives everything he has for the pearl of great price. So in the class it really made me think..."What I am willing to give up for the gospel?" It is such a wonderful thing we have in our lives, so a good question to think about :)
We where able to meet with our RC (recent convert) named Q, who is the FUNNIEST guy ever. Oh Q, I just adore him so much!! We did some family history (this photo with Q is in the FH library) and watched some great Mormon messages! This week we had exchanges! I was able to go to TCC (Tallahassee Community College), which compared to FSU is SO SMALL. I was with Sister Holmes, she is the greatest! :) We had this AMAZING lesson with a girl named Berkeley, who is SO PREPARED for the Gospel. We taught her the Plan of Salvation! The spirit was so strong and it was just beautiful! :) So cool - she is reading Preach My Gospel and thinks it is SO cool we can do baptisms for the dead. Man I love her so much!! So many wonderful things this week :) So many tender blessing! I LOVE CAMPUS!!!
Something Funny: Oh, so funny story...We where walking to the institute on Wednesday...and saw this guy, so I go up and start talking to him. Well, I was trying to give him a pass along card and they all fall out of my he helps me pick them up...well little did I know I was walking RIGHT into a pot hole....haha so we can all guess what happened...I fell and rolled my ankle in FRONT OF HIM. SO EMBARRASSING!!! So for the second time he comes down to the ground and helps me back up...haha.. I was dying inside! Well, later that day my ankle was swollen and it hurt so bad. So our senior couple had me sit and ice it...we didn't make it to campus that day. But hey! They say talk to everyone...I sure did. :) That probably is the more funny part of the week, but hey! No need to worry I am good! :) Some things I have is embarrassing and all you gotta do is laugh out loud, a lot. :)
Something Learned: Oh so many wonderful lessons learned this week! The biggest one though I really have felt I needed to learn was that ALL efforts are NOT wasted. We talk to so many people every day and a lot of them do not appreciate our message or our little card, but the cool thing is, that if we go and tell one person, JUST ONE person, one eternal truth everyday, we are doing what the Savior himself did. That is a mission. Sometimes I am so tired of walking and talking to random collage kids who don't care, and all I want to do is give up, but then I have to remember that the Savior did NOT give up. Many times he probably felt like he wanted to, but he didn't because EVERY soul is great in the sight of God. Campus has really shown me that:) Peace. I have been studying out of Howard W. Hunter's book about what is peace. It is amazing that True Peace can only come from Heaven. God and Christ are the ones that give us true peace, which comes to us through the Holy Ghost. On campus it is loud and crazy, and sometimes I have to take a moment and sit in peace, I am grateful for our Prince of Peace. I am loving campus more and more. <3 :="" a="" all="" am="" and="" blest="" class="separator" dear="" div="" do="" each="" for="" have="" i="" is="" me.="" me="" mission="" of="" on="" so="" special="" style="clear: both; text-align: center;" thank="" thankful="" to="" week="" y="" you=""> And a couple of pictures to make you smile...Here is a baby gator head!
And, what can I say? Polys are stronger than scrawny Kazakhs! But hey! We are SISTAHS!

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